Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.6

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

That is why people intentionally create a place like this?

Shū nodded.

As long as there is one place like this, you can maintain thepeace of every other town. Isn’t that what it means? Surely that is why the authorities that govern this Nanae Island also ignore this place.

     I see. I did not think this place could be considered in such a way.

     I wondered who came up with this. I remembered that Nanana had founded this island.

     ……No, wrong. Undoubtedly, she would not have come up with this.

     Then who?

     Since no matter how hard I thought about it I could not fathom a guess, I put that question aside. Since I had coincidentally met Shū, I decided to ask something I had been curious about the whole time.

Uh so Shū. I want to ask something. Erm…… is Ms. Yukihime angry?

     When I asked him, Shū laughed.

Of course young master. Don’t ask me such an obvious question. She was furious. I am so scared I have not approached her since.

     As I had thought, it seemed that she was quite angry.

……Erm, sorry.

You are not to blame. Yukihime is just being clingy. She wants everything to go as she imagines. I wonder who she thinks she is.

     Shū laughed.

     Although I was grateful that he said so, I was still curious about Ms. Yukihime. I wonder why she was so angry. I guess it is because I had outright rejected the ((Matsuri)).

Erm…… did you join the ((Matsuri)) to help others as well?

What happened, all of a sudden?

No, I was just curious. I had not talked to you about this before, so.

     The first time I met Shū was two years ago. His personality hasn’t changed since then. Although his age was close to mine, Shū was already a member of the ((Matsuri)). Meanwhile, I only did some behind-the-scene work as part of my training. Hence, I did not have much of a chance to meet him.

     I was curious why he joined the ((Matsuri)).

Do you want to help others like the rest of the clan?

     When I asked this, Shū forced a laughed and said, Hmm.

I don’t talk about it so much because people would scold me, but I have not thought about it in such a way before. No, I do think the spirit of the ((Matsuri)) is quite amazing, and I do think that helping others is a good thing. But that is not my main reason.

Then what?

I joined because I thought the boss and the master artisan are cool.


     I did not expect such an answer.

How should I describe it? Their way of life? I really like their way of living life.

     Shū said so.

I was a little surprised.  I had thought that you are just a playboy.

You are so mean, young master. I seriously want to become a cool man like the boss and the others, and be popular with girls.

     As I thought, he is a playboy.

Actually, is my dad so cool? He is just a middle-aged man with hairy legs.

Nah, he is actually cool. His work is so splendid. Of course, I would aspire to be like him.

     I see, that’s how it works huh.

     Oh yeah, talking about dad…….

Have you guys heard about my dad’s goal?

The boss’s goal?

     Shū wrinkled his eyebrows.

     Hm? Do they not know about my dad’s goal that he told me before?

Erm…… I wanted to know what he asked you guys to do on this island.

Oh, that is what you meant, huh. He just said Go find Nanana Ryūgajō’s Buried Treasure』」

Isn’t the Nanana Collection the goal?

Oh yeah, we learned about that after investigating on this island for a while. Since it is still part of the buried treasure, we consulted the boss. He told us, Then let’s investigate that too』」

     I see. That is how they see it, huh? Surely dad knew about the Nanana Collection before he sent these two to this island though. What is happening? Why didn’t dad tell them about his purpose? Does it mean that he already knew beforehand that things would roll out in this way? As if he knew the future?

     I did not understand what he was trying to do.


What is the reason you guys stole from Shunjū Ikkaku earlier?

Reason? No, it is just that according to our investigation, only Shunjū Ikkaku had a Nanana Collection item

Did Ms. Yukihime say anything about stealing?

? No, I don’t think anything happened? As per usual, we reported it to the boss, planned, and stole the stuff.

     As I thought, it seemed that Ms. Yukihime did not hesitate at all. What is happening? Why is she okay with going against the principles of the ((Matsuri)) even though she values the ((Matsuri)) so much?

It is because I trust in it.   

     The last thing Ms. Yukihime said at the café.

     I had thought she was talking about the ((Matsuri))’s principles and values. If she isn’t referring to the values, what is she actually believing in?

     I did not know at all.

     While I pondered, Shū looked at me and said, Oh yeah, talking about Shunjū Ikkaku.

Remember the Nanana Collection that you had returned to us last time? The blue gemstone that we stole from the Ikkaku estate.

What? Oh, yes.

     It was the Nanana Collection that I had returned to them because they had cooperated with me. It is the blue gemstone, the ((Eye of Kontholos)). I took advantage of the situation and stole it from them.

We sent it to the boss, but apparently after some investigation he found out it was fake.

……What, really?

     Well, of course. I still have the real one.

Earlier when we were at our hideout, we had a call from the boss. Then the boss said Jūgo must have done this. 』」

Oh no, how mean of my dad.

     Argh, how does this middle-aged man easily find out?

But what was interesting was that Yukihime became really angry at the boss.


「『Boss. Although I do trust you, I also trust the young master as much as you. That is why I will say this: Young master would definitely not do such a thing. 』」

     Shū smiled while he perfectly recreated Ms. Yukihime’s voice.

Really, it is the first time I saw Yukihime oppose the boss so much. Yukihime usually respects the boss a lot, so I did not think she would be so rebellious. Hey, what happened? Why are you tearing up so much?

Ah, sorry. It seems that some sand suddenly got in my eyes.

Don’t tell me that. Aren’t you happy that Yukihime defended you?

     Shū pointed this out with a smile.

     No, you are wrong Shū. Indeed, I am super happy about that. But more than that, I cannot forgive myself for passing a fake gemstone to Ms. Yukihime without even thinking about the repercussions. Even though she trusted me so much. Sigh, I am such a jerk.

     I felt even more depressed, since I had fought with her earlier.

Well, let me ask you a question while you are crying…… Erm, was it the ((Ruins))? The room that you told us last time that has a Nanana Collection hidden in it. Is there any new information about the ((Ruins)? We have been looking for them, but we can’t even find a clue. To be honest, we are lost.

     While wiping my tears, I replied.

It is a secret.

Hey, the club you are in……oh yeah, the Adventure Club? Is there any information from there?

No. We are trying to find the Nanana Collection, so we are like rival organizations you know.

     When I said this, he smiled and strongly patted my back.

How stingy of you, young master. Well, I don’t mind making a deal like last time, so if there is anything, please tell us. Yukihime might become less moody if you do so.

     You have a good point there, Shū.

Well, when I feel like it.

Alright then, I shall keep my hopes up.

     Shū smiled.

Oh yeah, young master. Last question.

What is it?

It is kind of late to ask this, but what are you doing here? On top of that, I am really curious about the attaché case you are holding.

     While smiling, Shū pointed at my hand.

Oh, actually, I am in the middle of a part-time delivery job. My job is to bring this to the destination.

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