Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 4.7

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I aimed our fall into a tree in the central garden shoulder-first, we broke its branches as we went into it. Then we landed on top of the grass. It was insanely painful.

「Argh ae……ar, are you alright, Tensai? 」

I lifted my body and called her. Tensai was frozen in my arms dumbfounded. While frozen she held the rock that she had found in the treasure chest preciously.

「Hey, Tens…… 」

「Hahaha, nyahahahha」

「Nyahaha? 」

Suddenly, Tensai started laughing towards the sky.

「…….I see you hit somewhere fragile on your body. Please do not hesitate to go to heaven」

I clasped my hands together and prayed.

「Don’t kill me off」

She punched me in the side of my stomach with the stone. It was quite painful.

「Hey…… 」

「Wow. Amazing. I did not know that the moment I solved the riddle to obtain the treasure, this would happen」

「Hahaha」, she had tears on her eyes, while fluttering her legs in joy.

What was so funny?

That being said, when I looked up, it was almost like a joke.

The wall of the third floor of the club block had dropped like a slide, and I could clearly see that the hidden room was tilted by a 45 ° angle. The empty treasure chest was stuck on the tilted floor.

「Who made such a stupid mechanism?」I was half-exasperated and looked beside me. The fool that I had risked my body to save was laughing. I felt appalled at this maniac, Tensai. D’arc came running from the central garden.

「Are you two alright? 」

「I am alright, but I cannot guarantee this about the fool beside me」

While clasping the stone in her arms while laughing happily, Tensai was rolling in the grass. I replied to him while gazing at her. Upon seeing Tensai, D’arc giggled.

「I haven’t seen her like this in a while」

From his way of saying this I could guess that this famous detective regularly had these fits.

「How long has she had these fits? 」

「Tensai laughs when she faces something that she could not expect. Right now I believe she is amused by how she was hurled outside even though she had solved the riddle」

What is that?

「What a quirky famous detective she is」

「But that part of her is splendid as well」

Then I realized something. It seemed that this assistant that gazed her with romantic eyes while in a daze had succumbed to her stupidity.

After finally passing her laughing fit she finally lifted her body.


「What is it? 」

「Thank you. You saved me. Because of you I did not get injured」

She smiled in a genuine way that did not resemble her usual self, and apologized suddenly.

It seemed that her facial muscles had been loosened since she had laughed so much. I could not sense her usual fearlessness. Her smile was cheerful and was full of happiness.

「That was nothing……., you owe me one alright」

At her smile, for some reason, I looked away and replied. Tensai nodded honestly.

「Yep, I owe you」

When I looked up, the third story wall that had been opened had already reverted back to its normal state.

By the way, if I looked to the right, D’arc was pouting his cheeks in an unhappy way.

Section 6


「I see, this is quite a unique teapot」

「This is a Chinese teapot」

D’arc and Tensai were looking at a white teapot that Ms. Ibara was holding. On the surface was a detailed golden décor.

We were in the club room of the Adventure Club. We had managed to pass the test to join the club. Currently we were sitting beside the round table in the club room and watching Ms. Ibara prepare tea.

Yuiga who was also sitting at the table explained.

「This is the actual thing that was hidden in the room, a Nanana Collection item called the ((Teapot that does not require tealeaves))」

It seems that the Adventure Club uses the room that once hid this Nanana Collection item. Well, that aside, I thought that was a terrible name she gave the teapot.

「It has a proper history behind it, and it was Yang Guifei’s favorite item. The official name is ((Xian Cha Fei))」

As always, the item was quite extraordinary.

Ms. Ibara poured hot water into the teapot as if she was used to doing so. However, she did not put in anything else. She only poured hot water inside. After five minutes, she poured the contents of the teapot into a beautiful china teacup. The color of the liquid was not transparent, but slightly golden.

「Tensai, this is amazing. Tea came out even though she had filled it with hot water」

「I see. Because it does not require tea leaves, it is called the ((Teapot that does not require tealeaves)) huh. How straight forward」

D’arc and Tensai looked at this with curious eyes. That applied to me as well.

