Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 7.11


  「Seems like your life just got saved, Yama-kun. You need to thank your wonderful girlfriend for that. 」

  「Damn you…I won’t forget this…Ikusaba Hiiyo. 」

  「That’s my line, Yama Juugo. I will admit this though, you are my enemy. Let’s fight next time till we both are satisfied with the outcome. 」

Ikusaba Hiiyo laughed and went away.

Ikusaba was no longer in the room and Tensai came closer.

  「Juugo, are you fine? …..well the answer is obvious, you don’t seem fine. 」

I glared at Tensai who was looking down at me.

  「What’s up with those rebellious eyes? 」

  「You are talking too much. Shut up! 」

  「So, you didn’t like me interfering in your fight huh? 」

  「…..It’s not like that. 」

  「It’s a draw this time, be satisfied with the outcome for now. 」

It feels like she can read my mind and that doesn’t feel good. So, I decided to change the subject.

  「So, tell me. What’s really up with all this? 」

What is the mysterious ability that he did to my body? I asked that since Tensai seems to have figured it out. Tensai answered as if it was nothing.  「I have no idea. 」

 「Wha! So, what was all of that!? 」

  「Yeah, it was a bluff. So me saying that I don’t trust you was a sort of a bluff too, be relieved. 」

  「Idiot…I wasn’t worried about that at all! 」

  「I see, then it is fine.」

Tensai replied without caring much.

  「You are quite the gambler to bet on such a bluff huh. 」

  「It isn’t like that, I had rationale behind that. 」

  「A rationale? 」

  「I had been observing him and the ability was overwhelmingly strong. It was a one-sided fight after he started using it. He could beat up his opponent one-sidedly just like this. 」

She started to slap me and she continued explaining.

  「But then it gives rise to a question. The question being ‘why didn’t he use it at first if he had such a strong ability?’ 」

  「Because it was his trump card? 」

  「Yes, it was his trump card. He didn’t have to use it but he could’ve used it any time. He could have used it when his shadow diving ability was no longer a secret and he got countered. He could have used it when Ibara-dono was beating him up. But he used it at the end when he was close to losing, when he ran away but got caught by you. This is really strange. 」

  「I get it but it doesn’t seem strange to me.」

  「It is strange, as strange as your fetish for glasses. In Yuiga-dono’s words Ikusaba values efficiency and I can conclude from observing him that Yuiga-dono isn’t wrong about it since he is using words like: It isn’t worth it. It’s hard to believe that he was keeping his trump card for the end like that. I can’t believe that he would do something which isn’t efficient like hiding his ability till he was beaten nearly to death. I thought about it and drew a hypothesis. Ikusaba Hiiyo said that fighting anymore is futile and tried to get away but some idiot who can’t read the situation assaulted him. Ikusaba was already badly injured and didn’t have the energy to fight back the insensitive idiot. As a result, he had to take a risk. Thus that ability. 」

  「What do you mean?」

  「What I mean is that he was the rat and you were the cat. And the rat bit the cat. That’s the result we got. We don’t know about his ability yet but Ikusaba who wants things to be efficient didn’t want to use it so we can deduce that it had some sort of flaw and he didn’t want to use it but he had no choice. As a result, we got to that point. Which means that…」

  「Which means that? 」

  「It was his final trump card. It would’ve been his end if we had countered it. That’s why he had to agree to my terms and that’s all. 」

I was baffled at how much she could explain. It is quite amazing how she analyzed all this and overcame the situation. My confidence in her amazing abilities was restored.

  「Fuu, I feel refreshed now. 」

  「What do you mean? 」

  「I didn’t get a chance to be a detective this time so I feel god that I was able to talk this much. It’s really fun explaining stuff. 」

I was appalled.

  「Now that I’m done, there is a good news for you. 」

  「Huh? What is it? 」

  「You can see the panties of Ibara-dono who’s laying there. 」

Oi, oi, what is she saying in a time like this…..

  「Eh, where! Where is she? Cough, cough, cough! 」

I coughed and moved my aching body; my right elbow is still in extreme pain!

