Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 5.5


And it makes more sense for the latest technology to be used in vending machines if it’s also the key to open up the ruin. All of this reminded me of the rising building ruin. The glass plate there had the surprising ability to hide the contents of the room if you look through it from outside. It feels like something similar to the magnetic memory alloy in front of me. It was Futaba Saito of GREAT7 who made this magnetic memory alloy if I’m not wrong.


  「I’ll keep his name in my mind.」


  「So, how are we going to get the keys? Jyuugo?」


Why are you asking me? Your eyes are telling me you want me to steal it. Supersleuth, don’t you belong to the good side? Isn’t it your job to stop theft?


  「One of us can apply for part time job there and steal the keys. How about that?」


  「Huh, that’s boring.」


She said it’s boring, this selfish supersleuth said it’s boring


  「No, we don’t have much time. Let’s make it quick.」


To my surprise, it was President Yuiga who rejected my idea.




D’arc was sitting alone on the bench of the park next to South red mall. He was wearing a camisole with frills and shorts that the owner of the shop had picked for him. Tensai and I were hiding in a bush nearby, keeping an eye on him.


  「President Yuiga is quite cruel to use D’arc as honey trap.」


  「Yeah but this will save us time and make things quicker.」


To put it simply, President Yuiga’s proposal was just borrowing the keys from Yokota-kun by being extra tricky. Yes, borrowing them from Yokota-kun who doesn’t know us that well. So, we used D’arc who had exchanged phone numbers with Yokota-kun. We made him call Yokota-kun and invite him here to this park. President Yuiga was hiding in a bush in front of us on the other side of the bench, waiting for Yokota-kun to come.


  「I feel like this strategy isn’t something President Yuiga would normally come up with. I feel like he is being hasty like he’s being chased by something…..what do you think commentator Miss Tensai?」


  「I feel like that too but I’m certain that it’s better if we are done with this case as quick as possible. Since it would be too late after Ikusaba Hiiyo makes a move.」


True, we need to tell Ikusaba-san that we have cleared the ruin in South Red Mall so he knows that it’s useless to attack Yun-chan. We need to be quick with this but I feel like that isn’t how President Yuiga works.


  「I wonder what President Yuiga’s ulterior motive is.」


  「That’s definitely the Nanana collection in this ruin.」


I thought that’s for sure. The reason why he is helping me out so generously is because he speculated that there must be a Nanana collection behind this since Ikusaba-san is involved and currently we are on our way to clearing the ruin.


  「Isn’t it alright though? No matter what Yuiga-dono is planning, if we clear the ruin then Ikusaba-dono would stop following Yoshino Saki, right? So, in the end you will complete your goal.」


Well, she’s right about that. No matter what President Yuiga is planning, our interests are aligned. I am being helped by him a lot, so I don’t want to complain about him. Now that we are done talking about him…


  「So, Tensai? What are you planning this time, supersleuth?」


President Yuiga’s objective is clear, but Tensai’s is not.. So, it makes me curious about what she is scheming.


But Tensai let out a sigh after looking at my face.


  「What are you even saying? Is your heart so hardened that you can’t even accept an act of kindness from someone, Jyuugo? People like you who can’t trust anyone turn out to be criminals.」


She’s throwing shade at me hard.


  「Isn’t it normal to think like that? Especially about someone like you who’s selfish and honest to your own desires. You wouldn’t work if you don’t have any interest in it.」


  「Don’t say it like I wouldn’t be here without an ulterior motive.」


  「So, what do you want me to say?」


I don’t know anyone who is more self-centered than you are. I can’t think of anyone else who’s as honest to their desires as you are.


  「My role ended as supersleuth in this case since Yoshino Saki returned all by herself. So, I just thought of contributing something to the adventure club as its member for a change. And besides that…」


  「Besides that?」


  「I….caused you quite a trouble last week so I thought of returning the favour a bit.」


I glanced at Tensai sitting next to me, she was embarrassed and looking down.


