Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.10

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

If I did not eat it now I may have to burden Tetsu, who just woke up and has been muttering about how he saw a river [1. TL Note: Refers to the Sanzu River, or River of Three Crossings. It is a mythological river in Japanese Buddhist tradition similar to the Hindu concept of the Vaitarna and the Greek concept of the Styx, in which one crosses it to go to the other realm.], and how he met his grandfather. He seemed like he had returned from somewhere.

     I must eat it now. 

Thank you for the food.

     I faced my fate, and took one of the cupcakes, and peeled the paper off. Then I ate it.

……It is delicious.

Really, Anpanman!

Yep. It is really good.

     I made a thumbs up.

We did it, sis!

Yes! We did it, Yun!

     They hugged each other and rejoiced happily. Batako-san started lifting upYun and dancing.

Hey, Tetsu, why don’t you eat it.

     I recommended it to Tetsu, who was still frozen. Tetsu took one and ate it.

Oh, that is what I made.

     Yun smiled while she said so. Tetsu coughed.

W.. what happened!? Was it not good?

No……it is delicious.

     Tetsu smiled slightly bashfully. Yun smiled.

I see, that is great!


     While I was looking at this wholesome conversation, I was tapped on my shoulder.

You know, looking at them being so happy makes you feel irritated right, Anpanman?

Please don’t ask me to agree with that, Batako-san. You are the only one thinking so. What kind of heart do you have?

Pure black.

She did not hesitate!

     She was really scary.


     Suddenly, the building shook.

What just happened?

     It was not an earthquake. What was that explosion sound?

It is a raid!

     While someone shouted, the siren started blasting away.

     The building shook once more.

     While I panicked, Batako-san looked outside the window and clicked her tongue.

Hph. They really don’t learn their lesson, huh?

     I walked towards the window and looked outside. There was a violent fight just outside the building. It was not just a fistfight. There were tons of weapons.

     On top of that, a big bunch of people came running towards this direction from the other end of the main street. There were about 20 people.

     I could not help but stare dumbfounded.

     What is this situation!? Why does this town suddenly have a war starting?!

Hey Tetsu, let Anpanman escape from the back entrance. Yun, stay here.

     Saying this, Batako-san left the room hurriedly.

     Batako-san immediately appeared in the fight below.

     She mercilessly beat anyone in her way with a metal pipe in her hand. She was also kicked them around.

     I was surprised at how violent she was. It was as if the silly situation that just happened was a dream.

     While the fire from the Molotov cocktail razed, the woman with a single gleaming snake eye hurled the metal pipe around as the pipe became dirtied with blood. She now ran towards the next prey. There was no technique to it. It was simply brute force.

Hey, chase those who run that way. That side is a trap. Don’t chase after them. Go find out where their headquarters are.

     The leader smoked her cigarette while she placed the blood-stained metal pipe on her shoulder. The scary-looking men obediently did as she said.

     This team with a female leader worked seamlessly. They immediately conquered the attackers.


     I could not help but be in awe at this.

Hey, let’s go Anpanman.

     While I was awed, Tetsu tapped my shoulder.

     I nodded and followed Tetsu. We tried to go out of the room.

W.. wait. Anpanman!

     Yun walked towards me and offered me a bag.

I packed it in this, so take it!

     It was the other cupcakes.

T.. thank you.

     When I thanked her, Yun looked down slightly bashfully.

E.. erm, I have to thank you too. Sis was happy because you properly delivered the thing.

     Yun fidgeted like some small animal. She was really adorable.

     That is why I said.

See you again.

What! I don’t want to see you again!

     Yun panicked while her face turned red.

Hurry up.

Yes, you only need to tell me, Tetsu. Please don’t unsheathe the sword every time you need to do this, please.

     And please stop looking like you want to kill me. You are really scary.

     I waved goodbye to Yun and followed Tetsu. We climbed down the building’s stairs hurriedly.

     We went past the scary men who seemed like they were about to kill someone and reached the first floor. We reached the door on the opposite side to the main entrance, at the corner of the corridor.

     Tetsu opened the lock of the back entrance and quietly looked outside.

It seems they haven’t made it to this side.

     It seemed that the guys outside were stupi……very direct people.

What are you going to do now, Tetsu?

I am going to support the guys at the main entrance.

     Tetsu said so without any hesitation. As I had thought, he was a passionate man.

     That is why, all the more I thought.

Actually, why are you in this kind of place?

     I had asked so without giving it much thought. The moment I did so, Tetsu’s hand disappeared.

     I immediately rolled backward.

     Then, a sword was swung swiftly at the place I was just at. He really swung the sword at me with all his might. Although he used the blunt end of the sword as to not kill me, that would have been a serious blow.

Don’t measure things at your own standards, Anpanman. Even if this is “this kind of place”

 to you, it is the “my dear home” for me.

     Tetsu seemed actually angry. I obediently nodded.

I see, sorry. Actually, you are right. I was completely wrong. I am really sorry.

     I apologized from the bottom of my heart. Tetsu put the sword away into the hilt.

As long as you understand, it is fine. But Anpanman, you don’t have a next time.

Jūgo Yama.

What is that?

It is my name.

……Does that mean the Anpanman was a fake name!

     Tetsu made a surprised face. It seemed that he was an innocent person as well.

What is your name?

I am Tetsu. I have no other name.

I see. Alright then, Tetsu. See you again.

     I waved my hand at him. Tetsu forced a smile.

