Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 2 Interlude and Epilogue

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”



    This was the lawless area of Nanae Island. The ninth town; Tsukuyomi Town. The high-rise building in the centre of this town is the headquarters of the organization that runs the town. It is called the ((Three Skulls)).

「Excuse me, boss. 」

    Tetsu, who is the member of the ((Three Skulls)), was called on by the woman who is the leader of the organization. He walked to the room.

「Yes, come in. 」

    Tetsu entered the room. The woman with the eye patch smiled while she sat on her usual sofa and smoked her cigarette.

「What do you want from me? 」

「Oh yeah, about Yun. I talked to her just now. It seems that since she has settled down, she will go back to school. 」

    Yun is the girl that was adopted by the ((Three Skulls)).

「……I see. 」

「Don’t make such a sad face. 」

「I am not sad. 」

    Even though he said this, it was true that he felt a little sad.

「That being said, that was quite a weird way of meeting someone, you know. 」

「Indeed. 」

    About two weeks ago now, someone found a girl unconscious in the corner of the Tsukuyomi town.

    Yun had been taken in by Tetsu and the others who had coincidentally passed by. However, the moment she woke up she started panicking. She shouted that she did not know why she was here. She ended up making a fuss shouting that she was kidnapped.

「That must mean someone in this town kidnapped her, right? 」

「Hmm, nah. The people in this town must know that they can only do as they wish within the boundaries of this town. There isn’t a person that would go outside the town and cause havoc. Ikkaku and that gang would definitely crush them if they did. But if that is really the case…… 」

「Then? 」

「Most likely Yun would have been treated badly. But fortunately, there is no sign that she was. 」

「When she came to her senses, she was suddenly in this town……huh?」

    How scary must it have been. Yun could not trust anyone now. Hence, she was afraid of all guys. However, the woman here saved her.

    It gave Yun confidence that a woman was controlling the town.

    On top of that, now she said she wanted to be a bad guy. So, she dyed her hair and started dressing like her. Ever since, Yun has been making trouble throughout headquarters.

「Two weeks huh. It seemed like a long while, and yet it was so short. 」

「……Yes. 」

    I see. It’s going to end already, huh.

    Tetsu was troubled that he felt sad about it.

「So, Tetsu… 」

「Yes. 」

「Why don’t you also go back to school? 」

「……Yes? 」

    Tetsu did not understand what she was saying.

「Wait. I haven’t gone to school for more than a year…… 」

「You have already learned what they teach in the first year, right? Then why don’t you start from year two? I will arrange it. 」

「But…… 」

「There isn’t much problem in just taking one gap year, right? I’m not boasting, but I did not go to school except during lunch breaks. 」

    The boss boasted about this. Tetsu shook his head.

「Sorry, but I don’t intend to go back. 」

    Tetsu had a reason why he did not want to go back to school.

    While Tetsu refused, the woman pouted her lips.


「That being said. Tetsu. The other night you went out of Tsukuyomi town and went somewhere, right? 」


    Tetsu could not help but tense in surprise. The woman made a teasing expression.

「No, I don’t intend to complain, you know. It’s not that you stole something from the warehouse, or haven’t paid for it. You properly paid for the goods, and also made a report as per usual. Well, the guy’s name was fake though. 」

    She had already figured out so much. Tetsu started to turn pale.

「Um, you know…… 」

「No, it’s fine. The others do the same. Compared to that, what you did was no big deal. I don’t mind at all. Really. 」

「But……… 」

「But it’s kind of sad you know. You make me want to tease you a lot. 」

    It was as if she was slowly choking him with indirect threats. Tetsu hesitantly nodded.

「……A.. alright. 」

「Oh, really? I’m glad you are so obedient. 」

    The woman laughed. Then she opened her mouth again.

「Hey. Don’t be so unhappy about it, Tetsu. I’m not saying study hard, or go back to your Fifth year of High School. This is just an order from me. 」

「An order? 」

    The woman nodded, and said with a serious expression.

「I am curious about Yun. Go with her to the same high school for a while, and keep an eye out for her. 」

「Oh, Yun is a high schooler? I thought she was in middle school…… 」

「I thought she was in elementary school, you know? But apparently she is a proper first year high schooler……. So back to the main point, perhaps Yun might do well. 」

「! What do you mean? 」

「There is a possibility that she is a victim of some evil. 」

    Tetsu could not help but gulp.

