Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.7

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Ah sounds cool. Actually, what’s inside?

     Shū looked at the attaché case with curious eyes.

Do you want to take a look?

Oh, are you sure?

It is a secret. I am not supposed to look inside.

     I whispered.

Of course, I am used to those kinds of things.

     Shū also whispered back, while he smirked.

     Thus, I unlocked the attaché case and passed it to Shū. With a smile as if he was a child that was receiving his birthday present, he opened the attaché case…….




     He immediately closed the attaché case and passed it back to me.

You saw it right?

Did not see anything. I did not see anything at all.

Actually, I was really troubled and felt lonely.

As I said, I did not see anything.

Now you share the secret with me.

No, I am unrelated to this. I actually am going to go home.

     While he tried to stand up, I grabbed his hand. I really clung onto his hand.

Shū, aren’t you a thief? Aren’t you okay with these kinds of stuff?

No, I am a smart thief, so I really can’t cope with mafia or gangster type of stuff.

No, please don’t leave me alone!

A guy saying that won’t make me happy! Really, let me excuse myself!

     Saying this, Shū skillfully escaped from my hands, and saidNow then, see you next time if you are alive. and ran away.


Section 5


     I had let Shū escape. I had to carry this burden again by myself. I had finally reached the destination.

It is here?

     The destination written on the map was a seven-story building that was facing the main road.

     However, for some reason, there was a barricade set up around the entrance. There were several scary looking bunch of men around the entrance. 

Do I pass this to those people?

     Oh yeah, if I remember correctly, there was some instruction written on the paper with the address.

     Since I had been passed a map, I had forgotten to look at what it said and simply stuffed the paper in my pocket. I pulled the paper out and checked it.

Hm, what. When you say the keyword to the entrance guard, you would get the next instruction. The keyword is……

     I froze.


     The keyword is An-punch[1. TL Note: An-punch is a famous punch move that Anpanman does.]. You must shout that out, and punch the stomach of the guard.


     I was absolutely freaked out. My hopes of finally being released from his burden was completely dashed.

     This can’t be! Does that mean the heavens had already forsaken me when I had accepted this job!

     I glanced at the guards. I had been standing in front of the building for a bit now, and they were glaring at me.

     I hurriedly turned my back to them.

     Punch the stomach of those guys? And shout out some stupid phrase? No no no no. If I do that, I would die! Actually, what is this keyword anyways! Don’t fool around Dokin Chan (in his latter half of his 40s with a Regent hairstyle)! Actually, since I am punching them, this would not be a keyword! This is an act of war!

     I could not help but tremble.

     W.. what should I do? Should I run away? Holding this? No, impossible! I can’t think of running away while having this! Then should I just say the keyword? I would die like that too! My head would just disappear like Anpanman! I don’t have the Uncle Jam [2. TL Note: A baker who replaced Anpanman’s head made out of bread with a new head fresh from the oven.]! If I do have Uncle Jam, I would have asked him to bake me a very handsome face by now! Argh, what should I do!

Hey you.

     At the deep and scary voice from behind, I jolted and turned around.

What are you doing there?

     There was a scary-looking guy just behind me. He was looking down on me. His eyes said,Depending on your reply, I am going to kill you.

     I must do it.

     I prepared to face the worst and took a deep breath to encourage myself. Then I pulled my hand back, and shouted.

A.. an-punch

     My voice was shivering. By the time I had punched, I was completely weakened. The weak punch slowly moved on. Within a moment, I recalled my entire life. The happy moments, the tough moments. There were tons of things that happened.

     Then, my fist collided…… or actually simply landed on top of the stomach of the scary guy.

     I fearfully raised my face and looked at him.

     He looked like a gangster that definitely had hospitalized several dozen people already. My legs shivered at his expression.  

     However, in the next moment a miracle happened.

We have been waiting for you, delivery guy.

     Saying this, the guy turned his back on me, and signaled his other guys.


Hey, stop standing there and hurry.

     At this, I hurriedly jogged to the entrance of the building.

Hey, Tetsu.

     A young man came out from the building upon being called by the scary guy. Most probably he is the same age as me. Although he was making a troubled expression, compared to the buff scary looking dudes, his body was normal, and his face did not seem scary at all. Rather, he looked like quite a nice person.

     The only problem was that he had a sheathed Japanese sword in his hand.

What is it, brother.

The delivery man we have been told about came, so bring him to our sister.

Got it.

     After taking a glance at me, Tetsu said, follow me. , and started walking.

     He walked through the building and climbed up the stairs. People passing by glanced at me. There was a scary-looking middle-aged guy, a young guy, a woman with quite an outrageous outfit, and also a dog.

     We did not use the elevator and climbed up the stairs to the sixth floor. After walking a while along the corridor Tetsu stopped in front of the door.

Sister, I brought the delivery man.

     He knocked on the door. Immediately, a somewhat clingy voice called out, Come in.

Tetsu said, Excuse me. , and opened the door. The room was decorated to look like some rock music den. The moment I entered I froze by reflex. It was because I locked eyes with the woman who was enjoying her cigarette on a sofa directly in front of the entrance.

Good to see you here.

     She had short, very short hair and a punk outfit on. What stood out was her eyepatch on her left eye.

     It was not that I was attracted to this single-eyed older woman. True, she looked super cool, and was very pretty. However, her looks were rather deceiving.

     The reason why I could not help but stop was simply.

     I could not handle the evil aura she emitted.

Well, sit down.

     She motioned me to sit on the sofa in front of her. Thus, I slowly walked towards her, but I felt like every step was hard to take.

     In relation to my family business, I had met some of those top-ranking guys of the underground society. All those people had some charisma that one could tell that they were actually top ranking.

     The woman in front of me had that too.

     However, her aura was quite different from the rest I have met before. Although she looked very evil and scary, she somewhat attracted others. I innately felt such a weird sensation.

What is your name?

     The woman asked me while I sat on the sofa opposite her sandwiching the table.

……I am Anpanman.

I see. Then let’s say I am Batako-san [3. TL Note: The assistant baker to Uncle Jam in the anime Anpanman.]

     I did not think there would be such a wild Batako-san. It was as weird as the middle-aged gangster Dokin Chan.

The stuff?

     Bakako-san leaned forward. I placed the attaché case on the table in front of her, saying Here.

     She took it, and caressed it several times.

You haven’t seen what is inside, right?

     She looked at me with one eye like a snake. I nodded like a fool.

Yes, I only brought it here.

     At my reply (a lie), the scary aura in the room suddenly disappeared.

I see, good job.

     Bakako-san smiled like an innocent girl. I was astounded at how different she was now.

Oh yeah, you must be hungry. Wait a little, I am going to bring you a snack.


     What, a snack?

     While holding the attaché case in her hand, Batako-san stood up, smiled, andsaid,I am going to make you a delicious cake.

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