Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 2.8

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

She simply went to the neighboring room.

……What? What is happening?

     I calmly analyzed the situation.

     Erm…… don’t tell me the powder just now was really some flour for a cake. Does that mean the Dokin Chan is really a baker? My imaginations were actually right? Really?

     I felt much more relaxed.

Phewww…… above all else, what a relief.

     I was released from the guilt that I had participated in an outrageous crime. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

     Really, what a relief.

     Well it’s good that I felt relieved right now, but for some reason she is going to treat me with a cake. To be honest, I really wanted to get out of this place right now. However, since I haven’t received my pay, I can’t just leave now.

     For now, I decided to just look around the room.

     The room was mainly black and white. However, it was not a calm monotone kind of room but was rather a wild rock style.

     There was an electric guitar and a skull logo mark on the wall. There was also a poster of a rock band, and a shelf full of alcohol bottles. Additionally, ……

Hey, don’t keep looking! Stay there obediently!

     There was a sudden loud voice. I was surprised at it. I was more surprised when I faced the direction in which the voice came from.

     I had not realized its presence due to how Bakako-san had such overwhelming charisma just now. However, I now realized that there was another girl in this room.

     The small girl had wide eyes, and was frowning……. Does she suppose she is glaring at me? Although she is wearing a punk outfit like Batako-san just now, she looked more cute than cool. On top of that, for some reason, she was trembling. She looked very young……. What? Don’t tell me she is a secondary schooler.


     The moment I called her, the girl jolted, and backed away.

W.. What do you want, bastard!

     She shouted with her adorable voice. For some reason, she started trembling again.


Why are you glaring at me, you jerk! I.. I am definitely not scared, alright?!

     What? I am not glaring at you. How mean. This is my natural face.

     I tried to smile at her. When I did this she seemed very scared. Why does she have to tremble so much? She makes me so sad.

     I wonder why I felt suddenly slightly sadistic. Perhaps it is because there was a girl that was trembling so much in front of me.


     Thus, I tried shouting.


     The girl screamed and tripped on her own. It was like a comedy act.

What are you doing, Anpanman?

     An angry-sounding voice called out to me, while a cold object touched my neck.

Oh yeah, you were here huh. Sorry. I had teased her too much. That is why Tetsu, could you lower the katana on my neck?

You don’t deserve to call my name so amicably.

     Yet, he lowered his blade. I exhaled a sigh of relief.

     Tetsu then walked towards the girl on the floor.

Are you alright, Yun?

T.. T.. Tetsu! I.. I.. I am not scared of him you know! I am definitely alright!

I know

B.. but I just hit my hip badly and cannot stand anymore. So, can you give me a hand!

     Yun took Tetsu’s hand and stood up. However, she could not remain standing on her own strength and was leaning on Tetsu.

     It seemed that her knees had given away.

Um, sorry.

Don’t apologize! My knees did not give away because I was scared of you!

     Hmm, this girl was clearly a scaredy-cat.

     Well, I should not scare her too much. I should simply stay calm obediently.


     ——I had thought so but……

Um, may I look around this room?

Of course not, you bastard!

     Yun could finally stand up on her own. She roared.

But I am a little bored, you know? Hasn’t it been a little long since she left?

     Ever since Batako-san had said Wait, it had been 20 minutes.

     I was already bored with sitting down silently.

You are being too noisy! Alright then. I shall go check on sis!

     Yun clearly seemed like a normal good child. She walked towards the door Batako-san had disappeared into, and opened it softly. Then she peeked into it.

     Then immediately, she softly closed it. Yun then went to Tetsu who was standing silently and pulled on his arm.

What should I do Tetsu? Sis was chanting, Become more delicious alright. 』, in front of the oven.

     Yun’s face went slightly paled.


S.. something is weird, Tetsu. Sis is the boss of this Tsukuyomi Town you know. She should not be doing such lame things. She is supposed to be a super cool person……

     Yun started tearing up.

     Now Tetsu did not seem calm at all. He started panicking at the girl tearing up.

It is alright. Surely you heard it wrong, Yun. Surely sis was saying…… oh yes, notBecome delicious, but Don’t become delicious.

What? Why is that so?

     Yun made a dumbfounded face. Tetsu replied with a serious face.

It is to kill Anpanman.

……Ah, I see! To shut his mouth right!

     Yun made a cheerful face and placed her fist in her open palm.

Yes, that is right, Yun

I see! Then sis is really a cool bad guy!

     While Yun smiled happily, Tetsu exhaled a sigh of relief.

     Hmm, I felt like I had just witnessed a drama scene where  a girl who had just seen that the actor in her favorite anime hero costume was not a handsome guy but a middle-aged man. And the elder brother who had made an impromptu lie to save her dreams.

     What a wholesome story.

     Well, that aside.

Erm…… Sorry for disturbing you guys, but please don’t talk about such things in front of me! I am the one who is going to eat the cake, you know!

     Sounds terrifying.

Well don’t say that, Anpanman! Instead,look around this room as much as you want!

     Yun smiled cheerfully.

     However, undoubtedly her words implied that she did not mind letting me look around because I am going to die soon.

     By reflex, I looked at Tetsu. He mouthed silently without letting Yun notice, Don’t be bothered by her.

     Well either way I was now allowed to, so I decided to look around.

     I first headed towards the electric guitar propped up in the corner of the room. I had been curious about it just now. It was really cool, with three skull marks. Other than this, the shelf with various types of alcohol added to how wild this room was. On the shelf just next to that was a spiked baseball bat and a wooden sword with red paint (I wish it is just red paint) on it. Additionally, there was a model gun that looked very detailed (surely it is just a toy gun) that I was very curious about, but I decided to ignore it.

     There was a double-shuttered window through which one could observe the main street in front of the building. The view from here was just splendid.

     However, there was one portion of the room that seemed odd. It was the objects on display on a shelf behind glass doors with padlocks.

     There was a china that looked like a roaring white tiger. There was also a weird gourd-shaped container with a cap that looked like it had alcohol in it. Furthermore, there was one arrow that looked ancient and many other things.

     While I was near the shelf with glass doors and gazing at these weird antiques that did not suit this room, Yun came beside me.

Ah, Anpanman you have a keen eye! Those are quite amazing things!

Amazing things?

Yes, these are amazing! ……Erm,

You don’t remember, huh!

Of course I remember! Erm, Na, na, na……


Yes, it is the Nanchate Collection [1. TL Note: Nanchate means “just kidding” in Japanese.]

     Yun smiled cheerfully as if nothing happened.

     Why is it that she definitely was saying something wrong, her cheerful smile made me want to forgive and forget everything.

It is the Nanana Collection.

     Yes, that is the correct answer.

     When I turned around, Batako-san was standing there before I knew it. She was smoking a cigarette.

     She came in front of us and opened the padlock on a glass door with the key attached to her necklace.

They are the treasure that is hidden all over the island and have special powers.

     Saying this, she took out the arrow.

For example, this arrow. From first glance, this looks just like the arrow of Enya the Hag [2. TL Note: Enya the Hag is an antagonist featured primarily in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. The arrow is a powerful item that Enya the Hag has in the anime.].

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