Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Chapter 7.3

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

Ms. Yukihime bit her lip in frustration and looked down. She couldn’t stop from muttering her feelings.

Then……, I can finally hate you.


     This was probably what she truly felt. It was her genuine emotions that she hadn’t told anybody else.

     Because it was so genuine, it e moved me.


……Are you just going to throw me away and lose interest in me, once you realize that I won’t behave the way you want me to?



You don’t care about me anymore, is that it?


Are you going to just end our relationship on your own accord, and lose respect for me? Is that all?

If you don’t change how you think, wouldn’t it be useless for me to even try? My wish would not come true. And it would be useless to keep on expecting something from you.

     Yes. There is no meaning in pursuing something that cannot come true. People do say it is important to know when to give up.

If so, then sure. But I have something to say as well.

I let go of ((The Sun God’s Nail)), and stood up.

     I stood in front of Ms. Yukihime who was still looking downward. Then I shouted.

Yukihime Fugi, don’t make that decision without telling me such important details! If you think so, tell me first before you give up on me!

     Ms. Yukihime looked up.

Why are you trying to end it without my permission! I am not happy with that at all!

     Ms. Yukihime was released from the chains as it disappeared. Yet, she was to surprised to move. Meanwhile, I hurled my feelings at her. I thrashed about as my anger told me.

     Then, I laughed in the back of my mind.

     I felt disgusted at what I was doing right now. At my behavior, words, and what I was shouting.

     It’s because this was what Nanana had pointed out about me.

     Hey, I didn’t put in much effort either, and yet I am yelling at her about it.

     No, Ms. Yukihime did her part. Even though I did not notice it, she had acted true to herself. It was a little hard to notice, but I was just too stupid to realize.

     Yes, Ms. Yukihime wasn’t lying to me or herself. So why am I scolding her?

     Aren’t I a fool?

     Yet, I wanted to say this to Ms. Yukihime.

     Even if she looks miserable, I wanted to say something to Ms. Yukihime.

     So I shouted my lungs out and let out everything I had.

I did not like it at all! I was so depressed when you looked down on me and betrayed me! Don’t do that ever again! Tell me before you are going to betray me, alright! I’m already done with betrayal from a certain president! If you betray me……

     Oh no!

…..Who can I trust!

     At this point, I could not hold back my tears anymore.

     I do think that there is nothing more miserable than crying in front of a girl.

     But I did not care about that now.

     I do think that someone has to absolutely believe in something to be proud of it. There must be something that acts as a pillar in one’s heart, so that they can continue pursuing their dreams.

     Nothing compares to the sadness of this pillar disappearing.

     Even if it is just one pillar, things are much different without it.

     They would become anxious, scared, and unable to believe in the things they had believed in.

     In the end, my relationship with Yukihime Fugi was supposed to be one of those kinds of absolute things.

     This woman in front of me was more important to me than I had thought.

     I realized how important those kinds of things are: things that one can hope and believe would stay the same.


Section 3


Are you alright?

……Yeah, sorry.

     I had shouted and started crying on my own accord. I could not talk for one whole minute.


     I got into the Dogeza position in front of Ms. Yukihime who was now free.

So miserable.

Of course.

     I had fought her, bound her by cheating, and made her cry. I ended up speaking my mind and then went to the ground to apologize.

     It was a little too unsightly.

Young master. Let me ask you the same question as last time. This time give me a proper response.

What is it?

     I looked up. Ms. Yukihime asked the same question as before.

Who am I, Yukihime Fugi, to you?

     Upon looking at her serious face and eyes, I gave up and said what I truly felt.   

Erm……you are the first girl I fell in love with.

     She slapped me really hard.

W, wh, wha, what are you saying!

Ow! What are you doing! You told me to reply to you seriously! That is why I told the truth!

E.. even so, consider the situation!

     Even though her skin was usually white as snow, it was currently bright red. It looked quite different.

     Thus, I tried again.

I.. I am going to ask you again. What am I to you, young master?

You are a person that is definitely on my side.

     I replied properly.

     Yet, she slapped me with all her might.  

What are you saying? Even though you passed me a fake last time, huh.

Y.. you knew!

     Who is it that passed her a fake as a reward? Me

I stole it. Even if it was a well-made fake, I know.

     I see, that made sense.

T.. then why did you keep quiet about it?