「The way it works is not yet understood. Nonetheless, when you pour hot water into this teapot the substance that secretes from the teapot mixes with the water and becomes a tea called『Sen Tea』. It is known to be very good for the cosmetic and health purposes, and on top of that, it is just delectable」

I took the teacup that had been offered to me, and I sipped one mouthful. As president Yuiga had said, the sensation that filled my mouth was soothing, and the taste was not too strong. Yet, it was very refreshing and smooth. I was surprised at how flavorful it was.

It seemed that Tensai and D’arc thought this way too, because they relaxed their faces.

「This was also an item that our senior, Ms. Konjō, had found with the rest of the first-generation Adventure Club. It has been passed on in the Adventure Club since, and is treasured. It is the special privilege of an Adventure Club member to be able to taste this tea」

I agreed with Yuiga’s words. Indeed, I felt that I might get addicted to this tea.

After everyone had finished drinking their tea, president Yuiga looked at us three again.

「Good job at passing the test to join the club. I am thinking of inviting you three as a member of this Adventure Club」

Even though one member did not do anything. I decided not to point this out now, since it would be rude.

「Now then, I want to introduce you three to the members of the Adventure Club. Firstly, I am Isshin Yuiga, the president and a third-year student. Next, she is Yū Ibara, and is the vice president of this club. She is also a third-year student. There is also one more guy called Kagetora Tsurezure. He’s usually not here」

「What? Why? 」

「His role is intelligence. He usually works behind the scenes」

What is that? What is he, a ninja??

President Yuiga finished introducing the club while leaving behind a new mystery in a meaningful way. He then asked, 「Do you have any questions? 」. He looked around at us.

「Then can I ask something? 」

Tensai raised her hand.

「What is it, Tensai? 」

President Yuiga asked her while smiling. Tensai said.

「Actually, what does this club do? 」

Everyone fell silent. I found out for the first time that Tensai was only interested in what I was doing and did not know about the Adventure Club a single bit.

「I see. The Nanana Collection huh. A part of the buried treasure that Nanana Ryūgajō left behind when she died 10 years ago, huh. Then the person that I had thought was just a fellow roommate of Jūgo’s was an earthbound ghost, and was Nanana Ryūgajō herself……it sounds like fiction」

After some explanation, the famous detective muttered this.

「Can you believe it? 」

When I asked this, Tensai laughed wryly.

「Since I call myself a famous detective, I should not accept extraordinary phenomenons that go beyond what science can explain. However, I do not feel like outright rejecting everything. That is why I am thinking of accepting it as it is」

「Quite outlandish for a famous detective to say, huh?」

「Honestly, the majority of characters who act as famous detectives work with things that are within the empirical inquiry. That is why I had thought that if I worked with things of a new genre, I would stand out」

It seemed that it was not just an issue of living “with” fantasy. It seemed that this famous detective really wanted to stand out, so much so that she did not mind living “together” with fantasy.

「Now then, Mr. Yuiga, I want to ascertain something」

Why do you call him Mister? I wanted to point this out. At Tensai’s remark, president Yuiga asked, 「What is it? 」

「If I remember correctly, it was 10 years ago now that Nanana Ryūgajō had died, right? 」

「That is right」

「And then, it was six years ago when this third high school had been completed. No, even before that, it must have been after 10 years ago that this third district that this high school is in was completed」

「Indeed, you are right」

I realized the oddity that Tensai was pointing out

「Then who hid the Nanana Collection in this school? 」

One item of the buried treasure that had gone missing 10 years ago was hidden in a high school that was built six years ago. Undoubtedly, this was a clear contradiction.

At this point, president Yuiga laughed.

「I did not think that you would suddenly point that out. I see, no wonder you call yourself a famous detective, huh?」

「Haha, please do not flatter me, Mr. Yuiga. I might get carried away」

The way you are not humble is so Tensai-like.

