Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 3.1

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Section 1


Excuse me.

    It was a Saturday afternoon when I came out of the landlady’s room. I ran into Tensai and D’arc coincidentally.

Jūgo, what are you doing at the landlady’s house?

I’m here to pay the bills.

I see. Besides that though…

Yes, what?

What happened to your face?

……Don’t worry about that. I was simply worthy enough.

    I looked away as if to hide my swollen cheek and starch marks.

Well anyways, hurry up and get ready. If you don’t leave soon, you will not make it in time for the meet-up.

Yes, it is alright. I’m already prepared.

    I put the bag that I had placed right next to the entrance over my shoulder.

I see, then let’s go together.

    We three then departed the Happiness Dorm, and started walking towards the meet-up location.

Oh yeah, Tensai. Why did you change your hairstyle back?

    Although Tensai had worn a twin-tail and dyed her hair black earlier on, she had turned it back to her original blonde hair in just a few days.

    I had thought that it suited her quite well….. it wasn’t that bad.

It is an adult issue.



    I had not heard her say something this incomprehensible in a long time.

    Well personally, I was more at ease with her original hairstyle. I won’t tease her about it anymore.

    It was the weekend. It was finally the day where we could go to the hot springs.

    We had attended the boring half-day lessons. I finished my stuff, and coincidentally met with Tensai and D’arc. We headed together towards the tram station where we were to meet up with president Yuiga and the rest.

    When we arrived at the meet-up place, president Yuiga and Ms. Ibara were already waiting there.

Now we wait for Mr. Tsurezure, right?

No, Kagetora already went ahead.

    President Yuiga said.

What, why?

Because Kagetora is in charge of intelligence.

    I did not understand this reason.

    In the end, we five rode on the tram. During the trip we talked, looked at the scenery, and had a nap. When we arrived in the evening, we were on the west side of the island, in a basin that was in between man-made mountains.


I see, so this is the place.

    The place really looked like a proper hot spring town in the middle of the mountains.

    A stone path stretched in front of us, and shops lined each side of the path.

    For some reason, I had an image that there would be more elderly people in hot springs. However this place was totally different. Of course I could see some elderly, and I could see some young former student couples with their children. However, most of the people in the street were young students. A lot of the students were female university students.

    They wore yukata and Hanten [1. TL Note: Traditional Japanese clothing.] It was a splendid sight.

    While my eyes were gleaming at this paradise, I took the free pamphlet that was given at the station and flipped it open.

    As president Yuiga had mentioned earlier, this hot spring was pumping water from underground, and this town was made so that people can fully enjoy this luxury of nature.

While we walked along the main road, I looked at one of the shops. Familiar souvenirs lined the shop. Hot spring steamed buns, wooden swords, tapestry, a weird key holder, and even a carved wooden bear.

I stopped in front of one of the shops.

It is here, huh

It was a bakery along the main street.

Oh, I know this shop. It was introduced in the Morning Nanae. Apparently, this shop’s special pudding is known to be super yummy.

As Ms. Ibara had said, this was a famous shop that was featured in Nanae Island’s local TV show ((Good Morning Nanae Island)), also known as ((Morning Nanae)).

By the way, the ((Soft Pudding)) that is the signature product of this shop is so delicious that it is ranked number three in Nanana’s pudding ranking.

I heard that because it is so famous, the pudding sells out immediately. Seems like it is true.

At the entrance, there was a sign saying, 『The Soft Pudding has sold out 』. When I asked one of the shop’s attendants, it seemed that the pudding would sell out immediately after the shop opens.

Is it for Nanana?

I had thought so, but perhaps I will come back tomorrow morning.

After this, we walked aimlessly around the town and headed towards the hot spring inn.

The inn was a 20-minute walk from the main street near the station.

Is this the place?

Since it is the hot spring of an artificial island, I assumed that we would stay at a nice hotel. But my guess was completely wrong.

We were going to stay in a traditional inn surrounded by nature for today and tomorrow.

We opened the sliding door and entered the inn. Two attendants in Kimono welcomed us.

Hello, Ms. Hino. Thank you for hosting us today.

No problem. Yuiga, please enjoy yourself.

An older girl with her hair tied up laughed.

Do you know her, president Yuiga?

Yep, she is Ms. Hino. Usually, she is a university student and works part-time here on the weekends.

I am Yumi Hino. Nice to meet you.

Ms. Hino spoke clearly, and had a bright smile.

And this is a newbie attendant, Kamome Misaki.

……..I am Misaki. Nice to meet you.

The other attendant was an older girl that sounded a little quieter. She seemed the complete opposite of Ms. Hino; more reserved. Although she did not seem to be that energetic, she had glasses so I liked her a lot.

Now then, we shall show you six around.


What? There are only five people…

Let’s go, underclassman Yama.

I could not help but jolt and turned around.

What! Mr. Tsurezure, when did you come!

Before I knew it, Mr. Tsurezure was standing behind us.

I just got here.

We six including Mr. Tsurezure now took off our shoes and wore slippers. Then we walked along the corridor of the inn following Ms. Hino and all.

You guys are fine with just two rooms, right? Since no one else had made a reservation, we have many vacant rooms, so it’s okay if one person gets one room, you know.

Ms. Hino joked about the recession.

Thank you so much today, Ms. Yumi.

President Yuiga smiled. Ms. Hino smiled back.

Please don’t worry. Our inn is usually not that busy.

Even though it is such a good inn?

You know, our inn is made quite traditionally, so it seems that not many young people like to stay here. That being said, usually older teachers and important professors from overseas usually use our inn. They often are amazed at the Japanese hot spring.

Ms. Hino joked.

While we talked, we arrived at the rooms.

Here it is. It is two rooms just next to each other, and there would be three people in each room according to gender.

Hm? Three people each according to gender?

Now, D’arc raised his hand.

Erm, sorry. I am a boy.

At D‘arc’s comment, Ms. Hino blinked.

……What, are you joking?

N, no! I am really a guy!

D’arc tried to argue this point, even though he was wearing a skirt.

Ah, don’t mind him. He always makes this joke.

Tensai smirked while saying this. It seemed that Tensai was trying to continue this joke.

Yep, what a good joke.

Thus, I decided to play with it.

You two are so mean.

Thus, Ms. Ibara grabbed D’arc’s collar.

Now, stop saying such things, and let’s go.

While being dragged, D’arc shoutedI am a guy you know!! . We looked at the three women (including one guy) going into the room next to us with Ms. Misaki, and we three guys stepped into our room with Ms. Hino.

Wow, this is nice.

It was a big room with tatami mats. There was a table and legless chairs in the middle of the room. It resembled a traditional inn I had seen on the TV before.

Now then, if there is anything, please feel free to call us.

She bowed politely, and was about to leave the room……….. but before that, she went out of the room first, and turned around bashfully.

Erm, Yuiga, do you mind?

Ms. Hino made a hand gesture to come over from outside the room.

President Yuiga went out of the room with Ms. Hino.

For no reason, I was curious, so I peeked outside from between the door.

The two were whispering to each other.

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