Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 5.2

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

「So fast! On top of that, the back story is so detailed! Actually, you are a little disgusting」

「……..just joking, that was a lie. It is just a joke. Please forget what I had said」

With a full smile, I tried to let my joke slide. Nanana had a really disgusted face.

「Well it is just pretend, so I guess that’s fine」

However, she approved.

「Really! 」

「yep, sure. Then I am your senior girlfriend who is the club’s manager」

Let’s gooooo! This is getting exciting!

I raised my fist in triumph. If allowed, I wanted to rip off my T-shirt and shout until I could shout no more. However, if I did that Nanana would definitely hate me. So I stopped myself.

I tried to act composed, but I was breathing heavily with my nose. Nanana took an alarm clock in her hands and set a five-minute timer.

 Then finally, the challenge in order for Nanana to tell me the hint,『pretend play』 (actually it was beneficial to me) started.

 We two sat sandwiching the table. Nanana started moving.

「You know what, Jūgo」

「W, what is it, Nanana…, that’s wrong. What is it, Ms. Ryūgajō? 」

「I want to eat a pudding」

……No Nanana. Sorry. Even though you are making such an adorable smile, I feel that your actions do not differ at all from usual. Well, I could not say 「NO」to such a cute smile. Hence, I took out a pudding from the fridge as usual, and offered it to her, saying 「There you go」

Then Nanana……no, Ms. Ryūgajō pouted her face a little.

「No that. I want you to feed me like you do usually」

「U, usually! 」

Hey hey, what was happening? Have I done that before? Something was wrong with my memory. I could not recall such a golden experience……..oh yeah, this is a 『pretend play』. That meant that Nanana had just thought of doing this.

I understood this, and said, 「I… I have no choice huh」. I tried to peel off the cap of pudding packaging. However, due to my nervousness, I could not do it properly, and was slow.

While I panicked, Nanana had moved beside me before I knew it. She sat beside me and suddenly placed her shoulder beside mine. She softly whispered into my ear at such a close distance that I could feel her breath. 

「Hey, hurry up ♥」

  Her words had definitely struck my heart. No, not just that. It had so much impact that it had pierced through my heart. My heart just shattered into pieces. It was almost like the Lance of Longinus [1. TL Note: The Lance of Longinus, also known as the Holy Lance, is the legendarily known to be the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross during his crucifixion. Used to describe how Nanana’s words were so powerful and holy.].

In fact, what is that! Is that even allowed!

I froze solid at this. Ms. Ryūgajō looked at me with adorable eyes.

「Can you? 」

「Of course, I can」

I immediately revived. The time that took me to reply to her sad expressions was only 0.02 seconds. It was so swift it was godly. I smiled while giving a thumbs up.

Responding to her request, I tried to scoop the pudding with a spoon. However, due to my nervousness, my hand trembled and I could not scoop properly.

Oh no, what should I do?

「Oh no, it’s going to spill」

Ms. Ryūgajō my hand in hers.

She is an earthbound ghost, and her hand was quite cold. Nevertheless, I did not mind a single bit because my body temperature was already so crazy hot. It was probably 43°C now.

I stopped my hand from trembling with all my might (mainly by biting my lower lip so hard, I thought that it would rip off), I finally scooped some pudding with the spoon.

「U, um…….. now then, erm…….. please open your mouth」

「Aaa ♥」

Ms. Ryūgajō opened her mouth while smiling happily.

I felt like my brain could explode any moment upon capturing how adorable she was.

What, really? I am even allowed to do this? I am still 16 years old, you know. I still cannot go into the adult section of the rental DVD shop, you know. I am of the age that would be caught crossing the line of R18, you know. Isn’t this a little too much? Would the police be knocking on my door for doing this?

I hesitated due to this dilemma. Seeing this, Ms. Ryūgajō pouted her cheeks out.

「Hey, hurry up」

The moment I saw her adorably angry expression, something clicked within me.

