Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.2

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”


        I recalled what happened yesterday, and felt more depressed.

     Well, there was no use just being depressed like this. I shook my head and thought again.

     What should I do? Ah. If my former neighbor who had been always out of money and working part-time was here, I could have asked him for advice.

……Actually, oh yeah

     I came up with an interesting idea.

But how do I even search for it?

     I had thought of a solution, but I did not know how to do it.

     So I decided to ask my club’s senior, who seems like he knows more than me.


Working part-time secretly?

     When I visited the club room, president Yuiga was looking through some files alone so I decided to ask him about it.

Yes. Since I had just come to this island, I don’t know about how things work here at all. But I had heard that there is a way on this island.

((Working part-time in secret)). It was to work part-time illegally. My former neighbor, the college student, used to do it frequently. Since people worked for an individual, and not a business, they did not need to report to the authorities.

You need money?

Well, yes

Hm? Hadn’t I said that the club would pay for the trip to the hot springs?

Yes, you told us that. I am very glad for the offer, and I will never forget the favor. But currently I have something personal, so I really need the money

     Upon hearing my plea, president Yuiga saidI see. , and nodded.

Then you should go to this place.

     President Yuiga quickly wrote on a notepad that was lying around in the club room, and passed the paper to me.

Erm, where is this?

It’s like a place where they give you part-time work in secret. That is why you can’t tell anybody, alright?

     President Yuiga told me. That being said, apparently all students knew this place. It seemed that students only called it a secret. 

I would not recommend this though

     He warned me in a serious manner.

I will try to make this the last time

     I cannot assure him that though, since I don’t have money from my parents anymore.


     Thus, I thanked president Yuiga, and headed towards one of the school blocks of the Nanae Island Third High School. It was a room in the club activity block. Actually, it was just right above the Adventure Club room, at the corner of the floor.

     The door had no sign. However, I somewhat sensed that there was somebody inside.

     I knocked first.

     A guy with brown hair came out.

Yes, what do you want?

     I first checked to see that no one else was there. Then I whispered.

Erm, I had heard that people would give me part-time work in secret here

     When I asked him about it, he scanned my body from top to bottom. 

I haven’t seen you around before. Who introduced you here?

Erm, my presi…… the third-year senior Yuiga

I see, then you must be Jūgo Yama.

     I was surprised.

What, you know me?

Well yes, aren’t you the sophomore in Mr. Yuiga’s club? Oh, don’t get the wrong idea. I just know a lot. I am Hajiki Sanada. I am also a sophomore like you.

Know a lot?

Yes. Or actually, I am an information broker. If you need to know anything, ask me about it. We can negotiate the price.

     His introduction was really unique and creative. He offered me a handshake and said Nice to meet you. , I took his hand and said, Nice to meet you.

Welcome to the ((Guild))’s Third High School branch, Jūgo


Yes, it is the name of this place. Well come on in.

     The room I was invited into by Sanada was the same size as the Adventure Club’s room. However, inside was a table just beside the entrance with a pc. Additionally, boards lined the whole room’s walls in an orderly fashion. It was quite unique.

     Tons of papers were stuck onto the boards.

     I randomly looked at one of the papers and understood what it was.

Are these all illegal part-time jobs?

Yes, that is right. Sanada nodded.

I did not think there would be so many.

     There were quite a lot of pieces of paper stuck onto the boards around the room. There wasn’t any room to spare.

It’s because they are from the entire Nanae Island. There is the main branch that handles all of them, and there are branches in high schools and universities all over Nanae Island. It is supposed to be a secret though

I see. It seems like quite a big deal.

You see, it is a supply and demand thing. If there is a demand for it, there will definitely be a business to meet such demands. There are tons of people who want money to play or to buy the things they want. They are not satisfied with the amount of money you can obtain working part-time on this island. They want to work more part-time and play more. All the more if it is banned. Humans are just like that. If one is denied something, you would want more of it.

Makes sense.

     Sanada then said,

Alright then, let me explain how these papers work.

     He pointed at one paper that was stuck onto the board in front of us with a pin.

Well, there are only three components written on the paper. The job scope, the pay, and the date/time. If you see anything that looks interesting to you, you can peel it off and bring it to me. I will contact the person and make a contract for you. That is all there is to it.

A contract huh. It is quite a legitimate thing, huh.

Of course. Even though it is illegal, trust is an important factor in these kinds of things. That is why please do your job properly, alright. Since you are going to get money, I want you to do work as required. It is a two-sided relationship, a give and take kind of thing.

You sound like some veteran in working part-time.

Ah, as I thought. Well, before I landed this job I was not that serious about working part-time. But ever since I started doing this job I changed my mind, you know. Perhaps it is a change in perspective since I am hiring people now, not just being hired. That is why I finally understood the part-time system on this island. I have started thinking that it does make sense……oh, sorry, I got sidetracked. Well, anyway, it’s like that.

     After listening to the explanation, I looked around the room. There were two or three more students beside me and Sanada in the room looking at the papers stuck onto the boards.

It’s like the tavern in a game.

     It somewhat resembled the tavern in the RPG I used to play at my family’s home.

True. Actually, the boss really likes online games, and saidIf this is a Guild, then it needs to be like this. So apparently every branch is like this.   

     I see, personal preference huh? Well it sounds like a good idea, since it is easy to understand.

Alright then. I am going to be at the pc, so just find something. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to ask me.

Yeah, thanks, man.

     After I thanked him, Sanada walked back to the table just next to the entrance with wavering footsteps.

Now then

     So, I decided to look around by myself. For starters, I walked between some boards.

     I see, there are quite a lot of jobs. Erm, what is this, An assistant for club activities, huh. Writing a report. Well, sounds like a common thing on this student-filled island. Cleaning up the room. Wow, can’t you do it yourself? Cleaning the garden. At the Happiness Dorm, huh…….wow, the pay is so low!

     Although there were variations in the job scope or work hours, and the pay, most of them were quite normal jobs. Since they called it illegal, I had thought that the jobs were quite scary. Nonetheless, it seemed that that was not the case.


     When I was walking while looking at the board, I bumped into somebody.

     It was a small girl, and upon bumping into me she fell back onto the ground.

Oh no sorry. Are you alright?

     By reflex, I reached out my hand. Then, I saw the girl and was surprised.

     Her hair was black with some curl and was tied on both sides of her head, in a fashion known as the twin tail. Her brown eyes were blinking in surprise. She looked like a cat, and was adorable.

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