I had assumed that you had a reason that you wanted that thing. You didn’t even tell me the reason though. You said it was a secret. I even kept it a secret to the boss and the others, you know!  

     Wow, that’s what happened, huh? Actually.

You believed in me so much!

But it seems that you don’t.

     Ugh, her glare was painful. Her eyes pierced right through me.


What do you mean, then?

You still don’t intend to tell me what your purpose?

     Oh no, Ms. Yukihime is really angry.

Erm……please keep this a secret alright. Don’t tell anyone, alright.

     I emphasized so. Ms. Yukihime nodded, sayingAlright.

     Thus, I whispered the reason to Ms. Yukihime.

     She immediately strangled my neck.

Y.. you are gathering the Nanana Collection for such purpose? And yet you had to insult the ((Matsuri))?

N.. no you got me wrong! It was like a natural response to what you said……

Does that mean that you did not mean what you said to the boss?

No, that was real. I really don’t care about helping others.

Are you kidding me?

I am not kidding. So loosen your grip on my neck!

     She released me, and I coughed. She really choked me with all her might.

Wow. You act out against the organization and you still ask me to be on your side, huh?

Yes, that’s me.

     I obediently acknowledged that I was being selfish.

If you want me to be on your side so much, then please promise me that you will inherit the ((Matsuri)).


If you would say that I will be on your side forever.

     Ms. Yukihime looked at me in the eye, and told me her genuine feelings properly this time.

     That is why I answered honestly.

I can’t make a promise I am not sure I can fulfill.

     Upon hearing my reply, Ms. Yukihime looked away sadly.

As I expected, you would not change your answer. Then I cannot promise you that either.

     Well, as I thought.

     So I said something selfish.

Thus, I am going to selfishly promise you.


I am always on your side. I will never betray you……or so I think. Probably……

What’s with your fuzzy way of saying things?

     She glared at me suspiciously.

No, I can’t ensure the latter part.

Then how about the first part?

I promise you that. Since I like you very much.

I see. But I don’t like you that much.

     She replied without any hesitation.

I am shocked. She rejected me!

     Oh no, this is quite tough. It’s really not a joke. My chest really hurts. Ugh, I was about to cry.

But, well…… I shall like you for now.

Oh, really?

     I could not help but ask. Ms. Yukihime looked away moodily.

It is just for now. Just to let you know, as long as you don’t come back to the ((Matsuri)), I will not be on your side. As long as we compete for the Nanana Collection on this island, we ((Matsuri)) and you are enemies. Thus I don’t intend to take it easy on you……but, as a person, it’s not that I hate you.

     I was more happy about her words than anything else.

I am alright with that.

     I was more than happy that she personally thought so regardless of her standing.

     Now everything is solved, happily ever after……well, being rejected is not that great, but…

     Thus, I decided to move on to make up for what I did.

Erm, so about this. If you need it, here you go.

     I passed the Nanana Collection in my hand to Ms. Yukihime.

……Are you sure?

Sure or not, since I tricked you earlier this is a kind of apology. I had been raised to Obediently apologize when you do a bad thing.

     Aside from that, I also told her what this Nanana Collection ((The Sun God’s Nail)) was and how to use it and its weakness. Well, I was just passing on what I had heard from Nanana.

Alright. I shall gratefully accept this……Also


I shall apologize for telling a lie.

What is it?

     I did not recall anything of that sort. Ms. Yukihime looked down bashfully.

Erm……that part about how I have a boyfriend is a lie. Just now I……wanted to look cool.

     Ms. Yukihime fidgeted while bashfully saying so. I was moved at her rare gesture, since she was usually strict.

     I was so captured by this that I could proclaim my love to the entire world.

     I was grateful for her showing me such a nice sight. Meanwhile, I was satisfied that my theory was correct.  

……That means you haven’t had a boyfriend be… ow!

     She punched me in the diaphragm, and I collapsed there.




     Yukihime left behind Jūgo who was on the ground in the middle of the car park, writhing in pain. In front of her was a man.

Hey there, good job.

What are you doing here, Jūshimatsu?

As I had told you, my name is Todomatsu.

     The blonde hair playboy, Shū Todomatsu forced a smile.

Then, why are you here?

Of course, I was being a busybo… owww!

     Shū was punched and rolled on the ground. Yukihime glared at him with a cold stare.

Peeking. How disgusting.

B.. but the seniors in the ((Matsuri)) told me to see them.

     Then, Yukihime was left dumbfounded.