  「It wasn’t troubling for me, I did it because I wanted to do it so you don’t have to worry about it.」


  「I see, if that’s the case than I’m glad.」


Tensai looked somewhat relieved. She looks cute when she’s like this.


  「So, Jyuugo. Moving on to a different topic. How are you going to outsmart Yuiga-dono and get the Nanana’s collection this time?」


See, if she wasn’t like this she would have been cuter.


  「I’m not going to outsmart him or anything. I have made a promise with Nanana-chan that I wouldn’t take the collection in the South red mall’s ruin.」


  「What’s a weird promise. Why did Nanana-dono make such a peculiar condition?」


  「I have no idea but I’m fine with it this time since Yun-chan would be safe if I clear the ruin.」


  「Speaking of that, it’s my first time hearing about this deal you made with Nanana-dono.」


That’s obvious since I hadn’t told anyone about it.


  「I don’t think there is a reason to tell anyone about this, nothing’s gonna change even if I do. 」


  「True, announcing that would just make Yuiga-dono happy.」


  「Yeah, that’s it.」


  「Hmph. But I don’t feel good about it.」


  「And why is that?」


  「Jyuugo, you have too many secrets.」


  「It’s not like I’m hiding things, I just don’t talk about unnecessary stuff.」


To be honest, I’m hiding things about my family and I don’t intend on talking about it.


  「Aren’t you same when it comes to that? I don’t know much about you either.」


  「Unfortunately I don’t have an interest in going around talking about myself.」


  「You are saying the same thing as I was, you are just wording it differently.」


  「You are right about that. You can forget what I said earlier, it seems like my tongue slipped. It was a weird thing to say. If you start talking about yourself it would be less fun for me because there would be less things to find out about you as a rival. 」


Tensai apologized. A slip of tongue I see, that’s pretty rare.


  「So, Jyuugo. You are going to outsmart Yuiga-dono right?」


  「No, seriously I’m not going to do anything this time. I haven’t thought of anything to begin with. And don’t make me say it again and again, you need to stop promoting wrong doing.」


I said it clearly and she clicked her tongue. 「Tch.」


  「Seems like there isn’t any role for me as the supersleuth.」


What is she frustrated about? And she doesn’t break her character no matter what the situation. I saw President Yuiga waving at us from the bush when we were having a conversation.


  「Seems like Yokota has arrived.」


I don’t know why but Tensai isn’t adding any honorifics to poor Yokota-kun’s name. I can’t understand her standard when it comes to talking to people.


  「Oh, he’s here.」


Seems like he came here wearing his clothes from work.


  「Go..good evening Hoshino-san.」


  「Yes, good evening Yokota-kun.」


  「 is a nice…..」


  「Isn’t it evening already?」


Seems like Yokota-kun’s mind has stopped working due to this situation of being with a girl (although it’s a dude in reality) in the park at night.


  「Take a seat first.」


  「O..o, alright.」


He’s completely stiff. I usually feel like cursing people who are flirting in a situation like that but looking at Yokota-kun who’s all worked up makes me want to cheer for him. Both of them were sitting on the bench but it seemed like there were no signs of them having any sort of conversation.


  「It’s hopeless, Yokota isn’t even moving an inch.」




I looked at Yokota-kun who was completely petrified and asked Tensai.


  「Hey, Tensai. Do I really need to go there?」


  「Yeah, since that’s the plan.」


  「But that turns me into a complete villain.」


  「It isn’t a problem since Jyuugo’s alignment is chaotic.」


  「That’s a reference not many people are going to get.」


  「My alignment is lawful, in case you wanted to know.」


  「You need to search up the meaning of lawful first.」


  「I’ll abide by my own law.」


  「Aaa, oh, if that’s the case then I’ll leave you be.」


We were talking about useless stuff like that and I saw President Yuiga and the rest of the people waving at us, they’re telling me to go there quickly. Seriously? Do I really need to do it?

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