「That is why your cover story is a bodyguard. Act like one. 」

「Cover story? 」

「The real purpose is to find out what is going on around her. Perhaps you might be able to find out why she was in this town unconscious without any memory. 」

    Hearing this, Tetsu nodded and said, 「Alright. 」

「Tell me everything that happens. 」

「Alright. 」


「Also, bring this. 」


    A bracelet was thrown to him.

「What is this? 」

「It is a charm. It’s the same one I have. 」

    The woman showed him the one on her arm, and smiled.

「Never let it go. 」

「Thank you. 」

    Tetsu bowed down. Meanwhile, the woman smirked.

「Also tell Anpanman when you meet him next time. That he won’t be paid since he tried to ignore me. 」

    At her words, Tetsu widened his eyes. He hurriedly bowed, and left the room as if running away.




    After Tetsu left the room, the woman with the eyepatch smoked her cigarette alone, while looking at the document in her hand.

    On the paper was written the name 『Jūgo Yama』, and some details. Upon seeing the address, the woman smiled.

    I tend to have some sort of connection with the little bastards who live in her room.


「I really am amazed how you say such things. 」

    Upon hearing the deep and low voice, the woman smiled.

「Don’t say that, White Emperor. This is how I am. 」

    The woman looked in that direction, and smirked. In front of her was a white tiger. It was huge. It was about three metres in size.

    The white tiger wasn’t there a second ago. The white tiger had spoken in such a deep voice just now.

「Then? That Yun girl really has a connection to our ((Nanana Collection)), huh? 」

    The huge tiger, named the White Emperor, asked. The woman smiled.

「It seems like so. 」

「You phrase it in a weird way. 」

「Of course. It’s because I don’t know why either. But that is a fact. 」

    The woman pointed at the glass door that was locked by a padlock. The woman pointed at the old arrow that was just beside where the white tiger ornament had been.

「The『Divine Arrow』huh. If I remember correctly, it points where one must head towards to achieve one’s goal, huh? 」

「And Yun was where the arrow pointed at. 」


    That is how the woman met with Yun.

「So you are going to make that youngster follow after her? 」

「I have no choice, do I? Because of that disgusting Ikkaku, I can’t leave this town. Surely it’ll be fine. I had passed him the charm. Tetsu will surely do his job well. 」

「I don’t think you should use something as rare as a Nanana Collection item to just monitor the girl. 」

「Those things aren’t so rare. They are just convenient tools. 」

「Then am I just a convenient tool too? 」

    The big tiger growled. The woman stood up, and went near it.

「Don’t overestimate yourself, White Emperor. You guys are just mere things that have existed for a few hundred or thousands of years. 」

    Then the woman rolled onto the belly of the white tiger who was lying down.

「So warm. 」

「I am just a blanket to you? 」

「If you die I will skin your fur and make you a nice rug, alright? 」

    The woman laughed at such a terrible joke. The huge tiger sighed.

「Doesn’t sound good to me. 」

「You are supposed to signify good luck. Don’t say that. 」

「Hmph. You aren’t much compared to my previous master. 」

「Don’t compare me to that person. That person was just incomparable. 」

「I’m surprised you would praise another. 」

「I am not praising someone. And I was still talking. 」

「Yes? 」


「That person was an incomparable figure. But I am also incomparable on my own. 」

    The woman smiled while rubbing the big tiger’s cheeks.

「That is why, White Emperor, you should be by my side forever. 」


    The white tiger growled happily.

「I see. You attract others including non-humans with words you don’t even mean, huh? You are definitely an incomparable person as well. 」

    The big tiger honestly acknowledged that its curren’t had such a big ability, that she was treated the same way as his previous master by the island’s people.

「Then? Why do you gather the Nanana Collection? 」

「I am going to use it to achieve world peace. 」

    The woman hummed while randomly saying this. The big tiger snorted.

「Hmph.  Sansa, your lies are just terrible. 」

    Her name is Sansa Kurosu. She is the boss of the outlaw town, Tsukuyomi. She is one of the GREAT7 that is publicly acknowledged to be missing due to her free nature. She is the polar opposite to the top person of the Nanae Island, Shunjū Ikkaku, the quintessential bad guy.

「Yun, huh? 」

    She was always cheerful and smiley. She always followed her around and it was a little annoying. But she didn’t mind her. Yun was always beside her during meals, and she always bathed with her.

    While remembering how flat Yun’s naked body was, Sansa thought.

