Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 7.1

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Section 1

     After the fight with president Yuiga and more than two hours of merciless lecture by Ms. Yukihime, my body could barely stand up. It hurt everywhere.

    I didn’t think I could last any longer so I asked Ms. Yukihime to bring me to the nearby town doctor.

    According to the doctor’s diagnosis, I didn’t have any broken bones, but due to bruises and sprains, it will take two whole weeks for me to recover.

    I went back to the waiting room after the diagnosis but Ms. Yukihime was not there. It seemed that she had left while I was receiving treatment.


    At that point, I finally realized something bad.

    Now then, what should I do? Since I had no money, I could not pay for my treatment.

    When I turned around, the doctor who treated me this late-night was standing there with a moody expression. I can’t let them know that I don’t have money.

    While I decided what to do among a few different underhanded options to get out of it, the entrance door opened.

「Sorry, I am going to pay for him」

    It was president Yuiga who appeared like a savior.

Section 2

    The place was the midnight park. While I sat on the bench, president Yuiga offered two cans of drinks. Either fizzy drink or black coffee? Of course, as a bad guy wandering in the midnight park I should choose the black coffee. Thus, I made an adult’s choice. However, after drinking one sip I immediately regretted it. When one is tired, one should drink fizzy drinks. Argh, I am so envious of the president who is drinking the fizzy drink.

    Well, that aside.

「Now what, did you come here to be punched」

「That too」

    President Yuiga smiled cheerfully. Perhaps if I told him I would punch him; he would accept it. Well, I am not going to punch him though, since my arm is in pain.

「What happened to the wand? 」

「I was forced to give it up」

「By who? 」

「By an adult」

「Huh, good for you」

「As you say. I had betrayed my junior and used the power for useless means. Then the end is like this huh」

    He forced a smile and looked up at the night sky.

「Then? What are you going to do then? 」

    Is he going to give up, or……?

「I am going to find something else. Another Nanana Collection that would be useful for my aspiration」

    I could not help but laugh. If he doesn’t, it would not be fun.

「Concerning this, I wanted to ask you」

「What is it? 」

「Are you going to quit the Adventure Club? 」

    I see.

「The reason you want me to stay is for Nanana, right? 」

「I won’t deny it. I do need her knowledge no matter what. I had to re-acknowledge this in a painful way」

    It’s a good sign that he can be so sarcastic about himself.

「『To not know is a sin』」

「What is that? 」

「It is one of the moral lessons of my family」

    He laughed again. Stop laughing.

「I see, true. I shall keep your family’s moral lesson in mind」

「Alright then, I shall go to the club room on Monday again」

    Hearing this, president Yuiga made a surprised face.

「Aren’t you going to quit the Adventure Club? 」

「I don’t mind quitting, but I do want the Nanana Collection as well. In order to get it, it is quite convenient to be in the Adventure Club」

    I do have a purpose, to find who killed Nanana. I wanted the Nanana Collection which would grant my wish.

「Don’t betray me again alright」

    I warned him.

「I cannot guarantee that」

    And my warning was ignored.

「Ah, I shall return you the treatment fee」

「No it is fine. The injury is my fault, and I got some profit just now」

「Oh, did you? 」

「Yes. That is why let’s go eat dinner with everyone next time. I shall treat you what you want」

「How generous of you」

「Even though I don’t seem like it, I am quite reckless. That is why I want to forget about what happened by just having fun」

「Alright then, sure」

    The man who had failed in his dreams making a promise to eat together with another man who had destroyed his aspirations. It was a weird situation. 

「Can you invite Tensai and D’arc as well? 」

「Sure, but would the two come? Surely they are quite angry at you」

「Ah, that is fine. They vented their anger at me enough」

    With a smile, Isshin Yuiga then said, 「See you at the club room」, and left.

 Section 3


「What are you doing here? 」

    I am not pleased with a girl walking alone in the dark.

「I was waiting for you, Jūgo」

    While I was going home from the park, I met with the famous detective.

「What do you mean『Waiting for me』. Stop joking.You had abandoned me」

    While puffing out my cheeks and trying to act moody, Tensai made a puzzled expression.

「What are you talking about? 」

「Even though I was kidnapped by the ((Matsuri)), you abandoned me, right? 」

    Well, that is a lie though. It is just a made-up story.

    The reason why I said this is to make sure she did not figure out what really happened. On top of that, I was curious about what kind of excuse this famous detective would give.

    I was quite excited.

    Hey hey, make an interesting excuse. I smirked in the back of my mind.

    When I thought so and looked at her, what the famous detective said was way beyond my expectations.

 「What, why? Aren’t you related to the ((Matsuri)) Bandit Organization? 」

 「What? 」

「Why do I have to give you an excuse for your fake kidnapping? 」

「W.. wait, you…… 」

    Wait, wait, what is happening? What is she saying?

    I was confused. I was completely perplexed. I was definitely more surprised than when I had met Nanana for the first time. I was in the greatest panic since I had come to this island.

「Um, erm…… 」

「What? 」

 「……How did you figure it out? 」

     Yes, our family line has always been the head of ((Matsuri)). The Yama family is a thief family and has been so since the Edo period. My father is the 13th generation ((Matsuri)) head.

    At my confession, the famous detective did not start laughing and say, 「Hahahaha, as I thought, I am such a great detective! 」

    She just simply threw her chest out and made a satisfied and proud face.

    Argh, her face is so cute, ugh.

    In this way, I started asking her how she figured out my identity.

「When did you notice my identity? 」

「From the start. I confirmed this when I had gone to room 202 and checked your phone」

「Oh. You’re joking, right? 」

    That is just too fast.

「What was your proof? 」

「You were staring at the R18 magazine with a maid on the cover in the midnight convenience store. You had said that the reason why you bent forward was because your phone vibrated」

「Nobody believed me though」

「No, I believed in you」

「Oh, but why? 」

「There are other reasons for a phone to vibrate other than a call or a mail. For example, an alarm」

    I could not help but gulp.

    Tensai continued.

「As I thought, the alarm on your phone was set at the time. Now then, one would ask the obvious question. Why did you need to set a phone alarm at such a weird time? Of course, that is because you needed something to remind you of the time in the midnight convenience store. Then, what time was it? 」

    The famous detective pointed her finger at me.


「It is the time when the box with the gemstone was dropped into the alleyway with a parachute」


    She was correct.

「Jūgo, you already knew beforehand that the gemstone would come falling down at that time. How did you know? It was because you know the entire plan that the ((Matsuri)) Bandit Organization had formed beforehand. Now then, why could you know of their plan beforehand? That is because you are related to the ((Matsuri)). And you just interfered」

    She was correct. However, it was vexing to just accept her conclusion.

「Do you have proof? 」

    I tried resisting this challenge.

「I do have. Your phone is the best evidence. I did not think the ((Matsuri)) would plan their criminal activity online, on SNS」

    You know so much, huh.

「It is my dad’s opinion to use the most modern tools of our time」

I see. A criminal organization that adapts to the modern times, huh. Quite interesting

Actually in the first place, how did you know of the SNS that we use? It requires you to be the member, so only the ((Matsuri)) members should only be able to see

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