Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 5.6


  「Yeah, you can’t run away from this. Go and use your scary eyes that you’ve had since birth to their full ability.」

  「Don’t read my mind like that and don’t say rude stuff.」

  「Jyuugo, you were born for this moment.」

  「If this really was my fate then I’d cry.」

  「Stop wasting time and go already.」

I was kicked out of the bush and I started walking towards the bench unwillingly. 

D’arc noticed me immediately, but Yokota-kun who was petrified hadn’t. Guess it can’t be helped. I got closer to them and shouted. 

  「Ou, ou! You bastard, what are you doing laying your hand on my woman? Oi!」

Yokota-kun twitched and looked back. 

  「Ah, the person from befo….eh! Hoshino-san, you had a boyfriend? So….you were his boyfriend!」

  「That’s obvious, you idiot! How are you going to settle this aah!」

I glared at him as hard as I could and he started to tremble. I really feel bad for him. 

  「Is.. is.. isn’t this something called badger game! It’s when you get on good terms with a girl and when you go to a dark place a scary dude appears! 」

  「Hmm, so you think I’m doing something like that? If you say anything further than I’m gonna beat you up for real!」

I grabbed him by the collar and shouted at him with a fake Kansai dialect, Yokota-kun’s knees were trembling. It seems like he has completely wussed out. On top of that I could hear my seniors whispering quite rudely in the bush. 

  「Yama-kun is amazing when it comes to that.」

  「He’s the real deal.」

  「I think I need to stop hitting Yama.」

It was so shocking for me that I decided to ignore it. 

  「He, hey. I don’t have much money, so I won’t be able to give any. Is that fine?」

  「Huh, you peasant. You poor little pebble (we are the same age though). Ah well, it’s fine then, just give me that weird key from before. I’m not stealing it, it’s just me borrowing it.」

I was surprised at my own words, what a trashy way to talk. This guy I’ve become seems no good. Ah well I’m the one talking though. 

  「E.. even if you steal money from that vending machine you’ll be caught since it has surveillance camera on it….」

  「It’s none of your business! Give it to me already!」

Yokota-kun got scared after being shouted at and he started taking out the key from his keyholder. It made me feel really bad looking at him. This really makes me a villain.

That was when D’arc who was next to us listening to our conversation pulled my clothes. 

  「Let’s stop this Jyuugo-kun. I don’t think it’s nice to do something like this. We need to explain why we need it and borrow the key from him.」

Listening to D’arc’s just argument, four people came out of the bushes. 

  「That’s right, Jyuugo’s plan was full of flaws after all.」

Tensai shrugged and started saying weird things. 

  「Yama-kouhai, know that evil-doers end up in hell.」

  「Speaking of that, you are the worst of the worst Yama.」

  「Being honest is the best, Yama-kun.」

Eh, what’s this ganging up?! Everyone? Why are you in sync when it comes to picking on me? Huh? The last person to speak, wasn’t this all your plan!? 

Seems like everyone thought it was too much after witnessing my wonderful acting skills. 

  「Sorry for surprising you, Yokota-san. To be honest we really need that key. We wouldn’t use it for anything bad so can you lend it to us? We’ll return it tomorrow no matter what.」

D’arc bowed his head. It seems  like Yokota-kun finally understood what was going on and he nodded. 

  「Alright, seems like there is a reason behind all this. I’ll give the key to Hoshino-san. And we can meet again when you come to return the key tomorrow. 」

Yokata-kun agreed after listening to our request. Yokata-kun is quite the player, I wouldn’t think of how chaotic his future would be just because of this choice. 

  「I’ll borrow it then.」

D’arc took the key and gave a cute smile. 

  「If getting the key was this easy then wasn’t it pointless for me to act like a villain?」

We returned to the changing room and took the key that we borrowed from Yokota-kun near the metallic mirror. 

The metallic mirror began to flicker and a keyhole appeared but that wasn’t all. 

  「Words have appeared on the mirror.」

  Beyond this lies the path to hell. Path would separate into many paths at the depths of hell. But you wouldn’t lose your way since all paths would be one and lead you to the deepest pit.

