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「It’s just my guess but there are probably two people sending the sign. 」

「And who are they? 」

「One is someone among the audience who is in front of the dealer.」

  Sansa glanced towards the audience but there were too many people around the table. She couldn’t tell who it was. 

「And the other one is? 」

「Isn’t it the person behind me? 」

  After hearing that Sansa glanced behind, coincidentally her eyes met with Hao’s eyes and Hao tilted her head. 

「I don’t know, there are too many people so I can’t tell them apart. Even if there were such people, what about them? 」

「They are probably relaying about which card would come next.」

「To whom?」

「To the dealer and Rou-san. 」

  Nanana sharpened her glare and Sansa smirked. 

「I see, so what you want to say is that there are multiple people sending signs and because of that Rou and the dealer don’t need to look around suspiciously?」

「Oooh, it’s the communication of telepathy. It’s just as you say. 」

  It isn’t telepathic communication of telepathy. I figured it out long time ago

「Hmmm, I see. But Nanana, the shoe-case has cards neatly packed in it. So how does the person behind the dealer know which card is going to come next? 」

「That dealer always has his hand on the entrance of that case and he has his middle finger placed on the next card he’s going to draw.  He playfully rubs that card from time to time but sometimes he pushes the card up. 」

  Hmm, she’s pretty perceptive. 

「What about it? 」

「He probably lifts up couple of cards at once while pushing that card up. Then the card at the corner of the shoe-case gets lifted up a little. And the person standing behind the dealer confirms which card is going to come next. Probably.  」

「I see, it’s an interesting thought. But isn’t it weird? I can understand telling it to Rou since if you know which card is up next, you can avoid Busting. But what’s the reason for telling the dealer about it? 」

「He doesn’t hand out the cards properly, sometimes he hands out the card which is behind the card he’s supposed to hand out, that’s what I think. I get a weird feeling from time to time when he draws the cards out of that shoe-case.  」

  Sansa laughed loudly inside her mind. 

  It isn’t possible that Nanana knew about such a trick beforehand. Which means that she saw through it while playing the game. This really is impossible, is she really a beginner? 

  I thought of her as an idiot who talks continuously about her delusions with a passion. So Sansa thought that she was a type who would get consumed by the heat of the game and be unable to see her surroundings well. But Sansa was made to realize that her assumption was false. 

  Nanana was eerily calm under this situation which was really a surprise. 

「Hey, is it possible that…..I am being conned? 」

  Sansa laughed loudly, again in her mind. 

  It wasn’t a laugh of belittlement, that she has realized it after so many rounds. But it was a laugh of surprise that she had realized the mechanism of this match. 

「What are you going to do about it if what you said was true?」

  Sansa asked honestly since she was interested in what Nanana would do next. 

  Nanana looked a bit surprised. 

「Wha? So, does that mean that I am being cheated on? 」

「Yeah. 」

「Speaking of that, why are you so calm about it? Did you already know about it? 」

「Of course I’d know about it, since I am a villain. 」

  Sansa grinned. 

「That’s really frightening, villains are scary. 」

  Nanana shivered. 

「Bu.. but if I tell them that they are cheating then would I win by default since they had broken the rule?」

  A naive, fair argument came out of Nanana’s mouth and Sansa sighed deeply. 

「Don’t ever say that outloud. The moment you say it they would accuse you of lying and kill you for real. 」

「Wait, why? 」

「It’s because Rou runs this casino.」

「So what?」

「The owner himself has come out and he is betting something rare. He would become a laughing stock if it turned out he was cheating. So for Rou something like that is not an option. So he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t happen. 」

「Bu.. but it’s cheating.」

「It isn’t wrong to point it out since the match needs to be fair. But the problem is, how do you prove it? 」

「I can prove it like how I did it now…..」

「That doesn’t count, what if the people who are giving out signs deny giving out signs? That would be the end of it. You’ll be the bad one who had made a false claim about their business. In the best case scenario you’ll lose for breaking rules and in the worst you’ll be executed.」

「But they really are doing it. 」

「The problem you are facing now is that how do you establish the proof. 」

「…..Should I video tape it? 」

「Who’s going to shoot such a thing? At the end of the day even if you notice the fraud being done, you don’t have any means to prove it. 」

「But then, I won’t be able to win. 」

「Yeah, you won’t be able to win. It’s because the match has already been fixed and it’s going to end in your loss. 」

「…..Seriously? 」

「Yeah, seriously. 」

「……Soooo, is it possible that I can forfeit this game and have the bet be voided? 」

「It’s not possible. 」

「What if I make a request……」

「It wouldn’t be nullified, you idiot. You are losing to Rou at the current stage, you get that right? There’s no way Rou would nod in affirmative if you tell him that you want to end the game. Rou has no merit in doing that. 」

「Yeaa, that’s what I thought. 」

  And she just plopped down on the table. Sansa placed her hand on Nanana’s shoulder with a bitter smile on her face. 

「Ah well, you can lose this game and after you are done we’ll just go back. Then it will only be the money that you’ll be losing. 」

  It came out of her mouth naturally and she was shocked by what she had said. 

  Oi, oi, what am I saying? I’m supposed to present Nanana to Rou as a tribute. She made up her mind again but she felt that losing Nanana here would be a bigger loss and that feeling grew inside her. 

  Well, let’s think of something to say to Rou. 

  Sansa started thinking of how to handle this situation.  

「I don’t wanna.」

「…..What did you just say? 」

  She was immediately dragged back to reality after Nanana lifting her head up and gave that reply. 

「I don’t want to lose like this. I will never accept something like this. 」

  Nanana pouted her lips. 

「You see, you losing has been fated since you decided to play this game. 」

「That may be the case but I won’t accept this situation.」

「The one who is conned is the one at fault. 」

「That may be the case but I don’t want to admit it.」

「Is it because they are cheating?」

「Cheating is bad but that’s not the reason. I don’t like it because I don’t feel satisfied losing like this. 」

「What does that even mean? 」

「I don’t care about whether things are right or wrong or how things work. No matter how unfair things are, I can accept it if I feel like it is amazing. And no matter how fair the argument is, if I don’t like it I would get frustrated at it. 」

  Nanana’s answer wasn’t something Sansa had expected. She had thought that people like Nanana who keep barking about their dreams are the type who differentiate between good and evil. That things that have been established as just is absolutely right and things that have been established as evil are bad. 

  But Nanana doesn’t deny evil just because it is bad, she accepts it as another method.

「…… 」

「I absolutely don’t want to agree with things that I can’t accept. 」

「So what now? 」

「So it frustrates me, so I don’t want to lose. 」

  Sansa smiled bitterly after hearing her words. 

  Long story short, she is just competitive. But it isn’t like she doesn’t get it since Sansa shares the same values when it comes to that. 

「Then prove it, prove your ego. 」

  Sansa grinned and decided to watch over what Nanana is going to do. 

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