Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 7.10


 「Iku…Ikusaba…san. I have a request…. Please….me. 」

  「Hm? What did you just say? 」

  「…..give it…」

  「I can’t hear you, Yama-kun. 」

Ikusaba dropped his guard and lowered his head towards me.

Come, come, come, my right hand has died but I still have my left hand. One of my lungs has been crushed and I can barely move but my mouth still moves. It is enough to push you into hell. Lower your head a bit more and I’ll grab that neck of yours with my left hand and bite it off with my mouth.

Even if I was destined to die miserably, I would never run away! I’ll struggle till the end and I will defend what I want to defend! That’s who I am, that’s Yama Juugo for you.

A little, a little bit more…


Suddenly there was a loud noise of the gunshot and it startled me. Ikusaba lifted his head up, glared at the source of the sound and smiled.

  「So you even had a gun with you, quite the scary lady. 」

  「Be relieved, it’s a customized model gun. The bullets are rubber bullets so you won’t die even if you get shot, although it would really hurt to get hit by one of these. 」

The supersleuth, Ikkyuu Tensai, pointed the gun at Ikusaba.

  「Hm, so you are going to threaten me with that? It lacks impact for a last resort. 」

  「You rather need to thank me, Juugo was planning on doing something worse. 」

Ikusaba looked down at me after hearing what Tensai had said.

Curse you, don’t say unnecessary things like that, Tensai!

  「Now them, I have a suggestion for you. 」

  「And what would that be? 」

  「Let’s end it all here.」

  「Ha, that’s a convenient deal for you. Do you think I would let you guys go just like that? 」

  「Yeah, I think you would. It’s over now. 」

  「You can end it for yourself, I’m going to go till the end now that I’m here. 」

Ikusaba forced his foot further on my right elbow.

  「Gu, gaa…a! 」

I couldn’t hold back my scream because of the pain. Tensai grinned at Ikusaba who had a cruel smile.

  「Will you be fine with that? I have already figured out what your ability is. 」

Ikusaba froze.

  「What do you mean? 」

  「That ability is of Nanana’s collection, am I right? 」

  「So what? If you know what it is then say it, what’s this ability? 」

  「Unfortunately I can’t say it. 」

Ikusaba sighed.

  「Seems like it’s a bluff again. 」

  「That isn’t it, I have a reason why I can’t say it. Since not saying it is my bargaining chip. 」

  「What do you mean by that? 」

  「I demand only one thing which is the end of this fight. That we don’t fight anymore, that we don’t steal from each other anymore and end it. But it would be difficult to do so if I speak out about your ability. 」

  「Mhm? 」

Ikusaba stared at Tensai after listening to her.

  「Seems like I have caught your attention, do you want me to continue? 」

  「Interesting, you may continue. 」

Tensai started talking while pointing the gun at Ikusaba.

  「The situation if observed may look as if you are overpowering Juugo but that isn’t the case. It’s just that with the grace of that ability you are overpowering him. 」

  「That’s just you playing on words. The only thing that matters is that I have the upper hand here. 」

  「That’s true but we can also say that if you lose that ability you will lose your superiority. Juugo will show his fangs once again. 」

Ikusaba sneered at Tensai who was smiling boldly.

  「What can this half dead guy do? He can only…… 」

  「Well, let’s not go in to bluffs like that. It’s just a waste of time. I already know your ability. The fact that I know it is enough. 」

Ikusaba stared at Tensai grudgingly since she cut his words.

  「Then you can tell everyone about my ability. Since, wouldn’t that mean your victory? 」

  「I can’t say that for sure that’s why I want to end the fight here. 」

  「What do you mean by that? 」

  「If I let the cat out of the bag, Juugo would win but if I was asked if his victory is assured then the answer would be no. That’s because I can’t deny the possibility of you having another hidden card just like that ability. 」


  「Like you said before, the fight between you and Juugo is a grueling fight. You guys won’t stop fighting till either of you is dead. But this situation isn’t very favorable for me. It’s because I would have to deal with the consequences of your fight. 」

  「And what’s that? 」

  「It’s an inference from now on, would I be safe if I figure out more of your tricks? I figured out the ability of shadow fins before and it seems like you are really cautious when it comes to not letting others know about the abilities of Nanana’s collections you use. 」


  「Let me say it clearly.  I am afraid of you. I don’t want to see more weird things that I have been shown without my consent. I want to avoid the possibility of bearing the risks that don’t come with any benefit. So, I am suggesting that we should end this fight here and now. 」

  「Do.. don’t mess with me, Tensai! T.. tell me what his ability is and I’ll kill him for sure! 」

I shouted at Tensai and she shook her head.

  「Sorry about that, I despise this thing called gambling. I don’t intend on listening to you till I can be sure of the result. 」

  「Are you telling me that you can’t trust me? 」

  「Yeah, I can’t trust you. I haven’t fallen low enough to trust someone who is laying on the ground miserably. I can trust the man who is stepping on you more than I can trust you, Juugo.」

I heard her and I didn’t feel anger, I felt frustration surpassing my anger.

  「Seems like you got rejected, Yama-kun. 」

  「S.. shut up. 」

  「Now let’s go back to our conversation. What I meant to say was this. 」

Tensai then threw away the gun and raised her hands.

  「That, please let us go. 」

Ikusaba laughed at Tensai’s performance. It seemed like he was amused by it.

  「It seems like you are quite full of yourself. 」

  「Ignore it, that’s just how I am. 」

  「What if I reject your offer? 」

  「Then I would act in order to protect my life. A cornered rat will bite a cat, I don’t have any ability to fight but I can give advice to that man laying over there. It would be a gamble from that point onwards. If you have other hidden abilities then it is probable that we would lose but there is a possibility of us winning too. But if you don’t have any other hidden ability then I’ll tell that guy over there about your ability and then it would be the end of you. 」

  「Hm, that’s a fine threat. 」

  「It isn’t a threat, it’s the reality. I wish to bet on my possibility to live as I wish, it is no more and no less than that. 」

  「You are pretty desperate aren’t you. 」

  「Yeah since I don’t intend on risking my life for something silly like this. I want to compete on a higher stage. 」

  「We are on the same page regarding that matter, it isn’t worth the risk. 」

  「Seems like we are on a mutual agreement. So, what’s your answer? 」

  「Sure, it’s the end of the fight. 」

  「There is one more term, promise that you wouldn’t approach Yoshino Saki anymore. 」

  「Oh about that, sure. Since I don’t want to be mistaken for a stalker anymore. Are you satisfied now?」

  「Yeah that’s enough for now.」

  「Come to think about it, I haven’t asked you your name yet. Will you do the courtesy of telling me your name, lady? 」

Ikusaba inquired and Tensai boldly declared.

  「My name is Ikkyuu Tensai and I’m a supersleuth. 」

Ikusaba laughed amusingly looking at Tensai who was standing straight, proudly throwing out her chest and pointing her finger at herself.

  「I see, I’ll remember that name of yours, splendiferous supersleuth. 」

  「What’s your name? 」

  「We have been fighting for a while, I thought you already knew my name. 」

  「I know your name but you haven’t told it to me yet. 」

  「I see, then I’ll tell my name. My name is Ikusaba Hiiyo. 」

  「What’s your real name? 」

  「It’s Ikusaba Hiiyo? 」

  「Alright, I’ll keep that in my mind. 」

After Ikusaba was done telling his name, he looked down at me.

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