「……A dragon tattoo, huh. 」

「What did you say, Sansa? 」

「Nothing. 」

    Sansa let it slide, and smirked.


「Now then. I wonder what will happen at the Third High School they are going to go to. 」




    While walking along the night path painfully, I thought.

    Now, what should I do? I had gave ((The Sun God’s Nail)) to Ms. Yukihime, so now I don’t have to give it to Tetsu.

「……Should I have given the ((Eye of Kontholos)) to her? But I like it too much to want to give it to her. That’s also why I don’t want to give it to Tetsu either……will he forgive me if I genuinely apologize? Is it possible? But givinging him a fake would be bad. If I pass a fake to even Tetsu, I would be nothing but trash. 」

    I thought about the price I had to pay for acting cool. Meanwhile, I arrived at the Happiness Dorm. I went to the second story, and opened room 202 door with my key.  

「I’m back. 」

「「Welcome back. 」」

「Why are you guys here?! 」

    While I glared at her, Tensai smirked.

「Hmph, Jūgo. Do you think I would only make one spare key? 」

    She was really a bad guy, smirking and all. I was tired of being mad at her.


「There, it’s done. 」

「……Thanks. 」

    The superficially cute assistant had treated my wounds. I thanked him. By the way, the real girls (the earthbound ghost and the great detective) did not care about the injured person, and was engrossed in some random midnight anime.

「So, what are you guys doing here? 」

    After the great detective had enjoyed the episode until the end, I asked her.

「Actually, I came to ask Ms. Nanana her opinion. 」

「Opinion? About what? 」

「About how my new pose looks. 」

「What are you talking about?! 」

「Hehehe, it is the pose which I use when I am at my greatest. Oh, I won’t show it to you though. 」

「I don’t want to see it. 」

「Oh, I was wrong. I shall show you when I deduce your wrongdoings. 」

「Then you won’t ever have a chance. 」

「I see. You seem quite confident of how perfect your evil plans are. 」

「Of course not. I will not do anything evil, so I am saying there won’t be a chance. 」

「You’re lying. 」「You’re lying. 」「You’re lying, aren’t you? 」

「Hey! Why do you say that so quickly, great detective?! Don’t say that too, assistant! And hey Nanana, you guys are so mean!  」

「But it’s a lie, right? 」

    Nanana looked at me with a serious face. I fell silent.

    Well, yes but.  

「Well, perhaps you might be able to see how cool I am soon. It’s because there will be an opportunity for you to see my cool posing this week. 」

    The great detective seemed quite confident.

「……And then when is that opportunity going to be? 」

「Wednesday. 」

    She said so with confidence. Why was it Wednesday? I don’t understand the context at all. Is this her habit of not explaining herself?

    At that point, her servant D’arc gave an assisting remark.

「Erm, you remember how Tensai had got the illegal part-time job to find the missing person right? She is done with the investigation and the preparation. So, she predicts that she would be able to bring the missing girl back by Wednesday. 」

    I see. That’s the context huh. Oh yeah, she got an illegal part-time job at the guild.

「But that’s quite amazing. It has only been a few days, and yet you are already done with the investigation? 」

    Surely the employer girl has also done all she could to find the missing girl. Perhaps she even asked the police’s help. Yet, she could not find the missing girl in two weeks. On the other hand, Tensai found her in just a few days. I really must not underestimate this great detective.

    When I praised her, she said「Hmph, to me such feats are nothing. 」, and thrusted out her chest.

「Wait and see, Jūgo. Next time, the volume will start with my splendid mystery solving. 」

    Weird cliffhanger of hers.

「Well, anyways. Can you guys just go home, since you guys are done? 」

    When I said this, Nanana kicked me.

「Hey Jūgo. Tensai and D’arc are my guests, alright? Can you mind your own business? 」

    Nanana seemed angry.

「S.. sorry. 」

    The earthbound ghost did not hesitate to kick me, even though I am injured (on top of that, she specifically kicked where it most hurt). Due to this, I was genuinely terrified and obediently apologized.

「So I am going to talk with them. Can you go buy pudding now? 」

    Nanana said so with a smile.

「What, now? 」

「Hey, can you also buy coffee milk also? 」

「Hey why do you have to add on something, Tensai! Hey, wait, Nanana. I am really out of money this month you know. I only have ¥562 left alright, really. I have to survive one whole week with just this, so could you just spare me, please. 」

「Ah, then I guess I should cooperate. 」

    It seemed that Nanana understood. I felt relieved.

