Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 3 Epilogue 1.5


Her heart skipped another beat.

『Ohh? You want to do a secret part time job? That’s fine, but I only mediate for unlawful part time jobs. Will you really do it?』

Saki was perplexed, because a scene that she didn’t know anything about popped up into her head.

「I heard that the reason you needed money was that you wanted to buy a birthday present for your roommate Suruga Aya.. Sanada-kun was really moved, you know?」

*tu tump* her heart throbbed in her chest for a second time.

『Ahh what a good story! I really have a weak spot for stories like this. If this is what you are doing it for, then I will not say anything! Please come at me with any request!』

That is right. I was thinking of buying Aya a present, so I did my first part-time job since becoming a high school student. However, I’m not so very nimble and made a large screw-up right off the bat. That got me fired immediately. Because of what happened, I became afraid of doing normal part-time jobs. But still wanting the money, no matter what. I reached for the secret part time jobs.

At first, Sanada-senpai from the broker’s room was trying to stop me from doing a secret part time job. But I explained my reason and begged him for a job. I said that whatever happened, I wanted to give my precious friend Aya a wonderful present. I wanted to buy something a little more expensive as a present for the friend that had lived with me ever since middle school. To celebrate that we are in high school now.

「And that’s when you picked the secret job to go and scout a building. It looked easy with a relatively high reward. And the name of the client was Ikusaba Hiiyo.」

*tu tump*

『Well well, a quite small kid came again… I also confirmed this with you on the phone, but there might be some danger involved in this. Will you really do it?』

『I..It’s no problem! I’ll surely be able to finish this!』

Yes, at that time, I was told it would be dangerous. Despite that, I didn’t think much of it. There was a chance I would get hurt, but I thought that it would surely turn out to be fine.

「And then you were taken along by Ikusaba-san, and came to the South Red Mall.

*tu thump*

『Woah, this is the first time I’ve been here. You know. In South Red Mall.』

And then I was led to a sports supply store on the second floor. Then we entered the fitting room, and I was surprised.

「You will go down to the underground through the portal behind this mirror.」

*thu tump*

『I should scout what is beneath this?』

『Yes, I want you to investigate the structure of what you find underground. In case anything happens, call me with your cell phone.』

When I was told that, I climbed down the stairs. I followed the passage downstairs. The way down split into two, and I was unsure which way to go. I have a poor sense of direction, so I thought I should leave some sort of sign so that I would not get lost. However, I thought someone would get mad at me if I made a scribble in an obvious place. So I put a small x in a hard to spot place.

「As you continued your way inside. You accidentally touched the first mechanism.」

「…..Yeah. I nonchalantly felt around, when suddenly the entrance to the room closed and needles appeared from the walls. I was startled and I panicked. But the writings said that it would be okay if I answered the question, so when I somehow answered it, a new path opened up…… but I was scared so I decided to call for help. But then my phone was out of range, so I tried to go back, but when I went down the stairs, Ikusaba-san had closed the entrance to them. And I figured I would not be able to open it back up from the inside, so there was no choice but to continue…」

「And then you continued. And in the fourth room you….」

「…? What happened to me?」

*tu thump….. tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump, tu tump*

 At that moment, a grotesque scene came up in Saki’s mind.

Stabbing sounds came from all over her body. Suddenly it felt unbearable, all over her body was hurting, hurting, it hurts, IT HURTS…… her body was dyed red by the blood that was streaming out of her, one gulp after the other, it would not stop….

The hard to understand memory made her involuntarily suppress her mouth. Saki’s body was shaking uncontrollably when her own unknown memory of herself welled up in her head.

No! I don’t want to remember this, I do not want to remember this, I should not be remembering this.. no….. no…..

「I was! I was? I ….. I? I was…. I was…. I was…..」

As Saki was trembling like that, Isshin asked in an exceedingly calm manner:

「Yoshino Saki-san, are you perhaps not part of Leprechaun?」

The instant she heard Isshin’s words, the inside of Saki’s mind went completely blank.

『Do you not wish to die?』

While her body was hurting and her consciousness was fading, that was the voice she heard.

「….. Who… are you?」

『Do you not wish to die?』

「I don’t… want to die.」

『Do you want to be saved?』

「… I do…. want to be saved….」

『Will you do anything?』

「I-  I will do anything….. so please save….」

『Then let’s make an agreement.』

Yoshino Saki stood up, unsteady on her feet.


Isshin had stood up and approached her. Saki suddenly got close to him. Then she jumped into his chest.


In the moment he held and stopped Saki, Isshin’s expression contorted.

When Saki got off him, Isshin looked down to his own body.

Bright red blood was gushing out of his abdomen.

「Ha ha, are you kidding me?」

Like that, Isshin collapsed and fell on the floor.

The knife that had stabbed Isshin was grasped by Saki’s hand. Although just a moment ago, such a thing had not been anywhere around, it had suddenly appeared in her hand and she had been firmly holding onto it.

The bloodstained knife fell on the floor with a ca-clink sound. Looking at her own trembling hand that had dropped it, Saki started walking away.

「Even though it’s no good if I’m found out….. if I’m found out….. what do I do? I….. what should I do? …. I have to run……  I have to run, I have to get away from this place…..」

Tears were welling up in Yoshino Saki’s eyes. A weird dragon-shaped birthmark crawled from her neck to her collar-bone.


A few minutes later, on the network of Nanae Island, a certain website was updated. It was a website that no one would pay any mind to. However, that webpage was, for certain reasons, very famous among the people who knew about the secret collection of Nanana that was hidden on Nanae Island.

That webpage, which had not changed once since two years ago, had been overwritten, and it pointed toward something. There were several people who noticed this immediately.

One of them was the earthbound spirit haunting room 202 in the Happiness Dormitories, the real Ryuugajou Nanana. Thanks to the former inhabitant of this room, Sanada Fumika, who had installed a computer program that would immediately let you know when that website had changed.

「Hmmmm, it seems that someone touched upon the forbidden code.」

Nanana had stopped in the middle of playing an online game, and while taking a scoop of some pudding with a spoon, she looked at the message on the screen, murmuring to herself:

「So this means that the 『game』of hosting the Leprechaun is being opened again.」

While eating her pudding, this haunting house spirit recalled what had happened two years ago.

The previous time this had happened, Kasumi had won and she had received one of the prized Nanana Collections 《A mirror to look ahead in life》, its official name being 《Himiko’s Mirror》.  Would someone win this time as well, and get their hands on one of those? Or perhaps….

「All the participants lose, and as a consequence all their Nanana Collections will get confiscated?」


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