D.. don’t tell me you wrote about our conversation online?

     Ms. Yukihime’s face went pale. Shū smirked, and made a thumbs-up.

I added some color to it as well.

     Yukihime silenced him with her feet, and hurriedly used her phone.


     Due to Shū’s misinformation, the others thought that Jūgo had seduced Yukihime and disappeared into the night. Due to this, the ((Matsuri)) group chat was going even wilder than usual.

Wow, I can’t believe young master was that skilled. I did not expect him to cry, and then give you that line. That’s the boss’s son right there. He must have a bright future.

What are you seeing in him!

On top of that, I quite liked how he knew what kind of person you are. I guess it’s unique to you guys, because you guys grew up together.

What do you mean?

Because if you guys didn’t grow up together you wouldn’t be so open with him? That’s perhaps why young master fought you first.

     Upon receiving that assessment, Yukihime could not help but fall silent. Yukihime wondered if Jūgo had come obediently apologizing, would she have forgiven him?

     Probably, Yukihime would have superficially forgiven him. But surely, she would not have been able to genuinely forgive him. Perhaps she would have continued to keep her frustration to herself, and not be able to forgive him deep down.

That’s true.

     After Yukihime thought about it, she agreed.

     True, Jūgo had said something completely out of place while she had been anxious in the café. Even till now, Yukihime thought that his behavior then was just utterly intolerable.

     Yet, the ((fight)) in which they expressed their true feelings was the best way to make amends with each other.

     Yukihime genuinely thought that Jūgo must know me quite well, since he had managed to turn the fight into what it became.

Well, I do think that was quite a feat, making a person younger than you have to care for you so much though. Ahaha!

S, shut up, Todomatsu!

     Yukihime’s cheeks were red, while she punched Shū.

I am telling you, my name is…..oh, you were correct this time.

A.. anyways, correct yourself online later, alright?

     Yukihime forcefully changed the subject. Shū chuckled.

But why can’t it stay that way? You had made amends with young master. It’s happily ever after.

Not at all! ……And it’s not happily ever after. In the end, young master did not return to the ((Matsuri)).

     Yes, this was the most important thing to Yukihime. Yukihime still felt some regret that she could not achieve this.


Actually, we don’t need young master anyways.



     Yukihime did not expect this. She glared at Shū while he chuckled.

Why not? A person with no motivation would simply be a burden, you know. There is no need to force him to come back.

Even you say that, huh?

I have motivation, alright. It’s just that I don’t do my best. But young master is different. He is genuinely dissatisfied with how the ((Matsuri)) works. It’s a more fundamental issue than just teamwork problems.

     Shū was right. Yukihime could not argue back.

Young master is the boss’s son, but that’s all right. I do like him, but he would be a burden as a comrade. Honestly, I would not want to work with him.

     Shū smirked. Yukihime glared at him coldly.

     Shū Todomatsu. Perhaps he was quite a dangerous man.

     Shū stopped making such a serious face, and pointed at what Yukihime was holding.

Then, this is the real Nanana Collection that was in the estate, huh?

It seems to be so.

How do you use it?

I will explain later.

Then? What else did you find?

……It seems that young master has another source of information other than the Adventure Club.

Why do you think so?

He knew too much about the Nanana Collection. I don’t think the Adventure Club knows so much about the Nanana Collection.

I see. You can make quite a composed analysis even though you were flirting with him, huh.

I was not flirting.

     Yukihime punched him and looked away.

N.. no, it is a compliment for a ninja you know……sure then. Then, am I going to monitor young master again?

No, we won’t need to do that anymore.

Good. I am done with chasing after men. It’s so boring. And as I thought, he is kind of hard to monitor you know.

     It seemed like he was genuinely complimenting him.

Then instead, please find her.

Who is her?

Fumika Sanada.

Oh yeah, that information broker girl huh. But why find her? Can’t you call her?

It seems that she changed numbers, because I can’t contact her anymore.

     Fumika Sanada. She is an information broker that boasts of knowing every single piece of information on this Nanae Island.

     Yukihime had bought the information about the Nanana Collection from her.  

She is still being hunted, huh? Knowing too much is not always good. I guess that’s why she is the number one information broker on this island.

I’m counting on you.

     Yukihime was about to go away, when Shū asked.

Then, what are you going to do now?

     Yukihime replied without turning around.

I have something to do, so I’ll finish that first.

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