Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 5.5

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Then finally, president Yuiga moved his right foot forward.

    He slowly placed his right foot on the first glass panel, and gradually put his weight onto the panel.


    It was safe. Nothing happened.

I am going to go next

    First I stepped on the first glass panel that president Yuiga was on, and then placed my foot on top of the next glass panel. I slowly shifted my weight to the glass panel.

……Great, it is ok

    The second panel was safe as well.

Then I shall go next

    Following the order, Tensai now said.

No, it is dangerous. I‘ll go again

    President Yuiga said. However, Tensai made a dissatisfied expression.

Please do not treat me like a woman. Mr. Yuiga, since you had selected me for this, you recognized me to be enough for this trial, right?

    Upon hearing her direct refute, president Yuiga immediately apologized, and said, You are right, I am sorry

Go on please, Tensai

    She nodded and moved on to the next glass panel without any hesitation.

    There was no issue with the third panel as well.

It seems that it is alright

    I sighed in relief at her fearless smile. President Yuiga and I also continued after her.

    In this way, president Yuiga stepped on the fourth panel, and I stepped on the fifth panel.

    Next, while we were on the fifth panel, Tensai stepped on the sixth panel. It was the moment she placed her weight on the panel.


The glass panel really did fall.


    President Yuiga and I hurriedly reached out our hands and grabbed Tensai.

    She was somehow safe.

I see, one would definitely die if they fell from here, huh

    While hanging in mid-air, Tensai calmly said so. She did not seem to be scared at all. Well, it is much better than if she suddenly started thrashing around. That being said, I felt that she was a little too composed. Perhaps some part of her brain was just not working.

    I glanced at what was beyond Tensai. The wind roared, and the void continued to the light. I did not feel comfortable looking at this.

    We hurriedly lifted Tensai up and sighed in relief.

As expected, if one walks on an incorrect route, it seems that the glass panel would just fall

    Only Tensai was so calm

We should not aimlessly walk around, huh

Is there a hint somewhere?

    I remembered what president Yuiga had said, and looked around the room for some sort of hint that characterized the ((Ruins)). However, there was nothing that looked like it.

I see, now I understand!

    Tensai put her fist in her palm.

Surely this floor resembles the logo of this high-rise building

    Upon hearing her words, I recalled how there was a logo like thing at the entrance of the building. If I remember correctly, it was quite a unique and cool logo that resembled fire.

That means that this glass panel would be fine

    Tensai immediately started walking and stepped on the next glass panel. It just fell.


That’s weird

Stop moving without any regard for your life! I thought I just had a heart attack!

    We lifted her up. Tensai tilted her head. I was out of breath after reaching my hand out by reflex and lifting her up. I really felt as if three years had been cut from my lifespan.

This is really troubling. What should we do?

    We looked at each other and folded our arms while thinking.


    Then, the glass panel that we were on suddenly fell through.


Arrggghh! 」「Ugh! 」「Nyaaa!

    We had all been on one glass panel. Thank goodness we all were on the edge of the panel. We immediately hung on the next glass panel, and were somehow safe.

    We all hurriedly crawled up the glass panel, and just went back to the starting point. We sighed a breath of relief at the white tile the same as the tile that the treasure chest was placed on the opposite side of the room.

Hey, what is going on! Wasn’t that place a safe glass panel!

Perhaps there is a time limit?

No, perhaps the rules are changing all the time

    We three talked amongst ourselves saying this and that, but all our ideas had no proof.

    The situation suddenly seemed like we were stuck.

In this case, should we just run across and risk it?

    President Yuiga laughed. However, we should not be laughing.

「『To not put in the effort and to take up the risk blindly is simply running away from the actual challenge. If you aren’t willing to risk your life on it, you should just go home and sleep』」

    The two looked at me.

What is that?

It is my family’s moral values

    Immediately, the two started laughing.

That’s great for a family moral

Interesting family you got

    I did not like to be laughed at, and it didn’t feel good. Thanks to this though, we felt much better.

Indeed, it is no other than a blind risk if we just ran through this. We should think a little more

    The safe area was only the single tile underneath our feet. Thus, it was quite a cramped place. We stood there and eventually just sat down there with our legs spread beyond the panel. Even if the panel dropped, if our legs are only outside, we should be safe.

    In the end, we spend 30 minutes doing nothing.

    It was Tensai who had been staring at the room that noticed the change first

Hm? Something is wrong

What happened, Tensai?

The glass panel that had just dropped had replaced without me knowing it

    Both president Yuiga and I could not help but stand up and look closely.

    Since the entire room was transparent, it was hard to tell from first glance. But if I looked closely, I could see a slight reflection of the glass where it had just been an open void.

Jūgo, come with me

    While l peered there, Tensai suddenly said this.

What? Hey, what are going to do, Tensai?

I am going to fall

What, what are you talking about! I definitely can’t let you do that!

    By reflex, I grabbed her slender arm. Tensai laughed in a mysterious way.

Sorry for interrupting your weird thoughts, but I do not intend to commit suicide. That is why I want you to come with me. Also, you are hurting me so please let go……. or does this mean you can’t bear to part with me?

Huhhhh, what are you talking about! Of course not!

    I immediately released her arm that I had grabbed involuntarily. While rubbing the place I had grabbed, Tensai said, Ouch ouch, while giggling. Her composure was very annoying.

……Then? Do you have some sort of plan?

Yep, there is no use doing nothing

    She was right.

Okay then, let’s do this


Section 5


    We left president Yuiga there, and started walking. Tensai was in front of me.

    Nothing happened with the first panel. We carefully went on with the second panel, third, fourth, then finally the fifth which had fallen earlier on.

……It is safe huh

    This time, the panel did not fall. As I had thought just now, I could not come up with the logic behind this.

    We continued moving.

    The sixth panel that Tensai had stepped on and fallen through was safe. The seventh and eighth panel was safe too.

    Then the ninth and 10th. Before I knew it, we were already at the center of the room.

Wow, this is really scary

    We were in the middle of the room. Below the glass was a dark void. If all the glass panels fell right now, we would definitely die.

    Meanwhile, Tensai and I continued stepping on safe tiles, and before I knew it, it was the 14th tile.

    If we got to the next tile, there would only be six more tiles to the treasure chest.


    Then, the glass panel finally fell.

    Tensai’s body started falling. Of course, I did not allow her to fall. I immediately reached out my hand and grabbed the back of her clothing.


    Tensai dangled in the middle of the darkness. I could not help but sigh a breath of relief.

Just as I had expected of you. Nice one, Jūgo

Shut up. I am going to lift you up, alright

Wait for a moment……I see, that is how it works huh. Alright then, lift me up

    As she requested, I lifted Tensai up, while she made an expression as if she understood something. President Yuiga shouted at us and asked,Are you guys alright! . I waved my hand at him and looked at Tensai.

Now then. What do you want to do? It would be difficult to go back at this point

No, I found out how to solve this

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