「I will endure the rest of the week with just 15 puddings, as per usual. 」

「Hey, that costs ¥100 for three you know! That means the total is ¥500! I will only have ¥62 left! 」

「Can’t you understand, Jūgo? Surviving one week with ¥62 is no different from surviving with ¥562. 」

「Of course not! What kind of logic is that! 」

「My pudding is more important than your nutrition. 」

「You just admitted it! 」

「Actually, no matter how much I think about it, it seems impossible you know. Why don’t you just give up? 」

「What do I have to give up!? Food!? Or like, living!? 」

「I will leave that to your imagination. 」

    She smiled as she made such a remark.

    This girl is just really terrifying!

    While I was trembling in fright, I heard something from the door.

    When I looked at the door, I saw something in the post box attached to the back of the door.

    I wonder what it is. I headed towards the door, and took it out from the postbox.

「What is this? 」

    There was an envelope in the postbox.

    Something was written on it.

『Do not waste it. 』

    I recognized who wrote it. I could not help but feel happy.

「Hey, what do you guys want to eat? 」

「I definitely want to eat pudding…… but what happened, Jūgo? 」

    Nanana and the rest did not seem to understand. I smiled handsomely, and took out the bunch of cash from the envelope.

「「「Oooooh. 」」」

    The trio made a surprised expression.

「Nanana, I will go buy the games I sold! 」

「That’s right! That means, gaming time! 」

「Of course! I am not going to let you sleep tonight, Nanana! 」

「Hmph, I have no choice, huh. Alright then, if that is the case, I shall participate as well. 」

「Why do you have to be so condescending, you great detective! But I will forgive you this time. Play as much as you want tonight! 」

「Erm, guys. Isn’t tomorrow school. 」

「Why do you have to be a party pooper, you assistant! Even if you have an all-nighter, you can still manage school! Stop saying such things, and just help me go buy the stuff! 」

    I completely ignored the warning written on the envelope, and started making noise excitedly.

    I could not help but make noise when something good happens. All the more if it is something very good.

    Perhaps we humans aren’t made to listen to advice.

    But, that is why I think.

    It’s great to have someone who will still stay by yourself and care enough to warn you about such things, even if you ignore them.

    I also thought.

    Ms. Yukihime, there is only ¥30,000 in it. Why?

    At that point, I understood that Yukihime Fugi is just a splendid person.




「I didn’t steal the money. This is just compensation. I definitely am not stealing it to buy some clothing I really wanted last time when I was window shopping. 」

    Yukihime walked alone along the night road while making excuses to herself. She put back the cash into her wallet.

    Then she recalled what happened at the parking lot.

    Jūgo had whispered to her so.


「I need to fulfill a promise I made with a girl. I really need the Nanana Collection for that. 」


    Jūgo had rejected the act of helping others as useless. Thus, he was disowned.

    Yet, Yukihime knew that he was not like that from the beginning. When Jūgo was young, he was kinder than anybody else. He was the greatest believer of helping others.

    Perhaps something happened to him that I do not know that changed his values. Yet, he did not show his change in heart to Yukihime at all. Perhaps he simply wanted to act tough. Or perhaps he did not want me to worry about him.

    Either way, Yukihime could not notice his change of heart.

    Jūgo does not want to help others anymore.

    However, he is working hard now to help a girl.

    Whatever his purpose was in doing so, he was doing something for another person.

    Doing something for others.

    Isn’t that a form of helping others as well?

    That might be a small step forward.

    Nevertheless, it is definitely a step forward.

    Yukihime definitely felt that he had started growing in the right direction once again, even though he had stopped when he was young.

「I guess I shall have to be patient. 」

    Yukihime then recalled something from long ago.


『Yukihime sis. Let’s work hard for others once I grow up, alright. Let’s help everyone, and make everyone happy. 』

    That was what Jūgo had said when he was young.

    Yukihime was six years old that time, while Jūgo was three.


『Alright. It’s a promise alright, young master. 』

『Yep, I promise. 』


    Probably, Jūgo had already forgotten this promise. Yet, to Yukihime, she still held dear this promise.

    Yukihime remembered this, and mulled upon it. Then she thought.

    All is good. Surely Jūgo will fulfill his promise.

「Anyways, I brought it him to 『Definitely keep your promises』. 」

    Yukihime giggled a little, then disappeared into the night.


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