「What you say is true. Of course, the Adventure Club has done investigations concerning this in the past. Through the investigation, we have determined that 『We do not know』」

「Do not know? 」

「We could only think that it was a coincidence. The person who constructed this building does not need to be explicitly questioned. She is Koma Mutsumi. The company that worked on this school was a company from this island. The company that provided the school’s equipment was another company from the island. The door and key and………all of them worked together as if it was a coincidence that was constructed. They all made the secret room」

「What a bad joke. Of course, somebody had purposely made the room」

「Nonetheless, we could not find proof of who had created it. That is why we called this unknown person or organization as the『Leprechaun』」

「Leprechaun, huh. If I remember correctly, it is the fairy in Irish folklore. The story about the shoemaker is the most famous. And most importantly, there is a legend that they know where treasure lies underground. A formless fairy that knows about the Nanana Collection and hides it somewhere, huh. Quite good sarcasm…….Well, beyond this is a mere guess. The main issue here is that the Nanana Collection is not necessarily in the places they were 10 years ago, right? 」

At Tensai’s words, president Yuiga nodded.

「Indeed. That is the most difficult part about finding for the Nanana Collection」

It was impossible to identify the place it was buried in the period when the person had died. So you can’t use this method to find the buried treasure. That meant that there was no hint as to where the treasure was hidden. Indeed, this was quite difficult.

「For convenience sake, we call the place that the Nanana Collection is hidden as the ((Ruins)). This Nanae Island is still making more ((Ruins))」

「The ((Ruins)) that still continue to multiply without people knowing about it even though the original owner Nanana had already died, huh」

President Yuiga continued.

「There is another issue concerning the Nanana Collection. First of all, we do not know what even is the Nanana Collection. For starters, we do know that the items that had been found from the ((Ruins)) are known to be part of the Nanana Collection. In fact, there are some reports that suggest that several Nanana Collection items are being used on this island on a daily basis. Surely only Ms. Nanana can tell whether the items are part of the Nanana Collection or not. On top of this, the most difficult issue is that we do not know what kind of special powers are hidden in each of them」

「Full of unknowns, huh」, Tensai snorted.

「That is why the help of the original owner, Ms. Nanana is absolutely imperative」

That is why they had invited me, huh.

「Does she not tell you anything? 」

「Even if we ask, she does not tell us any details. However, if one finds a Nanana Collection item and brings it to her she is happy to teach you about it」

Indeed, from yesterday’s response, it seemed that Nanana would not tell me where the Nanana Collection was hidden. However, when I brought back the ((Eye of Kontholos)) a few days ago, she happily told me about what it is. As President Yuiga says surely she would explain in detail what the other items do if you brought them to her.

「Could you understand the basics of the Nanana Collection now? 」

「Yes, it is quite an interesting thing」

I was of the same opinion as Tensai.

「However, what an abstract thing it is. There are so many unknowns」

Tensai said so sarcastically.

「Nonetheless, I do think that there is value in searching for them」

I could sense his passion from his serious-looking eyes. If one was to draw this in a manga, surely the president’s eyes would be on fire.

Then, president Yuiga continued.

「I had heard this from the first generation president, but apparently Nanana had said this to her. 『If one collects the Nanana Collection, one would be able to grant about any kind of wish』」

Grant any kind of wish. What president Yuiga said was way beyond my imaginations of just 「I hope I can find something useful in figuring out who had killed Nanana」. It seemed that the Nanana Collection was much more than I had assumed.

「Now then, I want you guys to keep one last thing in mind. This is very important」

After talking about more or less everything, the president said so in a polite and formal manner.

「What is it? 」

When I asked him, president Yuiga said something to us with a serious expression on his face.

「It is that, there is a risk of death」

「You’re exaggerating right?」

Although Tensai replied and smiled, her eyes were serious.

「The reason why the Adventure Club has an entry test is because of this. Most of the people who challenge the room would definitely be tricked at the same time as they solve the riddle. They would be terribly injured. In my opinion, I am quite surprised that you guys are not hurt」

Actually, for an entry test, I felt that it was quite dangerous. There is a chance that someone might not just get injured, but die. I see, this is a test to see if one avoids injury ……no, a test for one to experience risking one’s life, huh?

「I do not intend it to be a joke. In order to obtain the Nanana Collection, there is a risk of losing one’s life. If you guys are going to be in this club, I want you to keep that in mind」

It seemed that obtaining items from the Nanana Collection was an extremely difficult task.

An adventure that risked one’s life. It sounded quite archaic, but I quite liked it.

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