Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.3

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        I could not help but gaze at her. I could not look away.

     For some reason, my heart was thumping. What was this? Why am I feeling this way? Why is my heart beating so hard?

     Meanwhile, the girl took my hand.

     That moment I felt shocked, as if electricity just rushed throughout my body.

     I was suddenly embarrassed.

     Oh no, what is this? What is happening?

     My heart was thumping really loud. My face was red. I was so embarrassed I looked away. However, I was so curious I could not help but glance at her. Every time I looked at her, she seemed even cuter. Oh no, but I can’t really look at her properly. But I want to look at her.

     I was in such a precarious cycle.

     I was glancing at her while she got up and I realized that she resembled somebody I knew.

     Erm, who was this? Was she some famous celebrity? No no, I’m sure she was someone I knew personally. Who was this, er…..oh yeah, she looks like.

     Then, I felt like my whole body suddenly turned cold.

     The girl who stood up and was brushing off some dust from her skirt. I fearfully asked her.

Erm……sorry to ask, but are you something like a great detective?

     She might be wondering what sort of crazy things am I saying to someone I haven’t even met before.

     Yet, at this weird question the girl replied easily.

What are you saying, Jūgo. Isn’t the answer obvious? It is as if the phrase a great detective was made to describe me in the dictionary.


     The cute black twin-tail hair girl was Tensai Ikkyū.


Why did your hairstyle suddenly change! When the lessons ended just now, you had blond hair!

「I went to the make-up club just now and asked them to dye it.

What is the make-up club?

It is a club that pursues beauty no matter which gender you are.

What kind of club is that!?

「In this school, or rather in the schools on this island, there are tons of clubs that do not make sense. Since they had been searching for a model since last time, I had thought why not. So, I had asked them to make my hair like this.

     Wow, how confusing……. hey, wait a moment?

     At that moment, I realized.

     What was I thinking just now? Why was my heart thumping just now?

     I recalled how I felt just now, and cried out loud at the spot.


Hey, Jūgo. What are you doing?

Shut up. I am deleting my memory right now.

     I banged my head against the pillar just next to me, and chanted with all my might. Memory, disappear. Memory, disappear.

     My head was like the prototype experiment of the Zero-sen [1. TL Note: Refers to the Mitsubishi A6M “Zero”. It is a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1940 to 1945.  It was adapted to be used to “Kamikaze” operations, or aerial suicided attacks]. Tensai peeked at my face.

Then…… how is it?

What do you mean, how is it?

You had said that you would want twin tails on me. That is why I changed my hairstyle to this, you know?


     Oh yeah, I had probably said something like that.

     I looked at the great detective again while telling myself that she is Tensai Ikkyū. I convincingly told myself this while looking at her.

Erm……well, is this normal? I don’t think it suits you so well after all. I think your previous hairstyle looked better on you.

Don’t tell me that while looking away. Look at my eyes, and say it.

I did not look away at all.

     Looking at me, Tensai placed her finger on her lips and said.

Well, even though you say so, it seems that inwardly, you seem quite the opposite. Sure, I’ll take that then.

Don’t read peoples’ minds!

I see, so you had thought it suited me, huh?

Ugh, you tricked me!

Hehe. Stop smirking, stop being cute.

     While I was left dumbfounded, somebody tapped my shoulder from behind. When I looked behind me, there was Sanada. He was making a moody face.

Hey, you guys. Can you not do those kinds of things outside my room? I don’t appreciate it at all.

     Sanada pointed this out. Then I realized Sanada and others around us were staring at us. They were giggling or looking exasperated at us.

     I started by apologizing, Sorry. Then I moved to the corner of the room. The great detective who came with me had a red face.

T.. that aside, what are you doing here Tensai?

     I whispered to her.

I am at the guild. Of course, I came here to find an illegal part-time job.

Are you also finding a job to earn enough money to pay the bills?

What are you saying? I am not troubled with my finances. I am just searching for an incident that would interest me


Something like this

     Saying this, Tensai handed over a piece of paper that she had been holding.

Erm, what, Searching for a missing person…… is this island that dangerous?

     I had thought this island had cutting-edge technology, and was well-governed. Yet, such things happen, huh?

It seems that you are imagining some sort of crime, but you are probably wrong. Missing does mean that the person does not know where they went or how to contact anyone. True the most likely reasons of disappearances are kidnapping, but that is not the only reason. Perhaps the person does not want to be around anybody else anymore, and went into hiding. That counts as missing as well. On Nanae Island, there are more people that went missing due to the latter.

Is that so?

It is an island full of students. There are quite a lot of students who run away because they have all sorts of troubles they cannot solve on their own.

I see. The troubles of the times of puberty, huh. Seems like a difficult issue.

     While thinking so, I looked at the job again. The employer was a first-year girl from this school. Apparently, she wants someone to find a friend who had gone missing two weeks ago. The pay was not very high. Rather, it was a little too cheap. But the price made me imagine how much the girl worked to gather the money.

Let me say first of all that this job is mine, alright.

     Tensai emphasized this.

What are you worrying about? Of course, I won’t snatch the job from you. In the first place, I am not well suited for these kinds of jobs.

     Saying this, I passed back the paper to Tensai.

     Upon receiving the paper, Tensai headed towards Sanada’s table to make the contract. For reference, I decided to observe how it works.

Sanada, can you please do this for me.

     Tensai passed the piece of paper to Sanada, who had been moving the pc mouse around.

Which one is this? Ah, this job. Are you sure? This is quite a delicate job, and the pay isn’t too high as well. There might be some danger also.

I don’t mind.

……Hmmmm, I guess It’s fine. Then let me check with you. I have said this many times, but if some problems arise that are outside of what the contract says the ((Guild)) would take no responsibility. Alright?

I know. Just do it quickly.

Sure. Sanada started typing something into the pc, and started talking to somebody on the phone.

Alright, got it. Now then, you are in charge of this job now. Just wait, I am going to make a contract.

     After a while, he passed a paper fresh from the printer to Tensai. It seemed that this was the contract. After signing the paper, Tensai pressed her thumb as a stamp.

Alright. Here is the location and time to meet up with the employer.

     After receiving the contract that had come from the printer, she folded it and put it into the pocket of her uniform.

Alright, the administrative fee, please.

     Saying this, Sanada offered a cylinder-shaped piggy bank that was placed at the corner of the table.

What, what is that?

     When I asked, Sanada smiled and replied.

There is an administrative cost to the contract. I had told you. This is not volunteer work. It is a business.

     I see.

Now then. What sort of part-time work do you want to do, Jūgo?

I haven’t decided yet.

I see. Then I shall search with you.

     I looked at the countless pieces of paper stuck on the boards with the great detective.

Do this, Jūgo.

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