Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 6.4

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”


       Wait, then why does Ms. Yukihime have to stalk me? That can’t be. We……

    At that point, I stopped thinking.

……What do you mean “we”? What are you thinking?

    I laughed in a self-deprecating way.

    Why did I assume that Ms. Yukihime would not betray me?

    Thinking this made me feel sad.

    Because it was like that until now.

    Then why did it not happen this time? No, in the first place why didn’t Ms. Yukihime just tried to steal it?

    Although I somehow knew it, I was scared of admitting it.

    I subconsciously did not want to admit it.


    I believed in her, without any proof.


Why are you making such a sad face, Jūgo?

    I was surprised at the sudden comment on my mood.

N.. Nanana?

    While I was lying on the bed, Nanana looked at my face.

You have been quite sad since coming back, you know?

……Of course not.

    I turned my back to her.

I mean you obtained the Nanana Collection, but you don’t seem to be happy at all.

Of course. After listening to your explanation of what this Nanana Collection does, I find out that I can’t use it to find who killed.

I don’t want you to make excuses. Just tell me.

    She rubbed my back. I was perplexed.

    When I turned around a bit, Nanana was smiling.

Rather, tell me what you have to say.

    Seeing her smile made me start talking.

You know……

    So I talked about my analysis of what happened to Nanana.

    While talking, I found out that by talking to someone my vague and fuzzy emotions could be materialized into proper words.

    Because now I clearly knew what I was feeling, I realized that I subconsciously did not want to reach such a conclusion.

    Ms. Yukihime was strict, and I owed her so much since last time. She scolded me a lot, and hit me a lot…… but in the end, she still helped me all the time.

    That was what I thought.

    Previously, even though I had been exiled by my dad and had cut ties with the ((Matsuri)), Ms. Yukihime had still offered to help me. She stripped me naked and hurled me outside in public, but she still helped me.

    She also told me to come back to the ((Matsuri)). That is why I genuinely thought that even if I was exiled, Ms. Yukihime was really kind.

    After that, I had fought with her and made her really mad, but I had somehow thought that she was genuinely kind.

    But that was not the case.

I had imagined competing with her for the Nanana Collection. I had thought since we were targeting the same treasure, I would eventually face and fight her as an enemy.

However, I did not imagine that she would attempt to steal the Nanana Collection that we had obtained without negotiating with us about it first.

The reason why this is such a big deal is because she is Yukihime Fugi, a member of the ((Matsuri)).

Although the ((Matsuri)) only steal from bad guys, there are loads of other similar organizations that steal from anyone. It is not rare for similar organizations to steal from each other.

That is why there is a de facto rule.

If bandit organizations have the same target, once one party obtains the item it is theirs. If the person who lost the competition still wants the item, they must negotiate with the owner of the item. That is the rule.

It is a form of respect for other organizations in the same industry. One was expected to behave like this in respect for others so that they would not cause unnecessary conflict.

『Even if the other party is an enemy, they still belong to the same industry. Even though they might be an enemy, you must respect the others. 』. Even one ((Matsuri)) member said so.  

Of course, sometimes, things cannot be solved solely by negotiation. In that case, one may attack the other party. Even if the other party is in the same industry, one may attack them. Of course, there is an option to declare war as well. This is another form of respect to at least communicate to the other about one’s intentions.

However, things would be different if one attacked another without telling or talking about it. Such behavior is looked down upon by others in the industry, merely viewing them as a target.

It is a form of complete antagonism. Thus, the relationship with the others is completely destroyed.

This time, Ms. Yukihime had done this.

Ms. Yukihime had tried to steal the Nanana Collection the Adventure Club had obtained without warning us at all.

If I was not in the Adventure Club, I would still have understood her intentions. Even though it would defy the principles of the ((Matsuri)), I would simply take it as a robbery by a bandit organization.

However, I was there in the Adventure Club. There was a person there who understood the rules of our industry. If she tried to steal the stuff on the basis that she knew I was there, it would rather make sense.

If she tried to steal the item on the basis that she recognized me as another party of the same industry, it would not oppose the principles of the ((Matsuri)) to steal from the Adventure Club. Her actions are justified because she would be stealing from a bad guy, me being another party of the same industry.

However, that means that she does not respect me at all.

Surely there is no doubt in that.

Why did Ms. Yukihime do such a thing?

……Of course.

Because she decided that she would not need to talk to me about it.

She had decided that she did not care what happened to our relationship after she tried to steal the item. Thus, she genuinely attempted to trick and steal. She looked down on me. She didn’t see me as an equal of another party in the same industry, but rather as a target. That is why she tried to steal from us without showing any sign of respect or warning.

After reaching this conclusion, I finally realized.


Ms. Yukihime really abandoned me.


I had been exiled by my dad, the head of the ((Matsuri)). I had denied the purpose of the ((Matsuri)), to help others. And I had cursed ((Matsuri)) as an entity. That day, that moment, she had really given up on me.

To Yukihime Fugi, Jūgo Yama did not even deserve the bare minimum respect anymore.

I see.


Oh no, Jūgo cried.

I’m not crying! I was just yawning immensely and I got some random allergy reaction at the same time!

I looked away and rubbed my eyes.

I then turned my back towards Nanana.

I really did not want her to see my face now.

I did not want anybody to see my unsightly face in so much pain.

Are you sure you are okay with that?

It doesn’t matter. It’s over.

Ms. Yukihime already gave up on me.

