Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Chapter 7.8


He brushed off president Yuiga’s fist and delivered a counter in ret

But Ikusaba had lost his composure thus he couldn’t think straight. 

Throwing him on the floor was totally ineffective and even if I throw him I’m the one who gets hurt. 

Thoughts such as those had taken control of Ikusaba’s mind and he was perceiving Juugo who was in front of him as someone to be feard. As a result the offensive strategy Ikusaba took was the one that would hurt him the least, he chose to dive into the shadow and fight. He immediately jumped into the shadow. He couldn’t dive for long but the element of surprise was with him and if he catches the opponent off guard then he can attack one-sidedly. This time he didn’t take long and came out of the shadow of the pillar at the right side immediately. 

  「Welp, A for effort.」 

Juugo turned towards him as soon as he came out and delivered a blow again. It was the same as the last time, his timing was perfect. 

How could this be possible? How can he see what I’m doing!?

  「How could this be possible? How can he see what I’m doing!?」

He looked at the source of the voice and saw Yuiga Isshin laying against the treasure chest. Ikusaba looked at his junior who was glaring at him with crimson eyes biting his fingers. 

What is this about? What is four eyes saying?

  「What is this about? What is four eyes saying?」 

This was the moment when Ikusaba Hiiyo understood what was going on. 

Did he… this can’t be…

  「That’s exactly how it is, Ikusaba-san.」 

Isshin gave an answer to what Ikusaba was thinking and he grinned. 

So, he didn’t just read my movements but also read my thought process using Gilbert Baram’s Mimic glasses!

  「That’s correct.」 

He instantly understood the mechanism behind everything. 

Yama-kun was able to know the precise timing of my attacks because of four eyes ability. 

And four eyes told him directly using his voice. 

This means that another flaw of his ability wasn’t a secret anymore, being in the shadow world is the same as being under water. No, it’s more than that when it comes to sound since it doesn’t travel in the shadow at all from the outer world. But what did they come to know? 

Then he remembered. 

That woman’s question. The question that Tensai asked moments ago, that useless question must have had some sort of a hidden trick and his secret got out when he answered. He understood it but there was one thing he couldn’t wrap his head around. 

  「Nanana didn’t say a single word about that Mimic glasses having such ability!」  

  「I didn’t know about it either but when I tried doing it, I was able to.」 


  「It’s true that Nanana-san teaches us how to use Nanana’s collection.But she only teaches the basics so it seems like usage is pretty flexible. But that flexibility comes with a price. It’s giving me a severe headache. 」 

Isshin laughed painfully and Ikusaba started grinding his teeth. 

Ikusaba was a part of the first Adventurer’s club so he was one of the few people who had gotten briefed about Gilbert Baram’s Mimic glasses’ ability directly from Nanana. 

After hearing about it’s ability, he came to the conclusion that it was worthless. Iit can only mimic people. If you are superior to the other person then there is no need to mimic a person who is inferior to you. So, in short it is trash that is of no use to him. 

  「That’s the result of you looking down on it like that. You missed the possibly Gilbert Baram’s Mimic glasses held. Well, I can’t speak about others since I wasn’t able to think of it till now. Ikusaba-san, maybe there were Nanana collection just like this one in the ones you looked down upon and treated them like a trash.」 

He couldn’t deny it. A couple of Nanana collections came to Ikusaba after it was pointed out by Isshin. 

Isshin, who had traced Ikusaba’s thoughts and feelings, grinned. 

  「As expected from you, you really are an amazing person. You were far more talented than me, smarter than I am and are strong. I admired you for all that. But even so….you are going to lose today. You are going to lose to me who you looked down upon. You’ll be defeated miserably while being bitter about me pointing out something that you didn’t even think about.」 

Isshin chuckled and that chuckle pierced his heart. Ikusaba shouted at Isshin from the bottom of his belly to Isshin, who had read his thoughts and emotions and had pointed out the thing that hurt him the most. 

  「You shitty four eyes! Don’t do dare be condescending towards me. You are a mere small fry!」 

He dove into the shadow nearby and swam straight towards the treasure chest. He jumped out and assaulted Isshin. Isshin didn’t even care to look at Ikusaba who pounced at him from his back, he sat down and muttered. 

  「I feel like I was finally able to beat you.」 

It was when Isshin finally noticed the person charging at him. 

  「What the hell do you think you are doing to Isshin-sama!」 

Yama Juugo wasn’t near Isshin when Ikusaba dove into the shadow. But Ibara Yuu was waiting for him and it was definitely a plan devised by Yuiga Isshin. Yuu had a carnivorous smile as her fist approached Ikusaba. Ikusaba realized that he had fallen for Isshin provocation. 



  「President Yuiga!」

I shouted reflexively and president Yuiga, who was leaning on the treasure box, raised his hand. It seemed like he was having a tough time breathing and was in agony. 

I immediately looked at Ibara-senpai and Ikusaba. Ibara-senpai was on the offensive even after that blow, delivering punch after punch. Ikusaba on other hand was still groggy after recieving a blow on the chin when he leapt out of the shadow and Ibara-senpai was taking advantage of the situation and delivering a barrage of blows. 

  「Take this!」

Ikusaba staggered after receiving a blow from the side. Ibara-senpai saw that and decided to deliver a finishing blow. 

  「I was waiting for this.」

Ikusaba’s eyes started to glow. Ikusaba captured Ibara-senpai’s large swing and proceeded to smash her onto the floor. It was the third time that Ibara-senpai was thrown like that, she groaned and it seems like she couldn’t get up anymore. I tried to run towards them immediately but it seems like Ikusaba has no intention of attacking her anymore. He was out of breath and looking at me. 

He muttered, 「It’s time to stop.」

  「What do you mean?」

Ikusaba raised his hands, spat blood on the floor, and then started walking towards his jacket. 

  「Honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be this hard. It isn’t worth the effort so what I am saying is that I’m going to fall back.」

  「The hell you mean by that? I don’t get it!」

  「What I mean is that there is no merit when it comes to defeating you guys. I don’t have anything to gain in particular even if I defeat you guys.」

Tensai squinted her eyes. 

  「So, you are going to give up the Nanana’s collection in that treasure box?」

  「No, I don’t intend on doing that. I don’t believe that she has solved the puzzle so, I believe that you guys can’t open that box. In short, I’m saying that I’m going to leave you all here.」

  「So you are going to run away like a sore loser?」

  「You can say whatever you want, Yama-kun. I don’t like doing useless things, I work based on my own judgement.」

Ikusaba said that and started walking towards the passage. 

Seems like he really is going to go away like this. 

Oi, oi, oi…..

  「Hey, wait! What even is that! Damn you, don’t fuck with me Ikusaba! Do you really think that I’m going to let you get away like this! We aren’t done yet! We haven’t made clear who has the upper hand yet!」

I kept shouting at him and Ikusaba smiled. 

  「That’s quite passionate of you, Yama-kun. But if you want to do something like that, feel free to do so all by yourself. I don’t intend on doing anything here anymore.」

Ikusaba was no longer in his fighting mode and that made me further enraged. Hey, hey, hey, what’s up with that, how can he go away after all this. 

  「Don’t fuck with me!」

I leapt at him at once, Ikusaba took a stance and tried fighting back. 

  「You are such a stubborn brat, I’m telling you that we are done.」

  「It’s just you spewing bullshit one-sidedly! We aren’t done yet!」 

I punched him with all my might and he was staggered.

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