Who cares about R18 or the line of adulthood? It exists to be broken! Who cares about the police! Sure, I can fight them! Come on!

I am going to kill anyone who stops me with only my glare.

While releasing a completely intimidating aura around me, I moved the spoon with the pudding towards Ms. Ryūgajō’s mouth. 

Ms. Ryūgajō also opened her mouth happily.

I gulped while looking at her captivating smile and readied myself.

 I am going to enter a new realm.

 The spoon carrying the pudding entered Ms. Ryūgajō’s small yet adorable mouth.

Upon completing this feat that sounded so erotic, I cried in my heart.

Thank you, god. Thank you for giving me life on this earth.

I could not help but thank god. Showing my utmost gratitude for life on this realm.

 Then the moment Ms. Ryūgajō had tasted the pudding, she gulped it down.

 Upon clicking her tongue in frustration suddenly, Ms. Ryūgajō suddenly became serious.

「What? 」

「I see, I was born for this exact moment huh」, even though I was on the utmost happiest moment of life, upon seeing Ms. Ryūgajō sudden change, I was simply dumbfounded.

「Hey Jūgo. Why did you just give me a pudding that sells three for¥100 right now? Why does your girlfriend have to eat such cheap pudding? 」

「Err, um, erm…… 」

At Ms. Ryūgajō…… or actually, Nanana’s sudden change in expressions, I was simply dumbfounded.

「Wouldn’t you usually have a special pudding for these kinds of occasions? 」

「No, erm……we had decided to do this suddenly so, err, I had not prepared anything…… 」

「Why are you making excuses, huh?」

「Erm…. you know……. 」

「What? Just say it already」

「Erm……… sorry」

I did not know what to do and just apologized for starters. However, it seemed that Nanana did not like my attitude.

「Why are you apologizing? In fact, do you think you will be forgiven just from an apology? 」

Nanana threatened me. By then, I was completely crying. I shivered like a newborn deer, while Nanana howled at me.

「How useless! If you are a man, at least feed your woman a fluffy pudding from Randou store, you useless garbage of a man」

She even stood up, and mercilessly kicked me on the back. At Nanana’s sudden change, I was completely terrified.

「Hey you, go buy the fluffy pudding! 」


 Amidst this, the alarm clock rang mercilessly.

Immediately, Nanana’s expression returned back to her usual face.

「Alright, it’s over」

Then, she took the pudding that she had half-eaten from the table and started eating it herself.

「Mmmmm, puddings are just so delicious」

As if nothing had happened, she ate a pudding while making an overjoyed expression. She had reverted back to her usual self.

Even though she changed to her usual self, the fear that had permeated my heart could not be alleviated. I trembled in the corner of the room.

「Haha, that was more fun than I had expected」

Nanana made a genuine smile. Sorry for interrupting, but honestly, I don’t feel the same way at all.

「Frankly, I rather not do it ever again」

「Let’s do it again, Jūgo. That is, with a different backstory」

「……….take back what I had just said. Rather, it had been a super exciting experience, so let’s do it again! 」

At the infinite possibility in her words, 『A different backstory』, I immediately changed my attitude. I thanked Nanana as politely as I could.

No matter what, I had completed the challenge that Nanana gave me.

 「Hehe, playing with Jūgo like a toy was so fun」

After finishing her pudding, Nanana seemed satisfied while she rolled on her bed.

「I had hoped that you would phrase it that we played together instead of me being a toy」

While sitting on the cushion, I tried to disagree. Nonetheless, I had literally been played with as a toy, so I could not deny it strongly.

「Well, either way, you have completed the challenge. As promised, I will give you the hint」

While she said this proudly, it was finally time for the hint’s announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give your attention to Nanana who had just stood up from the bed.

Nanana made a serious expression and stared into space while standing up. She raised her hands towards the heavens, and lowered her voice a little bit, while saying.

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