Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Epilogue 1.4


Ikusaba Hiiyo had escaped using the power of the Shadow

Oh dear, this one was really no good at telling lies.

「Okay, it’s really a Nanana Collection that will turn D’Arc into a real girl.」

「The treasure of the century has come!」

I shouted from the bottom of my heart.

「That’s also a lie.」

「Can you cut this out?! There are lies in this world that you can and can’t tell! Don’t you even know that much? You better repeat primary school one extra time from the start, you dunce!」

I fell to the ground on my knees. Tensai watched me with an extremely blank look on her face while I was shouting at this blasphemous world.

Then, when I had screamed to my heart’s content, I returned to my normal calm self.

「Can you just stop the jokes now?」

「Are you kidding?」

「No, I said ‘can you just stop the jokes’! Really, what is the ability of that thing?」

「It’s called 《Charm to fend off evil spirits》 , the official name is 《Shard of the Holy Lance》. I was told that a fragment of a holy spear that was passed down through spoken legends is inside this little bag. I appears to exorcise the evil.」

「Uhh what. That description of the effects is way too vague, I don’t have a clue what that means.」

The evil? What evil?

「Well, if it’s only such a meaningless thing then holding on to it will pose no problems I guess. So I’ll take it.」

Certainly, for a great detective something like exorcising evil was a whole other genre. It seemed very unrelated to her. A great detective would not have any need of something like this.

「Now that I think of it. You wagered something in your bet with Nanana-chan, didn’t you?」

「One month’s worth of pudding and one month’s worth of milk coffee.」

Oh, I get it.

「But ehm. I don’t really care about that since you lost. However if Nanana-chan had lost, how would you receive your coffee milk? 」

Nanana-chan could not take one step out of that room. And she also didn’t have any money in the first place?

「Isn’t it obvious that you would have paid for that, Juugo?」

That was so close! I’m really glad that I said that I would not use it.

「But still, it would have been better if you had just broken that promise.」

「Uwa, this great detective is really evil.」

「A great detective never loses!」

「That’s a really dark joke right there.」

Just like that, I was having idle chat with Tensai on a bench in the park. In front of my eyes, an ambulance passed by. Although, I did not pay any mind to it at all. I didn’t stop to consider who might be riding that.


「Yoshino-san? Your upperclassman is calling you.」

On Friday (after school was out) Yoshino Saki was putting her textbooks and notebooks in her bag when a classmate told her this. She raised her head.

For a moment, Saki thought of the second-year Yumeji Yurika that she had recently become close with, but that presumption was wrong. The one who called her was a girl that she hadn’t seen before. Judging from the color of her tie, she was a third-year. She was pretty and she seemed vigorous.

「Hey, hello there! Are you Yoshino Saki?」

「Y..yes. I am Yoshino Saki.」

「The name is Ibara Yuu, nice to meet you.」

「Nice to meet you, Ibara-senpai!」

Yuu quickly showed it to Saki.

「Ah, that is my cell phone!」

To be precise, it was her previous cell phone that she had lost around a month ago. There was no mistaking it. There was a crack in the LCD screen and it seemed broken, but she clearly remembered the scratches and the strap on this phone. This really had to be hers.

「Actually, the other day I picked this up along with a wallet. I’m sorry, but I also took a look inside. When I did so I found out that it belonged to an underclassman at my school. So I thought that rather than bringing it to the police station it would be better to return it directly.」

Saki was visibly moved by her words.

「Thank you so much, senpai! I’m very grateful for your concern!」

Saki was beaming and Yuu also smiled and said she was very glad.

「Well then, I am sorry for the extra trouble but I was keeping it safe in our clubroom. So could you come with me to get it?」

「Yes! Of course!」

Led by Yuu, Saki arrived at room one of the 4th floor in the building that houses the clubs.

「Ibara-senpai, where might we be right now!?」

「Our club is called the Adventure Club.」

「Oh, that seems like a really interesting club!」

Yuu opened the door to the clubroom and when Saki followed her inside, she was startled.

「Hello there.」

The reason was that there was a man in the room that she saw for the first time.

He was wearing glasses and a very cool-looking person. For a second she thought she was scared, but in such a friendly atmosphere Saki didn’t really feel all that scared.

「Make yourself at home.」

 Saki had come into the clubroom and sat down at the seat at the table that had been offered her.

「I’m making some tea now, alright?」

 At the smile from Yuu, Saki hastily replied: 「Thank you.」

Looking at the unfamiliar color of the tea that was poured for her, she took a curious sip.

「This tea is delicious!」

「I’m glad you think that.」

Saki soon finished her tea and smiled at each of them in turn.

「Well then, ehm… I.. I heard that you were keeping my wallet here….」

「Oh, that is correct. Actually, it is being kept safe in our storehouse. Yuu, can you go and fetch it real quick?」

「Understood, Isshin-sama.」

Yuu nodded and left the room. Suddenly it was just Saki and the bespectacled guy that were left in the clubroom.

「Now that I think of it, I haven’t told you my name have I? I’m called Yuiga Isshin. Nice to meet you.」

「Nice to meet you too, Yuiga-senpai!」

「By the way, Yoshino-san, I heard you went missing around a month ago.」

「Huh? I was what you could call missing, or unable to be contacted.」

What? Why does this upperclassman know about this? Saki thought suspiciously.

「You were in Tsukuyomi Town, weren’t you?」

Saki was startled.

「How do you know that?」

「You know Yama Yuugo-kun, don’t you? He is a club member here.」

「Ah, so that was it. That is why….」

She was content with this answer, but at the same time she was thinking Yama-senpai was a bit of a blabbermouth and she liked him less for it.

「But, why were you in Tsukuyomi Town? Did you already have a connection with the people from the Three Skull gang before?」

「No. I don’t really understand either, but before I realized it I was in Tsukuyomi Town. The ones who sheltered me at that time were the people from Three Skull.」

「Before you realized it, you say?」

「I remember that I was in my dorm room the night before, but the next time I opened my eyes I was in Tsukuyomi Town.」

「Do you remember on which exact date this happened?」

When she replied which date, Isshin put his hand at the base of his lips. 「Hmmm」

「So you were in your dorm room, but that is strange.」

「? What is strange?」

「Well, because on that day you were doing a secret part time job, weren’t you, Yoshino-san?」

At his words, Saki’s heart started pounding.

「What might you be saying now, Yuiga-senpai? doing a secret part time job? That’s what those jobs are called that you’re really not allowed to be doing, right? I haven’t done such a thing!」

Saki knew about the secret part time jobs from being asked about them by her classmates and friends, but she had no memory of participating in anything like that.

「That cannot be true. I mean, just now I got some evidence from Sanada Hajiki from the broker’s room. You know him right, Sanada Hajiki-kun?」

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