Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 1 Chapter 7.2

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”


       No matter how much I denied being related to ((Matsuri)), I must ask this to resolve the issue.

Ah, I hacked your phone. Actually, I am still hacking it

    Her phone’s screen, she showed me, was the exact same wallpaper as mine.

    I was shocked. I took out my phone and changed the wallpaper. Tensai’s phone’s wallpaper changed as well.

……Hey, you. When did you do this!?

When I went to your room the first time

You didn’t seem to be hacking me then!

You guys just weren’t looking. While the video about the convenience store was playing I checked your phone, and also downloaded the hacking program onto your phone

    What is that even!

Is that even legal?! Are you even allowed to act like that?! Aren’t you a famous detective! That is just cheating!

It was the same in the high-rise building. When we were trapped in the ((Ruins)), you said you had contacted the police. But you actually did not call the police at all. You had used the SNS to contact the two members of the ((Matsuri)). You had calculated how they might help you to get the wand back from Mr. Yuiga

    Ah, this guy just conveniently ignored me.

Then while I was contacting Yukihime and all using SNS from my phone, you were using your phone behind me to look at what I was doing, huh?

Was the fake policewoman surprised?

Of course. It seemed that she knew that I was disowned from my house, but she said that she did not know that I was on this island. Then of course she scolded me a bunch for looking at the plan without her permission and snatching the treasure. I was thrown out into the streets in just my underwear

    Should I tell the master artisan, that her daughter stripped me naked? Well if I do, I don’t know what she might do to me.

Don’t tell me you knew everything from my phone calls too

No, I haven’t hacked your phone to that extent

    Great, it seemed that she did not know that I had given her a fake gemstone.

    Well, what I must do first is.

    Capture this famous detective and prevent her from snooping my phone.


    For starters, I uninstalled the illegal phone program. Of course, I checked whether there were any other hidden programs.

Sigh. Wow, you are nuts. I wouldn’t imagine you would find out everything through hacking

Hehe, I know every secret. Did you think you could keep it hidden?

    Keep it hidden……huh. I thought for a second. Why did I make Tensai go away when I was battling president Yuiga? If I just cooperated with her, I might have done better.

    Why was that?

    Don’t you know the answer?

    It was because I did not want Tensai Ikkyū to find out my identity.

    I was embarrassed about it. Surely once she finds out about my family, she would laugh about it. Of course. I had been laughed at when I told her about my family moral lessons. Once she knows about what our family has been doing for generations, she will definitely mock me. I would rather die than to be made fun of.

    While I was in this bad mood, I recalled when I was young.

    When I was young, I was proud of my family business. I loved listening to my dad. Although the ((Matsuri)) is known as a thief organization, we are good guys. We steal money from the bad guys and rich and pass it to the poor. Well, we used to redistribute wealth in such a simple way a long time ago. That was during the Edo period and historical dramas are based on. Currently, we do it a little differently. We pawn things we steal for and either donate it to orphanages through a fake company ((Matsuri)), donate to humanitarian organizations, or invest in start-ups that challenge the norms.

    Even if we had such a good purpose, we were stealing from others. Of course, we could not be proud of that. Yet, the fact that we were saving someone else made me proud when I was young.

    Nonetheless, I became a middle schooler and realized that my family was abnormal.

    When I was young I tried to reason that it was good. However the adults around me did not take me seriously, and when they realized I was not joking they were disgusted.

    Then, I realized.

    That my family business is really foolish.

    I did not intend to justify stealing, but I felt like our intention of saving others was rejected as well.

    I thought that it was an archaic way of thinking.

    Saving people was not cool. It was something fools did. Before I knew it, that was a matter of course to me.

    I recalled this and laughed wryly. I did not care about it anymore. That was a long time ago. It is over. That is why I am not going to talk about it anymore.

Then? What are you going to do? I did do something that was illegal. Are you going to pass me to the police?

    Criminals are bound to be jailed once someone figures what they are doing.

I wouldn’t mind doing that, but, regrettably, I am indebted to you. I’ll overlook it and call us even

    Indebted……ah, oh yeah. Was she talking about when I saved her in school?

    Tensai said this, but I did not understand her.

That sounds too convenient. Hey Tensai, what are you secretly planning?

Why do you think I’m planning something?

Because according to what you had just said, you knew my identity when you transferred to my high school, right? Then when I asked you Why did you transfer schools? , you told meBecause it would help later on, right?

Yes, I did say that

Then what kind of benefit does it bring to you, that it requires you to transfer to my school?

    While I glared at her, Tensai smiled fearlessly.

Hey Jūgo. What do you think is necessary for a famous detective?

What are you talking about out of the blue?

Just answer my question

Erm…… a genius intellect?

No, that is to basic

Then, a riddle

Close, but you cannot just have that

Then what?

    Then my teacher, the famous detective, replied.


It is a rival



A famous detective needs a rival

    Wow, what an answer! The crowd goes wild with applause. Wow, amazing.

    I did not understand it anymore. Yet, I could not let this slide.

Wait, I do not understand. Explain it thoroughly

    Perhaps this was the first time I seriously wanted to know the answer from the famous detective.

    Then Tensai started talking.

Why do you think famous detectives are known to be great? Is it because they solve difficult mysteries? No. The reason why famous detectives remain in the public’s minds is because they have a famous battle with a rival. That is why a famous detective must have a rival to determine who is superior. By the way, of course, it would be better if that is a bad guy. More specifically, a thoroughbred. With superior physical capability, intellect, and evil-looking eyes

    Hey, leave my eyes out of this. Or rather please do not point that out. I was quite sensitive about my eyes, since being told about it by Ms. Yumeji.

    Er, wait, don’t tell me this famous detective girl……

……Hey, don’t tell me to play the bad guy?

    I could not help but gulp. Tensai Ikkyū nodded.

Of course I won’t ask you to do so, since you are already a bad guy

    It seemed that in her mind, I was already the rival to this famous detective.

On top of that, in school we are in the same class, and sit next to each other. Isn’t this quite an exciting scenario!

    I see. This is her unique personality as a famous detective.

No, there is probably another story like this somewhere

I had thought so too, so I decided to be neighbors with you

Wha, what do you mean?

I am going to move house to room 203 in the Happiness Dorm with D’arc

Going to……hey, Mr. Kadono, a university student lives there

Kadono is gone

What did you do to Mr. Kadono!

    Don’t just smirk and say something like that! You look like a villainess! Usually only bad guys do these kinds of things, you know?!

    I shouted my complaints at her. Meanwhile, Tensai asked me.

What do you think, Jūgo?

Ugh, what?


This is the famous detective, Tensai Ikkyū


    Thrusting out her chest, the girl smiled fearlessly. I could not help but laugh.

    Then I said to myself in my heart.

This girl would definitely become a famous detective, since she can do these kinds of things so easily.

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