Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 6.5

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You don’t even care do you, Ms. Yukihime? You have already got your reward.

    Well, I didn’t say that out loud but….

    Really, I wonder why?

    It was not that I had consciously stopped myself. Even though I had raised my fist, I could not punch him.

    I pondered why and felt frustrated.

    I did not have a reason to destroy president Yuiga’s dream and then punch him.

    ……No, wrong. I just hated it.

    To punch someone who had such an interesting passion.


    People do not stop dreaming.


    Even if he had said that off the top of his head, I did not want to punish someone who was chasing their dreams with a philosophy like that.

    That was because I was taught that You must not do something to others you would not want them to do to you.

    I tried to make this my conclusion. The world was not that simple, though.

Now then, how are you going to make up for this disappointing end?

    The Kunoichi who is a perfectionist seemed to be really angry.




Are you two alright?

    Isshin breathed heavily, his shoulders going up and down, while looking at his teammates.



    Yū and Kagetora nodded.

    Isshin and the others had escaped to the coast, much further from the town center than the parking lot.

Your underclassmen insult you so much, huh?

    Isshin wryly laughed at Kagetora’s words.

Really. I can’t argue

    I did not think my underclassman would read my mind like that. Thanks to Kagetora the ((Wizard’s Wand)) was not taken, but I completely lost the battle.

    The wand has a limit on how many times it can be used. I see, it was something that was not hard to imagine. Yet, Isshin had not considered this at all. It was as Jūgo said. I had thought the wand was the most powerful thing, and I had not even imagined that it would have such a flaw.

「『There is no such thing in this world as “most powerful”, huh. Nanana says such disappointing things

    From my perspective as an ordinary person who was seeking to be the strongest, the words of the strongest figure that had become an earthbound ghost 10 years ago was just merciless.

But that underclassman was not a bad guy

    It was Yū who was beside Isshin who snapped back at Kagetora’s murmur.

What do you mean! He insulted master Isshin so much! I am going to kill him the next time I see him!

    While Yū indignantly shouted, Kagetora shook his head.

That underclassman had said that Isshin’s dream was Just mediocre』」

    At Kagetora’s words, Isshin could not believe his ears. Isshin then realized that it was true, and understood. Yama had not denied him of his dream, but rather implied that he could dream of something bigger.

Even though I had been scolded and could not understand, I am surprised that you noticed, Kagetora

My specialty is intelligence. I make sure I can completely understand what a person means when he says something

    Isshin genuinely thought, my teammates are so excellent.

    Then, he reflected again. The reason why he lost this time was because he was not careful enough.

    I might not be able to obtain what I want just by doing it the proper way. If I don’t want to accept this, I have to wait for the right opportunity. But if you don’t want to wait for the opportunity, you have to give up or you will fail.

    This was a perfect example of it. Right before Isshin had obtained the wand, he was able to accept that he was going to be the bad guy. Yet, when he took the wand and abandoned the two, he could not do the most basic thing the first president had told me to do. I didn’t bring it to Nanana Ryūgajō to get an accurate description of the Nanana Collection I had obtained.

    That had led to his miserable failure.

Are you alright, master Isshin?

    Yū looked at me with a worried face. Isshin immediately nodded.

I am alright, no problem. I certainly did lose this time miserably. But this failure does not mean I cannot dream anymore. It is a failure that leads to the next step

    Yes, I am not going to give up just by this. Isshin did not intend to give up at all.

    I am definitely going to achieve world domination.

    Isshin thought so again.

That being said, master Isshin, can you use the wand again?

    Yū pointed at the wand which had lost its power. Isshin shook his head.

No, it should be fine. Yama had said that it had a limited number of times it could be used, but most probably, the number of times it could be used could be resupplied again

Why do you think so?

Undoubtedly, I had used it too much. Nevertheless, it is unthinkable that the number of times it could be used had been used up right now, after being used for 400 years. Since the wand has not changed at all, surely it could be supplied again. Well, I do not know how though

    While Isshin analyzed this, Kagetora noddedmakes sense.

Anyways, as long as we have this wand, we can once again……

    The next moment, the area was filled with light.

    The three immediately shaded their eyes and were astounded.

    Suddenly, a military helicopter appeared from the sky and a submarine appeared from the sea. Military vehicles sped to and surrounded them.

    A bunch of soldiers appeared in a formation.

    The soldiers held rifles while completely armed. They all had the symbol 7』 on them.


    It is the Nanae Island Security Force. It is the dogs of Shunjū Ikkaku who protect this island from external threats.




    Everyone was dumbfounded by the girl who stood in the front row of them.


Greetings, Mr. Yuiga. What a coincidence it is to meet you here

    It was Tensai Ikkyū, a girl who calls herself a famous detective, who was standing there. Behind her was D’arc Hoshino.

Who are you?

I am just a famous detective. But for now, I am a servant of Shunjū Ikkaku

For now?

Yes. Actually, when I was caught by the police earlier I became indebted to Mr. Ikkaku. Hence in order to repay my debt, I had made a deal with him to do something that benefits him for once. Although I don’t like him, I must repay my debt.

    While Tensai talked, Isshin and all were surrounded by the soldiers.

What should we do, Isshin? Should we try to escape?

No. This is a little too much, Kagetora. If it is just you, you might be able to somehow manage. But for Yū and me, it is a little too much

    Isshin concluded and walked towards Tensai alone.

If I pass this to you, would you promise us our lives?

Of course

Then please accept this

    Although it was regrettable, I had no choice but to part with it.

    It was the item that I had most wanted among the Nanana Collection I had heard about from Nanana Ryūgajō two years ago in room 202 when Kasumi Konjō was still present.

    I did not know why I was so attracted to the wand.

    Perhaps I had been captivated by its power, how it can grant any wish. Perhaps I wanted to change my surroundings by its overwhelming power. Perhaps I wanted to be the magician in folklore that gives what the protagonists want.

    While contemplating this, Isshin Yuiga passed it to the detective. In order to protect his friends who had followed him until now.

Now then, this is your reward

    After receiving the wand, Tensai passed a piece of paper to him.

This is? ……D.. don’t tell me!

    He could not help but widen his eyes. It was a check. It had so many zeros it felt like a joke. The total was ¥100 million.

    While Isshin was left dumbfounded, Tensai smiled fearlessly.

This is what Mr. Ikkaku said. I do business, I do not steal. I am prepared to pay money for the Nanana Collection, so from now on please contact me. Oh yeah, also one more thing, If you want to control the island, you’ll have to get through me』」

See you next time. Saying this, Tensai Ikkyū left with the soldiers.

    It seemed that all my plans were figured out.

Wow, I just lost. So this is how adults respond to things, huh?

    Isshin could not help but laugh. The two came close to him.

Wow, it is really ¥100 million!

    Yū’s eyes gleamed while she raised the check up high. For better or worse, she worships money.

But it is kind of irritating to just receive this

Then are you going to rip it and throw it away?

    Kagetora smirked in a teasing manner. Isshin forced a smile and shook his head.


I am not so daring. I will obediently use it for the club. Besides, I have not achieved my goal yet

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