Even though you don’t want it to end?

My feelings don’t matter. She thinks so, so I can’t do anything about it anymore.

It was all done. I don’t need to do anything about it. Everything is just done.

Can I ask you something important?

Go ahead.


Doesn’t that mean you just don’t like how she responded?


……What do you mean?

What I mean is; in the end, what you are saying is merely how you feel towards what she did. You did not even do anything. You are just unhappy about how she reacted to how you were doing your work, right? Why do you need to be depressed over that?

But, she hates me now you know.

Did you not expect that? Of course they would hate you, since you had been doing as you please. You haven’t been thinking about her.

Yes……that is right, but.

Are you sure you are okay with that?

Of course not, but.


But everything is over.

As I saaaaid, that is because you did not do anything about it, right? That’s what she thinks, right? But you aren’t satisfied with it. Rather, you haven’t done anything about it. If you don’t like it, then put in the effort to change it. If that doesn’t work, then you can feel depressed, alright?


Or are you telling me that you would give up once she hates you? Are you just going to complain about it, and do nothing?




You aren’t acting like your usual self. Usually you would initiate a plan to get what you want. Why do you have to give up this time?

……I……don’t know.

The great detective had said something similar, but even if they asked me about it, I did not know. What do you mean, not like the usual me? I did not know how I usually acted and behaved.

While I was feeling depressed, Nanana put her fist into her open palm.

Oh, I see.

Hm? What?

I looked at her moodily. Nanana said.

You are just spoiled, and behaving like a baby to that girl. That is why you aren’t doing anything. You have been like this all the time, so you don’t want to take charge this time either.


Wha, really?

I could not help but ask her. Even though it was about myself, I could not help but ask her.

Then, I became depressed at her reply. I was quite depressed.

The reason why I was depressed was because I understood and agreed.

It had been like that when I was young, when I was in primary school, and somewhat like that when I was in secondary school too. I just realized that because it had been like that for me my whole life, I just assumed that Ms. Yukihime would fix it for me.

Wow, it’s amazing. What Nanana said is true.

……Wow, I am so disgusting.

I was even more depressed because I was so surprised at how I am just so disgusting.

Wow, this is bad. I am really embarrassed by myself.

My face reddened with embarrassment, and I held my face. I wanted to shout my frustration at how I was such a disgusting crybaby.

It’s not possible-

Actually, I just shouted. While I shouted, I rolled around on the bed.

I am over, I am really done. I am done as a person. I can’t go out publicly anymore. The moment others pass by and glance at me, I might become so scared that I might assume they would think, Oh, that guy. He is the embarrassing guy that acts like a baby in front of a girl I know. . Such an embarrassing thing it is!

While I cried out in pain and rolled around on the bed at this embarrassing thing, Nanana asked me.

Then, what are you going to do?

    At Nanana’s question, I froze.


Is that all? Are you going to give up on her because she doesn’t do anything for you?


Well, so it’s fine huh? Bye-bye? Are you going to not meet her ever again?


Everyone wants to be treated special by others. Everyone would be happy if others do something for them. But doesn’t that apply to the other person as well?


Similar to how you have something you want others to do to you, others have something they want you to do for them. All the more if this is with a girl that has been taking care of you since when you were young. Since she knows you well, all the more wouldn’t she want you to do something? Isn’t that why when she now knows that you won’t care for her feelings, she would simply leave?

    At Nanana’s words, I stood up from the bed.

I have something to do, so I am going to go out now.

    I stuck the Nanana Collection into my jacket and stood up. Nanana laughed.

Isn’t it quite late already?

Yes you are right.

You are such an outlaw.

Yes. Despite how I look, I am quite a bad guy you know.

No, you do look like a bad guy.

I ban you from teasing my looks! This is quite a sensitive problem for me!

Then, what are you going to do?

No, nothing much. I just remembered that I need to prevent something from happening in the future.

I see.

    I finished preparing to go out, and was about to go out of the room, when I froze.

I am a little scared.

    I imagined me failing at what I was about to do. Honestly, I did not want to move.

Isn’t it like that?

    Nanana says it so easily.

If you fail, can I cry in your arms?

    When I glanced at her, the earthbound ghost was looking at me with ultra-suspicious eyes.

    Oh no, I went too far.


Oh, really!


Thank you!

But you don’t intend to cry in my arms, right?

Ah, yes. I said so, but I don’t intend to cry in your arms at all.

    Upon saying that, Nanana made a happy expression, and said,Sure.

Wow, what a shame. I wanted to hug you, you know.

    Then immediately, the earthbound ghost made a teasing smirk.

Oh, I shall correct myself, but this only applies to this case. Usually I would really want to……

Nope, this is an exception only for this time.

    Why does the earthbound ghost have to say that?

Hmph. Then, I don’t care.

    Thus, I rejected such a useless service.

Sure. Nanana smiled.

    However, I said something to Nanana.

Erm, Nanana.

Hm? What?

You know…… I probably would not have realized this if I was alone. What kind of state I am in, and what I must do. You really helped me. You were there for me. That is why, you know…… thanks.

    Although it was slightly embarrassing, I was really grateful for her. 

That was nothing, I just said what I thought. You being depressed is quite an annoying thing.

    She’s so mean. But her joking made me smile.

Alright, I’ll go then.

Yep. Please buy a pudding on your way back alright.

    As expected, she made such a request. Our earthbound ghost smiled and saw me off.

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