Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 7.1

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Section 1


I am at an empty parking lot and it is midnight. It is huge, with not a single car parked here. I had fought with president Yuiga at this parking lot in the outskirts last time I was here.

「Sorry for keeping you waiting. 」

     After some consideration, I arrived 17 minutes ahead of time. Yukihime came right on time.

「Then, what do you want from me so much that you need to call me so late at night? 」

     Yukihime Fugi glared at me with a moody face.

「I thought I had told you about it in the online group chat. 」

     I took out my phone from my pants pocket and showed it to her.

「Oh yes, you had beat around bush saying, 『A date under the moon. 』or something.」

     As Ms. Yukihime had said, the special group chat for the ((Matsuri)) and related people (mostly relatives) was going wild now due to my post.

「We really are suited for one another you know. 」

「I don’t care about that, please tell me why you called me here. 」

     Ms. Yukihime did not react to my joke at all.

     Well, it seems that she wasn’t in a mood to play around.

     So I got serious myself.

「Well it’s not much of a big deal, but I wanted you to train me a little. 」

「How does training you benefit me? 」

     It seemed that our relationship was that there needed to be give and take.

     Well, I did not expect her to obediently listen to what I had to say. But it was depressing how she’s being so cold.

「Hm. It would be boring if it was a normal training session, huh? Then let’s make a bet. 」

     Thus, I showed what I had to offer.

「Bet? 」

「If you can beat me up, I will offer you this. 」

     Seeing what I had in my hand, Ms. Yukihime narrowed her eyes.

「What is that? 」

「It is just a cat plush toy. 」

     It is the cat plush toy I brought from home. It is really just a cat plush toy. However, to Ms. Yukihime it was not an ordinary plush toy. 

     It is the plush toy that Shū failed to steal.

「I don’t need that. 」

     It seemed that she already knew that this was not a real Nanana Collection.

     Then I have no choice.

「But in exchange, if you lose…… 」

「Lose? 」


「Please apologize to me. 」

     She had been looking away uninterested. Now she looked at me.

「……What do you mean? 」

「Sorry, I am really sorry. I am a fool. I will never go against you, young master. Please Dogeza. 」

「Why do I have to do such a thing? 」

     She was annoyed. The look in her eyes told me that she wanted to slaughter me.

「Do you need me to give you a reason? Oh it’s fine if you run away because you don’t want to. Go ahead and run away if you are scared of me. It would be a lot of trouble to think of a good excuse for losing, so please just go. 」

「What do you have to do to win? 」

     Wow, she bought it. Ms. Yukihime really has a simple personality.

「Then, how about if I punch you once I win? 」

     She had to beat me up, while I only had to punch her once. This was quite an unfair battle.

「You have quite an advantage, huh? 」

「If you can’t take it, I can make it easier for you.」

「It’s fine. 」

「Oh, really? 」

「Not just that, you don’t need to pull your punch. Just punch with all your might. 」

「But if I do that you might get injured. And in the first place I don’t want to punch girls…… 」

「Don’t you understand? You will never hit me, so don’t worry. Just try your hardest. 」

「B.. but…… 」

「Go ahead. Make an excuse. 」

「…… 」

「Even though you have such a big advantage, you will lose easily in a few minutes. Then it will be my role to be merciful, and allow you to make an excuse once that happens. Young master could not punch with all he got. That is why he lost to me. I see, there isn’t a more understandable excuse than this. 」  Hey hey, Ms. Yukihime. Your taunting is just so obvious. Really, she is……

「Yes. Since this is training, it wouldn’t count as hitting girls right? 」

     She really knows how to anger me.

     The battle was on.

     We naturally took our fighting pose.

     The cadence of our breathing and pose was almost the same.

     It is because she is my master.

「Start. 」

     She was fast.

     She immediately charged me and punched my face with her right fist.


Section 2


     While I was caught off-guard, I was surprised. I knew she would charge, yet I could not defend myself. Not only was her speed insane, but her punch almost slipped through my guard.

     I tried to put some distance between us, but she did not allow this.

     She came after me at the same speed. The moment I tried to reach out my hand panicking, she punched my face again.

     I tried to punch her back at that point, but her attacks all hit me. Kick, punch, elbow, knee…… it was like a joke, how I could not defend them. Altering her speed and form, Yukihime Fugi attacked me.

     Calling her simply swift wouldn’t be doing her justice. It was as if she knew exactly what I was about to do.

     Even though this was the case, I did not want to be defending the whole time.

     I ignored her attacks and raised my right fist forcefully.

     However, while I was thrusting out my fist, she came near me and hit my inner upper arm with the bottom of her palm. While my punch slowed, she elbowed me in the jaw.

     Then, Ms. Yukihime smoothly slipped behind my back.

     I could only observe her while falling to the ground.

「Well, that’s about it. 」

     Hey hey, wait a moment. Was she always so much better than me?

     But I did not intend to lose.

「It seems that you have not stopped training. 」

     While I somehow stood up, Ms. Yukihime smiled.

「Why don’t my attacks hit? 」

「The reason is simple. I just train more than you. 」

     I see. No wonder.

     But how about this.

     I thrust my body against Ms. Yukihime again. My goal was to make her fall. Even if she was swift, once I grabbed onto her II would have an advantage. She was a girl after all.

     I opened my hands wide and tried to grab her.



     Before I knew it, I was looking up.

     My knees were on the ground.

     I looked at Ms. Yukihime who had performed a backflip high in the air.

     She had kicked my jaw while flipping backward.

     I fell onto the ground again.

「You are very simple-minded, huh? Since this is training, I am keeping it safe. If this was the real battle, there would be a knife in your throat by now. 」

「……T.. thank you for warning me. 」

     My head felt dizzy. I stood up and thanked her, while clenching my teeth.

「As always, you are tough. 」

「I don’t punch girls, but I don’t like losing to girls either. 」

     Even though I said this, I could barely stand up.

     Actually, frankly, I did not feel like I could win at all.

     I could not even touch her, let alone punch her.

「Did you dislike me pointing that out? 」

     As all the weak do to the strong, I tried implementing the basic strategy of using my taunting.

     She kicked me.

     It was a failure. Rather, she did not even listen to me.

「You know, I was talking about when we were at the café with delicious cakes…… 」

     She kicked me again. It seemed that she was listening. 

「You know, it was about when I was talking crap about the principles of the ((Matsuri)) that you believe in……. 」

     She kicked me three times in the diaphragm, my weak spot.

     It was so painful that I rolled on the ground, and struggled to even breathe.

「It seems that you did not understand what I was saying at all. 」

     My desperate tactics succeeded in making her speak.

「If I didn;t understand that correctly then what did you actually mean? 」

     She looked down on me while I continued struggling in pain. Ms. Yukihime started talking.

「True, I value the principles of the ((Matsuri)) as the most important guidance in the world. But I was saying that I believed in the boss, not the principles of the ((Matsuri)). 」

「Dad? 」

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