Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 5.6

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Tensai said this easily.

「Really! What just happened!? 」

「Look below」

    Upon hearing her words, I looked into the darkness. Nonetheless, I could not see anything there. I could only hear the chilling roar of the wind.

「No, look what is behind the glass panel」

    Saying this, Tensai grabbed my clothing so that I would not fall. I nodded, then while balancing my body, I stuck my neck into the hole, and looked underneath the glass panel.

「……Hey hey, it is real. There is something there」

    Something was moving around underneath the glass panels.

    It was a mysterious squarish object. From its shape, it would most probably be a machine. However, the issue was that the machine was moving around like a spider, reaching out its long limbs and moving underneath the glass panels.

    I raised my head back above the panels.

「They randomly move around. Once the intruder rides on top of them, they remove a glass panel from below. That is how these ((Ruins)) work」

    Tensai smiled fearlessly.

「But I could not see them from on top the glass panels」

「Most probably, there must be some sort of mechanism in the glass panels themselves. For example, if one looks through the glass, the glass could hide something from view」

「Is there such technology? 」

「I do not know of it. Nonetheless, it exists in front of us. That is why we should believe that it does. Indeed, we could not observe this room from the elevator. That means that some sort of technology is there that makes it invisible from the outside, but visible from the inside. Of course, that also applies in the opposite way. If one changes how this is applied, it is possible for one to allow something to be invisible from the outside and have specific things invisible from the inside as well」

    Her logic made sense. Although such technology was unbelievable, the proof was right in front of me. I should just accept it and not be stubborn.


「Concerning this case, I honestly accept that you are really amazing, Tensai」

    I was really astounded. This famous detective was really amazing.

「Hehe. You finally understand how amazing I am, huh」

    The moment she opened her mouth, her admirability disappeared. I was annoyed.

「Now then, it is time for the main job. Jūgo. How long can you hold me with one arm? 」

    At this point, I understood what Tensai was trying to do.

    It’s true that while above the floor she could not see far below the glass. In order to properly look, she has to more or less go into the hole.

「Five minutes」

    I recalled how heavy she was just now, and confidently said so.

「I don’t need that much time. Just three minutes. That being said, don’t let go of my hand, no matter what」

「Of course, I do not intend to let you go. If you die, we die together」

    The moment she heard my words, she immediately reddened.

「You know……you made my heart flutter a little」

「What……hey, you. I don’t mean it that way but……think about the situation! 」

    I refuted my heart desperately.

「I see. This is the Suspension Bridge effect, huh. I almost thought that I had fallen for you. How dangerous」

「Phew, that was close」. Tensai’s actions while wiping sweat was all annoying.

「A, anyways, we shall start the plan」

    I hurriedly changed the weird mood between us.


    We shortly explained how this room works to president Yuiga who was at the starting point, and hurriedly started our mission.

    Firs, Tensai and I moved and looked underneath. While confirming that there was no invisible spider, we moved around the hole and went to the 15th tile.

「Alright then, I am going to go」

    I grabbed Tensai’s arm. Tensai sat on the edge of the hole and went into the hole.

「I see, there are a total of five spiders. There aren’t any nearby……Jūgo, ask him to go three tiles from the start tile」

    I heard Tensai’s order from underneath the hole and shouted at the president.

「President, move forward three tiles」

    Hearing this, president Yuiga moved forward three tiles without any hesitation.

「The spiders started moving. They stopped for a while. Move three to the right……no, it is opposite from my side, so he should move three tiles to his left」

「Move three tiles to your left! 」

    At my instructions, the president moved.

「Next, move five tiles in forward in one go, oh, the spiders started moving. Make him move carefully. Warn him to stop when I say so」

「President, please move five tiles forward carefully. I will stop you if it is dangerous! 」

    The president nodded and moved forward slowly. At the fourth tile, Tensai shouted 「Stop him! 」. I shouted, 「Stop! 」

「Three tiles to the right, tell him to hurry」

「Run three tiles to the right」

「Go forward two tiles……no, one tile」

「Go forward one tile」

    The president consistently went forward with Tensai’s instructions.

「Oh no this is bad. One spider is heading our way. Make him go two tiles back」

「Go back two tiles」

「Jūgo, be careful. The spider is going to your tile」

「Hey, doesn’t that mean the spider might attack you」

「Stop saying unnecessary things, make him run five tiles forward」

「Please run five tiles forward! Hey, are you really sure? 」

「I am going to do something about it, move four tiles to the left」

「Move four tiles to the left! What do you mean something…… ugh, I am going to believe in you, alright! 」

「Good. To the right……..Jūgo! Go to the left and avoid it! 」

    At her voice, I instantly rolled my body.

    The glass panel I was on just a moment ago fell.

「That was close」

「I see, the spider reaches out its hand from the tile beside it, and removed the glass panel that the intruder is on, huh. It sticks the glass panel on itself and dangles」

「Stop analyzing it! What is next!? 」

「Go forward four tiles……no it is has changed, make him run all the way to the treasure chest! There is no spider in front of him! 」

    Hearing this, I shouted loudly.

「President, run to the goal. Hurry! 」

    Our president finally ran past us.

「Jūgo, avoid it! 」

「I rolled again and evaded it. As Tensai had predicted, the glass panel that we were on fell again. Tensai dangled underneath the glass panel. It seemed that we were targeted」

「Good, it is storing the glass panel right now. Now is the chance. Lift me up, we are going to run! 」

    Upon hearing her words, I lifted Tensai immediately.

「The spider is below that glass panel. Go around it and run」

    We ran with all our might.

    In front of us, president Yuiga who had reached the treasure chest already was shouting, 「Hurry up!  」

「Arggghhhhh! 」

    We ran as fast as we could until we arrived at the opposite side.


Section 6

「No, it is because of your genius, Tensai」

「Hehe, I don’t mind if you praise me more, Yuiga」

    At the president’s praise, Tensai snorted quite happily.

「That being said, this place is quite cramped, huh」

    The big treasure chest sat on the square panel that was one meter. On top of that, there were three people riding on it. Of course, there would not be enough space.

「True, let’s open the treasure chest」

    From this scenario, we could not afford to discuss who would open the treasure chest. Automatically, president Yuiga who had been standing in front of the treasure chest represented us and placed his hand on the treasure chest.

    The treasure chest had no lock, and when he put in strength, the lid just opened without resistance.

「This is……don’t tell me! 」

    The moment he saw what was inside, president Yuiga raised his voice in surprise.

「What is inside? 」

    I looked into the treasure chest from beside him. In it was a rod.

    The rod had quite an extensive set of decorations. From first glance, the rod was about 50 to 60 cm. There was a dragon engraved at the end of the rod. In the body was embedded gemstones of various sizes.

    With a slightly trembling hand, president Yuiga held it. It was at that moment.

    The whole room shook violently.

    In relation to this, the floor started falling, and the glass panels on the wall also started falling.

「Ugh, all of the Ruins have this happen, huh?」

    It seemed that the last trap was the same as the Ruins at the school’s hidden room.

「See, the spiders are falling」

    Upon hearing Tensai shouting I peered underneath the floor. The spiders from earlier were falling downward. The spiders fell down as if it had completed its role. The way they fell clearly showed how this room would not last long.

「Let’s go now. If we hurry to escape from this place, we can make it」

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