Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 3.2

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They seemed intimate. Actually, why are their bodies so close?

Erm, Yuiga……. about tonight….

Yes, once your work is done….  

I felt a déjà vu and silently went back into the room.

Erm, Mr. Tsurezure.

Mr. Tsurezure had already put his stuff in one corner of the room, and was relaxing on one of the legless chairs. He looked up.

What happened, underclassman Yama?

Can I ask how we chose this inn?

Ah, well since Yumi Hino worked in this inn they would let us stay here for quite cheap.

Then what is the relationship between Ms. Hino and president Yuiga?

It seems that they just know each other.

Not again!

I felt anger and hatred welling up in me at the various irrational inequalities of this world. 

Yama, I don’t intend to give you much advice. But if I were to say something….

Say something?

It took half a year for me to accept how popular Isshin is with girls.

It seemed that Mr. Tsurezure was also jealous.

That being said……

I did not think president Yuiga had such special ability.

Although I did think that he had a cool look , I did not think that he had relationships with so many women.

Well don’t worry. Surely Isshin will face the consequences soon….

Mr. Tsurezure smirked.


…..Or so I hope.

It seemed that it was a completely baseless wish.

While we were talking president Yuiga came back.

There is still some time before dinner, so let’s go to the hot springs. Ah, but don’t peek at the female side alright. Since we are students, we must act appropriately.

「「I don’t want you to tell me that! 」」

Our voices were completely in sync.


After we prepared our change of clothing and came out of our room, we happened to run into the girls.

What happened to D’arc?

Apparently he will come later alone.

Ms. Ibara replied to president Yuiga’s question.

Well, wise of him. Actually, although it was now kind of late I was surprised that none of the seniors knew that D’arc is a guy.

We five were walking along the corridor towards the hot springs, when Ms. Misaki came walking from the opposite end of the corridor. Two people were following her. It seemed that they were guests as well.

I could not help but freeze.

Ms. Misaki made a small bow at us. Behind her was…… 

I am so excited, Yuki…..

Yes, me too

Ms. Yukihime was walking beside an adorable and charming older girl.

I could not help but stop there, and look at her. However, Ms. Yukihime completely ignored me and kept going.

Hey, wasn’t that girl with you last time?

President Yuiga asked me.

You are definitely right. I can’t forget her face.

    Ms. Ibara had fought with her last time. She nodded.

Based on the way she moves I am sure that she is a ninja, but who is she?

    Mr. Tsurezure also looked at me.

    Now then. Since my relationship with the ((Matsuri)) is a secret, how should I reply to them?

……Erm, she is an older girl that was my neighbor when I was living in my previous house. We coincidentally met on this island. Because she is very strong, I paid her to help me the last time.

    I tried to reply in a way that did not raise any questions.

I see. But I am quite interested in how she fought with Yū and Kagetora with ease last time. Yama, if possible can you introduce me to her?

    I grabbed president Yuiga’s shirt while smiling.

Haha, president Yuiga. If you keep on fooling around, I will really smack you alright?

    Obviously, I was punched by Ms. Ibara.


Hm, a neighbor huh.

    I was walking a little apart from the three seniors while heading towards the hot springs. Meanwhile, Tensai muttered.


That police woman seems kind of familiar to me. Isn’t she related to your family?

    She whispered.


    Since this great detective knows my identity, I did not intend to keep it a secret.

Do you intend to keep your family a secret from Mr. Yuiga and the others?

Secret or not, I do not intend to talk about my family to others in the first place.

I see.

Are you intending to talk to them about it?

Of course I do not intend to tell them.


Because it would be beneficial later on.

    Wow, the great detective is saying evil sounding things again. Actually, she just did not explain herself enough.

    Well, since she would keep quiet about my family I was thankful for her.

    Meanwhile, we arrived at the hot springs.

Hey, Jūgo. I.. I shall say this but…. d.. don’t peek alright.

Of course I won’t peek!

    Tensai fidgeted in front of the women’s bath while saying so. I could not help but shout back at her.

Master Isshin, please…… peek.

Kagetora, Yama. Let’s go.

    Then, president Yuiga completely ignored Ms. Ibara who was fidgeting in front of the women’s bath. We followed president Yuiga and went into the men’s bath.


Section 2


You can peek, but don’t get caught by Yū and get your stuff crushed. Alright?

Crushed, huh…

    I had finished washing my body, and was glancing at the barrier between the men’s and the women’s. President Yuiga said this with a smile. I could not help but clench my crotch.

    I looked at the women’s side again. Then I heard Tensai’s voice saying,Ms. Ibara, why are you posing in that sexy way while facing the men’s side?

    If she finds out, two things of mine would be crushed. On top of that, there is a person that was waiting for another specific person to peek at the other side. Hence, I had to be extremely cautious.

    Perhaps one would be truly a hero if one can literally risk one’s balls and go ahead in such a situation.

    However, I did not think that was the right action.

Surely the opportunity would present itself if one is about to achieve something great.

    I remember this family moral lesson, and could not help but force a laugh. I did not intend to die here unnecessarily.

……Hmph, I shall spare them today.

    While I clenched my crotch, I spit out this line. Then, I turned away from the barrier.

    It seemed that I could not be a hero.


    I thoroughly enjoyed the hot springs while reflecting on how incapable I am. After this, it was time for dinner.

    We six had gathered in the men’s room since dinner would be served here. Then, president Yuiga stood up.

Now then, before the meal, I am going to change who sleeps in which room a little. Firstly, D’arc asked for a single room for himself.

    D’arc looked down as if embarrassed, and glanced at Ms. Ibara. It seemed that D’arc did not feel comfortable with girls other than Tensai.

On top of that, Tensai started complaining saying, I don’t have a person to take care of me. .


    The great detective seemed proud of it.

Thus, I asked Yū to move rooms. Sorry Yū.

No, please don’t worry. Actually I am going to be alone in my room, master Isshin. (glances)

    President Yuiga ignored Ms. Ibara’s sign without any hint of guilt and continued talking.

Also Yama told me that if possible, he wanted to sleep alone. Thus, I made sure this happened.

    At this announcement, the great detective looked at me.

Hm, what is the meaning of this Jūgo?

Yes, apparently my snoring is just crazy, so I thought I must not trouble anyone else. So I asked to have a separate room only while I am sleeping.

    When I said this, the great detective smirked and said,Then there is no choice, huh? , and fell silent.

Well anyways, the inn listened to our additional requests. So your three underclassmen go and thank them later.

「「「Alright. 」」」

Ugh, why isn’t master Isshin alone in a room? If he was alone, I would sneak up into his room and…

    Ms. Ibara was muttering to herself when I heard a voice from outside the room say.

Excuse me.

    A pretty woman that was apparently the master of this inn came in carrying the food. Immediately she and Ms. Misaki, the glasses attendant, set the meal in front of us. Various dishes were laid out. A prawn tempura, a plate of sashimi; there was lots of seafood.

「Wow, amazing! 」

When the dinner was completely laid out in front of us, we underclassmen thanked them. The master of the inn smiled and said, 「Please don’t worry. 」

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