Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Epilogue 1.1



Ikusaba Hiiyo had escaped using the power of the Shadow Fins, which allowed the user to swim through the shadows to a predetermined point. In order to calm his uncontrolled breaths, he sat down in a corner of the shed he used as a refuge. Then he remembered something Isshin had said to him a bit ago.

「Even though it’s said that If you bring together Nanana’s Collection it can grant you anything that you wish, out of all things what I long for was confidence in myself.」

That would be the actual thing Yuiga Isshin had been wanting. It was pretty lame, if I say so myself. But for Isshin it probably wasn’t. If you asked Ikusaba, the man named Yuiga Isshin was a talentless and mediocre person. He only used the techniques of others that had been imprinted from his glasses. He wasn’t able to do anything on his own. And Ikusaba knew that Isshin himself strongly felt that. However, Isshin was still not trying to do anything about it. Knowing such a thing, he was still composed and smiling shallowly. That’s why to Ikusaba, Isshin was a shitty four-eyes.

However, in the year since Ikusaba had known him, Isshin seemed to have changed.

「That means he overcame the message Kasumi left him, I guess.」

Even though you were just hiding behind our backs and imitating us, don’t go thinking you’re the same as all of us, little first-year brat.

That was what Konjou Kasumi had left Yuiga Isshin when she left, along with that Nanana Collection. How ironic.

「Good grief, Kasumi really was one to say such things.」

She would push her beliefs onto others. She was in every way straightforward, in every way unshakable and in every way dazzling.

That was exactly why the first generation of the adventure club had formed. It was because every one of the club members liked Konjou Kasumi. And even Ikusaba had received a Nanana Collection from her. He had not asked for one but got it anyway. However, Ikusaba did have an idea as to what her intent had been. That is why he sold it.

Because any intent to change himself according to that advice of hers was absolutely not present in Ikusaba Hiiyo. Ikusaba Hiiyo would not waver. In every way straightforward, and in every way full of greed, he continued to push his way forward down the road he himself believed was right.

That is why the second generation of the Adventure Club was promptly destroyed. No, you could say it had never really taken shape. And as for the third generation of the Adventure Club…. what would become of it?

「Oh well, it won’t really turn out to be anything decent.」

However, there were some interesting people that had joined. Ikkyuu Tensai and Yama Juugo.

As he remembered that guy’s face, his eye fell onto the ring on his own right index finger. 《The Grim Reaper’s Whispering》from Nanana’s Collection. This ability, which let you cast a powerful suggestion on a chosen target, was immensely effective in one-on-one combat. However, in a fight of one against many, there was also a chance this effect could be disabled. Because of that, he tried to use it as little as possible. After all, a suggestion was only a suggestion. If it was found out by the opponents that it was only that, the effect would wear off. With just that, this ring would become useless.

In today’s fight, he had ended up having to use this power that he decided he would absolutely not use. Ikusaba felt that he had been driven into a corner for the first time in a long while.

「I guess the difficulty level of this battle rose again.」

The corners of Ikusaba’s mouth went up. However, those lips quickly tightened together again.

「『In the case Ikusaba Hiiyo challenges one of the Ruins, he will definitely run away and create shadows using light in a place with few people around. That would be the best place to aim for him.』it’s indeed exactly as Sanada Fumika said.」

That voice put him on guard. And the one who appeared before him was a woman with long black hair. Her face held a dignified beauty, but somehow sheltered a coldness.

Who is this woman?

Ikusaba strengthened his alertness, but he didn’t notice the other woman that had appeared behind him until the last moment.

「Na- There is now way! How can you be here, Nanana!」

Standing there was Ryuugajou Nanana. The strongest and worst earth-bound ghost that haunted room 202 in Happiness Dormitories.

Ridiculous, this is impossible. It should not be possible.

However there was no mistaking that she was there.

Faced with that impossible to accept reality, the course of action that the confused Ikusaba took was to escape the situation. Through a shadow that he had prepared as an exit so that he could escape from these Ruins, he dived into the world of shadows for a second time. He swam through the shadows with all his might. For the purpose of fleeing from a situation, the 《Shadow Fins》were quite effective.

However, soon after he dove into the shadows, for the first time he saw the shadow world getting wrapped in light. What?

As he looked over his shoulder, Ikusaba opened his eyes wide in astonishment. In the shadow world, where nobody but him was supposed to be able to enter, an intruder had entered. There were countless chains emitting a radiant light. The chains wrapped around Ikusaba’s body and constrained him. Just like that, he was forcibly pulled back into the outside world.

「Guwa, wha- what the heck?!」

Ikusaba, who had been bound by countless chains of light that sprouted from the wall of the shed, floated a few centimeters above the floor. He was completely bound to the wall.

「Well that is of course, the power of Nanana’s Collection.」

 The one who answered this was Ryuugajou Nanana, who had stabbed something into the wall next to him. It was a golden chisel. And he could easily understand that the golden chains that were binding him were the power of that chisel.

However, more importantly, a question mark appeared above Ikusaba’s head when he heard Nanana’s voice.

「A man’s voice?」

「I mean, I can’t help that I haven’t heard the voice of this girl yet. However, judging from that abnormally frightened behaviour of yours it seems that I was able to perfectly disguise myself to look like her.」

A fake, as soon as Ikusaba thought that he let out a breath of relief. However, his body was covered in an unbelievable amount of cold sweat.

The woman with the black hair stood in front of Ikusaba.

And then a fist sunk into his stomach.    

「Ugh! Wha-」

「No, 『Punch him once in exchange for intel』I’m doing this because Sanada Fumika told me that. And it is a warning. Don’t think about running away from us. For you see, you are going to have to help us out by giving us all kinds of information about Nanana’s Collection.」

When the black-haired woman said this, the fake nanana raised his voice in a panic.

「Wait a minute, Yukihime! You have to hold back a little. No matter in how much of a bad mood you are, it’s not good to go too far with this stuff.」

The woman who was called Yukihime by the fake Nanana, cast a cold glare at the fake Nanana.

「You sure are saying funny things, aren’t you, Choromatsu? What in the world could I be angry about right now?」

「Well, no but… I thought you might be quite upset because you witnessed some shocking scenes that the young master was involved in.」

「Aah, that’s what you mean? The other day in the shopping mall, when Sanada Fumika’s little brother Sanada Hajiki bought intel on the young master from you while you were disguised as a woman. The young master also happened to be there? Is this about that not yet identified girl with glasses that we witnessed hugging the young master when I was accompanying you? Pfft, I was just wondering what you would say… Why did you assume what it was like for me seeing something like that? I was absolutely not thinking about it. 」

「No, but in that instant the killing intent that you were releasing was making the air tremble in a radius of 3 meters around you, Yukihime. So there is no questioning that every single bird inhibiting this island flew off in a hustle.」「What a funny joke.」

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