Seems like it’s the effects of using the characteristic of the metallic alloy, it’s quite impressive. 

  「What does this mean?」

  「It probably means that there are many routes in the ruin and that all of them lead to the room with the treasure box.」

President Yuiga nodded at Tensai’s speculation. 

  「There must be a reason behind why they are telling us this.」

President Yuiga put the key in the keyhole and the metallic mirror opened up slowly like a door and a spiral staircase appeared after it had opened up. 

We all exclaimed at the entrance of the ruin that had finally appeared. It was hard finding the ruin this time so I can’t blame people for letting out their emotions. But we can’t let our guard down since the real trouble starts from now. President Yuiga looked around. 

  「I think we should immediately go in but…..Kagetora who’s injured will have to stay behind.」


  「And Hoshino-kun, I want you to stay behind with Kagetora.」

  「Ok, got it. I…I feel like I wouldn’t be of any use there anyways.」

Seems like he’s done with ruins due to what happened last time. 

  「So, the members who are going in are Yuu, Jyuugo-kun, Tensai-kun and I. It’s just the four of us. Kagetora and D’arc-kun will stay behind as our backups.」

I nodded. 

It’s finally time for us to go in, but before that President Yuiga checked the metallic mirror. 

  「As I thought, we can’t open it from inside as always. Kagetora, keep the key. In case we aren’t able to clear it, open the mirror from outside for us.」

  「How are you going to contact me?」

President Yuiga took out his phone and went down a few steps looking at the screen.

  「It seems like there is signal strength. If something happens, I’ll call you.」


This is our third time trying to clear a ruin as the adventure club.

  「You three, let’s go.」

We nodded at President Yuiga who was at the front and started going down the spiral staircase. 


Yokota-kun was sitting all alone on the bench in the park next to South red mall. Yokota was grinning remembering D’arc’s smile from before. He didn’t seem to notice a shadow approaching him. 


Yokota fell off the bench after hearing a sudden greeting from behind the bench. 

  「Tha, that was scary. Please stop scaring me Ikusaba-san. You always appear out of nowhere!」

Ikusaba-san started laughing while looking at Yokota. 

  「Sorry about that, your reactions are funny so it makes me want to scare you. But thank you for contacting me.」

Yokota met Ikusaba a month and a half ago. He was refilling the vending machine as always when Ikusaba started talking to him. They started with normal conversation which turned pretty lively. They met a couple of times after that and Ikusaba had turned into an older brotherly figure for Yokota with whom he could talk about anything without any formalities. There was one weird request that Ikusaba had made, he wanted Yokota to tell him if any new part timers join his work. He wanted Yokota to contact him if someone asks for the key .

Yokota thought that there was no chance of that ever happening so he agreed half jokingly. But now that it had happened, Yokota quickly contacted Ikusaba.

  「Keep this as a token of gratitude, it isn’t much.」

  「Eh! This much! Is it really ok to keep all this!?」

Yokota was surprised looking at the money handed by Ikusaba. 

  「I might ask for a personal favour again so please help me out then.」

  「Yes, sure. You can ask for anything!」

Yokota, who had received a large sum, started admiring Ikusaba more than before. 

  「I didn’t expect someone like Ikusaba-san to ask about the key. Is there anything special about it?」

Yokota asked but as soon as he did that he felt his heart beating faster with fear. 

  「It isn’t something that you need to know.」

Ikusaba who was smiling a moment ago was glaring at him.

  「S..s.. sorry.」

Yokota lowered his head quickly.

  「So what should I do now? I gave the key to them so I can’t give it to you today.」

  「You don’t have to worry about that.」

Ikusaba was holding a key in his hand, a key Yokota was familiar with.

  「Eh, where did you get it from?」

  「I borrowed it from the office where you work. You don’t have to worry about it, I’ll return it once I’m done.」

Ikusaba smiled and started walking away after waving lightly at Yokota. 

  「Good job.」

  「Now then, let’s see who it is that’s trying to get my prey.」

Ikusaba started walking towards the mall with a bold smile on his face.


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