Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Epilogue 1.2


Ikusaba Hiiyo had escaped using the power of the Shadow Fins, which allowed the user to swim through the shadows t

「No, I mean it!」

「I have said this over and over, but it doesn’t bother me the tiniest bit. I was not thinking about『how he said he liked me before』and I also wasn’t crying without really understanding why; nor after that did I quickly lock myself in the toilet while sobbing 『You idiot, young master』.」

「Okay, got it. I was in the wrong. So let’s just stop talking about this now, Yukihime. Since it seems like we’re discussing something that you don’t like to talk about.」

「I said it doesn’t bother me!」

「Yes, I know!」

Ikusaba, who was being completely ignored by these two people having some weird conversation, asked nervously: 「You two, who in the world are you?」

At that moment, the blackhaired girl giggled.

「You can call us 《Matsuri》」


Late at night in room 202 of Happiness Dormitories. Ryuugajou Nanana smiled at the person that boldly entered through the broken front door.

「Welcome home, Tensai-chan. Where is Juugo?」

「He is sleeping in the hospital, Nanana-dono.」

As Tensai answered this, she sat down on a cushion with a tired expression.

「You’re quite worn-out, aren’t you?」

「That’s because we almost got caught up in the collapse of the Ruins.」

Then Tensai put the new Nanana Collection they brought home on the table.

「So, what do you think? Were the Ruins difficult this time?」

「The treasure chest at the end was a little bit of a hassle, but it wasn’t a big deal.」

「Hmmm, how did you do it?」

「First, we cooperated with Yuiga-dono. Ibara-dono carried Juugo, who was unconscious, on her shoulders out of the ruins. Like that, after D’arc and the others arranged for an ambulance to take Juugo to the hospital, we entered the Ruins once more. We opened the treasure chest and then escaped when the ruins started colapsing. However, the mechanism of the puzzle on that treasure chest was pretty mean, wasn’t it Nanana?」

「Oh, was it?」

「I mean, that 8 by 8 picture matching puzzle was just a bluff. It was no more than decoration. A dummy that was easy to remove even if you did practically nothing. In actuality the treasure chest wasn’t even locked in the first place.」

「Wow, that’s pretty mean yes.」

「Before reaching up to that point, the challengers of these ruins have to always solve 8 simple game-like mechanisms, no matter which route they take. Which means that this gets imprinted in your brain; the pattern of the mechanisms of the ruins. And then when you actually see the treasure chest in front of you, you end up thinking that a similar puzzle-mechanism is attached to it.『The treasure chest is locked. This is the same as what you have encountered until you came here. If the puzzle isn’t solved, the treasure chest won’t open up.』Something like that. However, in reality there was no meaning in that puzzle. So, the mechanism is just that it comes off easily when you pull it. 」

「Hmmmm, so it was like that.」

「Although it was not like there was no meaning in the puzzle at all.」

「Wasn’t there?」

「That puzzle contained a hint about where the right way out of the Ruins is hidden.」

「The right way out?」

「The internal structure of those Ruins consists of layers of divided branches. The mechanism that activates after you take the Nanana’s Collection out of the treasure chest, makes it so that you can only pass through this right way out.」

「I see. That’s impressive, Tensai-chan.」

Nanana applauded her, and Tensai showed a quite satisfied expression. 

「But I really am done with ruins for a while. These ruins weren’t so perilous, and yet I’m pretty tired now. It truly doesn’t fit.」

「Fufu~ that’s very much like you, Tensai-chan.」

Nanana had been listening to Tensai’s story and enjoying it with a smile. Then Tensai asked her:

「Say, Nanana-dono. You know all the places where the Ruins are hidden and all the mechanisms behind them, don’t you?」

「Hmmm, who knows?」

Nanana just laughed when she answered this and Tensai gave a bitter smile.

「Anyways, let’s pretend you do for now. I’ll cut straight to the point, what is this Nanana Collection called? Please tell me. I have to explain it to Yuiga-dono and the others tomorrow.」

「Of course……. by the way, Tensai-chan.」

「What is it, Nanana-dono?」

「Is this really the one that was in those Ruins?」

Tensai raised one of her brows when Nanana pointed at the Nanana’s Collection that was placed on top of the table?

「What do you mean by that, Nanana-dono?」

「Oh no, I’m sorry. It’s nothing. It seems like I asked something weird. Let’s see, this is hmm….」

Just like that, Nanana spent some time explaining what it was. Then, it was Nanana’s turn to ask Tensai a question.

「So, Tensai-chan. Did something happen when you guys challenged the Ruins today? This time Juugo didn’t really tell me anything, you know. And I really think he is hiding something from me.」

Tensai crossed her arms upon seeing Nanana act so sullenly.

「Hmmm, I wonder. Nothing that happened was really out of place. Though, if I must say something: we had a confrontation with another person who is not from the Adventure Club, for the first time. 」

「Oh? Who was it?」

「A dude called Ikusaba Hiiyo.」

Nanana was startled when she heard that name. However, she quickly recovered. 「Oh, I see. So that’s how it was.」And she smiled happily.

「Huh? What are you laughing about, Nanana-dono?」

「Nothing in particular. Say, Tensai-chan. Do you want to make a bet?」

Nanana raised her index finger and looked like she was having fun.


「I see, so you say one of your lungs collapsed and your right elbow was broken.」

The time was Friday evening, and the place was my regular neighborhood doctor’s office. It seems like I was carried away from South Red Mall in an ambulance.  I don’t know what sequence of events led to that happening, but for some reason I had been hospitalized in his private practice that was in the neighborhood. Where I am now in the examination room. And sitting before me is the doctor that I have to say is an acquaintance by now.

I confirmed the question from the doctor.

「What about it?」

「I just wonder how it all healed?」

The results that I got after a thorough physical examination, which had taken the entire day: the X-ray and CT scan both showed no abnormalities.

One night after the fight with Ikusaba my body was, apart from some bruises and sprains, in a completely healthy state.

「Is your brain healthy, kid? What are you doing? Are you telling me lies like this because you are feeling lonely? It’s not like I don’t get those kinds of teen problems, but could you stop coming to me for that?」

This doctor really said something outrageous to a patient just now. I don’t think this is something she’s supposed to say to someone who’s life she should be saving.

「For now, can you just go home please?」

This might be a really skilled doctor, but absolutely unsympathetic. Those were my honest thoughts.

All in all, I was released from the hospital in merely one day.

「Congrats on getting out of the hospital!」

And the one waiting for me at the entrance of the hospital was the great detective.

「Are you saying that for real?」

「I am, of course, saying this out of politeness.」

It’s really a tough world, isn’t it?

Then the two of us moved to a nearby park and sat down on one of the benches. Tensai sat down first, and I held out two aluminum cans to her that I had bought from a nearby vending machine. I didn’t make the same mistake again. Both of them were a sweet juice. She could go and pick the one she liked.

「I want to drink coffee milk. Go buy some at the nearby convenience store.」

The answer of the great detective surpassed my expectations; I suffered defeat for a third time and ended up having to drink both of the cans of juice.

「… Burp. By the way…. seriously, when did my injuries heal?」

I really had no clue.

As I sat there with my head tilted, Tensa ( who had been sipping loudly on her coffee milk) answered nonchalantly.

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