  「Of course it is a lie, you mega pervert. 」

  「Curse you, Tensai! …..What the hell are you doing!」

  「As you can see, I am touching your cracked elbow. 」

I let my gaze off her trying to find Ibara-senpai and she took the advantage of the opportunity and started touching my elbow. I started screaming after she touched where it hurt.

  「It really hurts so stop! 」

  「Does it really hurt that much? 」

  「Yeah, isn’t it obvious! It is broken! 」

  「I see, then I’ll touch it more. 」


  「Gaaaaaaa……! 」

It’s bad, I screamed too much….I can’t breathe. It’s bad… consciousness…it’s fading….

  「Pass out already. I’ll clear the ruin so you don’t need to worry about it. 」

Tensai said it with confidence and I remembered what she said before. She had screamed about the puzzle’s secret when Ikusaba dove into the shadows.

  「All things considered, I’m glad that you are safe Juugo. 」

She smiled gently and although I was short on breath I panicked with embarrassment.

Why, why are you laughing so cutely!

  「If you die here, I would lose a rival. 」

Tensai grinned boldy after that. That’s what it looked like to me. After thinking that I let go of my consciousness.


  「Ikusaba-san. 」

Ikusaba, who was walking in the passage, stopped and looked back after hearing a voice from behind.

  「What do you want, 4 eyes?.」

It was Yuiga Isshin who had followed him.

  「I wanted to tell you something.」

  「What is it? 」

  「There wasn’t anything I wished for when I was in the first adventurers’ club. I was one of the adventurer club’s members and I felt like a champion just being there. Remaining as a member of the club was a sort of a desire I had. But I realized that I was just mimicking you and Konjou-senpai. But I decided to look away from that. I was shocked when I received these glasses from Konjou-senpai at the end of the first club. She knew about me all along and it wasn’t only her, you and other seniors knew too. That I was an imposter who was there without wishing for anything. 」

  「Aren’t you the same? 」

  「No. 」

Isshin answered immediately and Ikusaba stared at his junior.

  「So, tell me. What do you desire? 」

  「I wish to surpass you all and be the best. 」

  「What do you mean by that? 」

  「Ikusaba Hiiyo, Konjou Kasumi, Amagi Taisei, and more. The challengers in this Nanae Island who want to clear the ruins and collect the Nanana’s collections. I want to surpass all those challengers who I think are better than me. That’s what I desire. 」

  「So, you want to collect Nanana’s collections for that? 」

  「If I don’t do that, I will remain inferior to you guys. I won’t be able to erase my feelings that admit that I am inferior. As long as there is this feeling I wouldn’t be able to think of myself as the number one. I wouldn’t be anyone other than someone who’s always looking at someone else’s back. 」

And Yuiga Isshin told Ikusaba Hiiyo what he wanted.

  「I want a world where nobody is ahead of me. 」

  「So, you plan on surpassing us and becoming the best. 」

  「Although I’ve recently encountered juniors that I feel like I should beat. 」

Ikusaba thought of two of his juniors that he had fought moments ago. Ikusaba laughed after hearing his honest answer.

  「I’ve told you this before that I don’t have any right to stop anyone who wants to do something and I don’t intend on stopping either. Best of luck to you. 」

Ikusaba said that and stepped into the shadow that had formed nearby.

  「See you again, Yuiga. 」

Isshin relaxed his face after Ikusaba disappeared.

  「Was I able to say it clearly this time? 」

Whenever he faced Ikusaba he cowered and was unable to speak up. But now he could tell Ikusaba how he felt without any fear. That’s probably because he felt that he beat Ikusaba in this fight. To be precise he was able to make Ikusaba retreat with the help of Juugo and others.

Isshin wouldn’t be able to do anything on his own. Thus, he didn’t think that he had surpassed Ikusaba. He is still behind Ikusaba and he can only chase his back.

  「But someday I’ll surpass you. 」

And for that, Isshin had decided what he needed to do.

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