Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 7.4


Kagetora had a grin on his face for some reason. D’arc shook his hand. 

  「You see…..I don’t want to do it for anyone else but Tensai.」

  「Hm, that one was extra erotic.」

  「Eh? What did you just say?」

  「Don’t worry about it, it’s just me talking to myself. 」

Kagetora seemed satisfied and D’arc tilted his head at that. Kagetora muttered. 

  「But I can understand how you feel, there is someone that I want to serve regardless of the money.」

  「Are you talking about president Yuiga?」

Kagetora smiled bitterly at that. 

  「Well, who knows.」

He was dodging D’arc’s question but from the looks of his kind smile D’arc thought that it was President Yuiga who Kagetora wanted to serve. 

  「I get it, since President Yuiga is kind and thinks about everyone.」

  「I never said a word about it being Isshin….But yeah. I think Isshin has the qualities to be a good leader. I’m just stating a general opinion.」

  「I understand. President Yuiga is someone that people can rely on.」

D’arc thought of how Isshin has been considerate. 

  「This conversation needs to stay between the two of us, don’t tell anyone about this.」

Kagetora-senpai has a grumpy expression but D’arc thought that he was just being a bit shy. 

  「Yes, it is a secret between the two of us.」

D’arc smiled merrily. 

  「Hm, Hoshino-kouhai. You are without any doubt, erotic.」

  「Eh, wha, wha what are you saying!?」

D’arc panicked, his face turning red upon hearing that suddenly. 

  「I have been sensing it since we started our conversation, it seems like you have a natural ability to be erotic. Keep up the good work.」

Kagetora with his arms crossed grinned nihilistically. 

  「W.. what kind of natural ability is that!」

Tsurezure Kagetora is a ninja that remains in the dark and does not show himself. But he doesn’t hide his thoughts and is brutally honest to the level that it can be considered sexual harassment. Also he doesn’t when saying such things to girls. 

  「Duck, Hoshino-kouhai!」

D’arc’s head got pressed down suddenly and it startled him. 

  「W.. what happened, Tsurezure-senpai?」

  「Keep quiet, it’s Ikusaba Hiiyo.」


  「Ikusaba Hiiyo is here.」

D’arc finally understood what he meant and was surprised by that. 

  「W.. where is he?」

He carefully lifted his head up and looked at the direction Kagetora was pointing at. A man wearing a flashy coat was walking there. 

  「Is he Ikusaba-san?」

  「Yeah, but what is he doing in a place like this?」

Both of them could only imagine bad reasons for Ikusaba Hiiyo to be here. And they were right about it. 

  「Tsu.. Tsurezure-senpai, Ikusaba-san went into that athletic apparel shop!」

  「Khuh. The timing couldn’t have any worse than this.」

  「We need to hurry up and let Tensai and others know about this.」

Kagetora hurriedly took out his phone after hearing that and called Isshin. 

  「…..The call isn’t connecting?」

It said that the person was out of signal range. He ended the call and then called Yuu. After Yuu he tried Jyuugo and Tensai, but it didn’t connect and the phone said that they were all out of range.

  「Seems like the whole area underground is out of range. I hadn’t thought about that at all. I sent them a text message but I don’t think it would reach them.」

  「W.. what should we do now? Tsurezure-senpai?」

  「…..It’s unfortunate but we can’t do anything about it. We have no other option than to trust them and wait.」

Kagetora and Tensai kept looking at Ikusaba Hiiyo as he went into that changing room, they waited but he never came out of it. 


  「So, we’ve finally arrived.」

The room with the treasure was a spacious circular room. But it was a bit different from the rest of the rooms and had multiple pillars. It was like some sort of temple. In the center of that room was a familiar treasure box. 

  「We arrived here quicker than I had expected.」

After crossing four rooms we reached the end point of the left side and then we passed through four more rooms but the only room with a trap was the fifth room. The rooms after that were like the first two rooms without any traps. We went through a total of eight rooms but there were only 3 rooms with traps. It was quite easy but there was a reason behind it. I observed the trapless rooms before heading out and saw that there were signs of traps having been activated, so it seems like they weren’t trapless but instead someone had cleared them before we did.

  「So, President Yuiga hasn’t reached here yet.」  

  「Ikusaba Hiiyo isn’t here either.」

In the three possibilities that Tensai suggested, there was a possibility of Ikusaba-san being in the ruin but it seems like that wasn’t the case. 

What could this possibly mean? If it was Ikusaba-san who had cleared the trap rooms leading to this room then why is the treasure box still here? Or is it that he has already cleared the ruin and the treasure box is already empty? But if that’s the case then why are some of the traps still left? If he has cleared the ruin and taken the treasure out of the box then all the traps should be disabled and if he had put something else in the box after he took out the treasure then all the traps should reactivate. So, we can assume that someone left halfway before it was cleared. 

But if that’s the case then why has it been left like this?

I kept thinking about the possibilities and realized why it was left like this when I came near the treasure box. 

  「Seems like there is one more trap left and it’s the worst of them all.」

Tensai grinned. 

The treasure box was the same treasure box that we encountered in the previous ruins but it’s lid had a big, square plate on it and it seemed like that plate worked as a lock. 

The plate was divided into sixty four squares(eight x eight) and it had different pieces inside like a puzzle. It only had one empty space without a piece, I slid in a piece from the square near it without thinking much and the piece slid in and fit perfectly. 

  「I have seen a puzzle like this before, you have to slide the pieces in order to complete the picture.」

  「It seems like it.」

  「Come to think of it, this one has a lot of pieces so it will be hard to solve this.」

I have seen three x three or four x four but I have never encountered eight x eight one before, isn’t this a bit too much?

  「It isn’t just that, Jyuugo.」

  「What is it, Tensai?」

Tensai pointed at the plate and said, 「What is the picture we need to complete by moving these pieces?」


The Isshin/Yuu pair who went right from the first branching point were crossing the third room without encountering any trap. 

  「I see, I’ve grasped most of the ruins architecture. It is bit difficult to know due to the passages but this ruin seems to be grid-patterned.」

Isshin imagined a slanted Go board. It’s corner point is the starting point which was the branching point. Between the next point and that point lies a line and there is a room in the center of the line. After crossing the room, you reach the next point where you need to decide which way to go. So, if you choose a different path at the first point and if you choose a path opposite to the first path after crossing the room then you can meet up with the other team.

  「Excuse me Isshin-sama, but shouldn’t we hurry up a little?」 

There was a reason behind Yuu telling him to make a haste while he was analyzing things calmly. Isshin had been inspecting the walls of the passage carefully and was moving sluggishly so the pace at which they were moving was really slow.

  「You don’t need to worry about it Yuu, we can leave the clearing of the ruin to those two.」 

  「But me cellphone is out of range now so, I think we should hurry and meet up with them.」

  「No worries. Those two are definitely stuck at some point too since this ruin quite difficult to clear it is something that even Ikusaba-san hasn’t been able to clear yet.」

Isshin said it confidently and Yuu decided to ask something that had been bothering her for a while. 

  「It seems like you have been searching something, may I ask what it is?」

  「A sign.」

  「A sign?」

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