What a strange guy you are, Jūgo Yama. ……Maybe I’ll see you again.

Tell my name to Yun as well.

I won’t. Only I will know it.

So selfish.

     Tetsu glared at me, so I hurriedly ran away.


     In the dark, I ran away from the Tsukuyomi Town which was now in a raging war. I felt relieved.

     Then I thought.

Who is that Batako-san.

     Tetsu was a nice guy, and Yun was an interesting girl.

     But that woman was different. From the bottom up.

     Most importantly……

Why did she have so many items of the Nanana Collection?

     Surely, they are real. Undoubtedly, all of those antiques are Nanana Collection items.


     Undoubtedly, Batako-san figured out that I knew about the Nanana Collection. She figured it out, and yet she intentionally let me go. She laughed all she wanted, and still let me go. She confirmed that she was the only one, and let me go.

One must be careful with liars more than those who speak the truth. However, one must be most careful with those whom one cannot tell if the other is lying or not.

     It is one of our family lessons.

     One must be more careful with liars rather than those who tell the truth. But one does not need to be that cautious of liars. One must be more careful with those whose lies are ambiguous, not those whom lies could be figured out.

     Undoubtedly, that woman was above me. On top of that, I could not stand her even a little. She was way beyond me. She was a bad guy that had gone through hundreds of battles. I was targeted by such a bad guy.

I really don’t like this.

     If possible, I did not want to meet her again. Either way I did not intend to go to this scary town again, so I should be fine.

     While I was thinking so, I realized something fundamental.

……Oh yeah, I did not receive my pay.

     I turned around. Smoke rose from various places from the town. Moreover, I could hear the explosions.

     Now, what should I do? Should I go back now and get my pay? 

……I should just go home huh.

     Yes, I can’t handle it.

     Thus, I started walking along the coast. I was hungry, so I ate one of the cupcakes.

Munch munch, delicious.

     While eating the sweet that became my pay for this part-time job, I went back home.


Section 6


     In the end, I came back home at 9 pm.

     What a day.

I am back.

「「「「Welcome home. 」」」」

     When I came back home, Nanana, Tensai, D’arc, and Ms. Shiki were playing a video game and being noisy.

Hey, what are you guys doing!

     I shouted at these trespassers.

Warrior party [2. TL Note: A series of games called the Warriors created by Omega Force.]

     Nanana smiled.

     There were soft drinks, snacks, beer, and appetizers. It seemed that they were having a party. Actually……

Hey you, don’t hold the controller with the hand you just ate the snack with, great detective! The controller might become sticky!

How meticulous.

     Great detective, don’t pout your lips. Those are basics.

     While warning them, I asked them.

How did you guys get in this room?

     I thought I had locked the door when I went out of the house. Although Nanana is in the room, she cannot come out of the room so she cannot go to the door to unlock it.

Ah, because I coincidentally have the key for this room.

Landlady, stop showing off your master key.

     I roared at her, but she did not seem to feel guilty at all.

Setting that aside, what happened to my pudding?

     The earthbound ghost did not care either. Rather, she seemed to be angry that I had not delivered the pudding early enough.

     It seems that I do not have any privacy.

     Well, since I would not benefit at all from pitying myself, I joined in and talked to Nanana about what happened.

You should not skip school.

     Nanana scolded me.

You aren’t very convincing, you know. You just skipped school for one month.

     I had not expected Ms. Shiki to butt in. Nanana looked away.

     Ms. Shiki smirked at Nanana’s attitude, and downed her beer can.

That was quite a weird job, huh?

Right. Why would somebody make me deliver the ingredients for a cake in such a weird manner?

     While eating the cupcake, I lamented.

Of course, surely because she did not want the others in the building to know about her other sides.

     Ms. Shiki downed her beer can. Nanana whispered to her.

It must be for Koma.

Definitely. Sounds like her.

     It seemed like the two were whispering to each other while smirking, but I did not understand what they were talking about.

By the way, isn’t it weird? Why does this island have such a town?

     This island is full of students, all the stores are original brands, strict with studies, has an earthbound ghost, the landlady is very loose with things, there is a great detective, the assistant to her is a pervert. Even though the island was already crazy enough, why would there be an outlaw town?

     When I asked the two, the earthbound ghost and the landlady looked at each other.

Hm, why?

     The former head of the GREAT7 asked. The lazy GREAT7 member said without any hesitation.

Of course, it is because this is Nanae Island.

     At this reply, Nanana smiled happily.

I see, true.

     Nanae Island was founded by seven students. It was founded with a wish, which is May it be a place where any young person can pursue their aspirations.

     Does that mean, that is why there is everything on this island?

     Then does that mean that there are people with aspirations in that town as well? Well, I guess everyone has a different aspiration.

     It seemed that anything was possible in this Special Student Zone, and that this island was way more mysterious and deeper than I had thought.

     While I was thinking so, the great detective (who was trying to kill 1,000 enemy characters with her assistant) said.

Then, Jūgo. What are you going to do with the bills?

……Oh yeah.


Section 7


     The great detective had a good point there. Now, I was shutting myself in the toilet and holding my head.

Argh, what should I do?

     For starters, I calculated the amount of money I had.

…….I cannot do it. No matter what, I need a few thousand yen more.

     Even if I put in all my money for my food, there was not enough. I just needed a little more.

     Argh, what should I do?

     Even though I did not intend to use it, I pondered in the toilet.

……I have no choice huh. I have to give up something.


     After some thought, I made the tough choice.

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