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  Let’s watch as she struggles in this no-win situation. Sansa observed and the game continued. Nanana was being cornered steadily by Rou. There were no mistakes from Nanana’s side but Rou was more cautious than her. Since he already knows which card is going to come next. And on top of that there was the dealer handing over a different card. Nanana was forced to bust and Rou kept making his total as close to 21 as possible. 

  Furthermore, it seems like Nanana is thinking of a way to counter this so her decision speed has been falling. She isn’t able to decide how many chips she should bet or if she should stand or hit. It may look from a second person’s perspective that she is confused, and she is like this because she is losing. 

  Rou and the audience were smiling creepily while watching Nanana being indecisive. It’s as if they are watching an extremely entertaining show and they are waiting for the fate of a losing character. 

  Sansa looked at this compressed version of the world which was right in front of her, without changing a single expression. She didn’t have much to say about it but it was just disgusting for her. 

 「Excuse me but I can go to washroom for a bit?  」

  After all that I wondered what Nanana had been thinking but she stood up from the chair. 

 「H..Hey. Wait a minute.  」

  Sansa tried following Nanana hastily but then she stopped and ordered Hao who was about to follow them. 

 「Look after the people here so they don’t do anything sketchy.  」

  Hao obediently bowed. 

 「Roger that. 」

  Sansa left Hao behind and immediately followed Nanana. She went through the surprised audience and reached a place outside of the VIP room. 

 「What is it? Do you want to go to the washroom too?  」

 「It’s not that! Why did you get up like this in the middle of the game? 」

 「It can’t be helped since it is a biological process.  」

 「Are you being serious? 」

 「…..Well to be honest, I don’t have an urge to pee. 」

 「You… 」

 「I needed a lil time to concentrate and think.  」

  Nanana inflated her cheeks making a pouty face and started walking. 

 「What are you thinking about? 」

 「Obviously about how to win.」

  It seems like Nanana still hasn’t given up on this fight yet. 

 「Quite bold of you to stand up in middle of such an atmosphere. 」

 「There’s no rule saying that I can’t stand. You can go to the washroom during the class in school too. 」

  Can’t tell if she is dumb or sly. 

 「Speaking of that, where is the washroom at? 」

  At Nanana’s query Sansa asked Rou’s underlings who had followed them to watch over them and told Nanana the whereabouts of the washroom. 

 「In addition to that can you ask them to bring custard pudding?」

 「Pudding? By pudding you mean that pudding? 」

 「Is there any other pudding than that? Yeah it’s that pudding. 」

 「…..Why though?」

 「Because I am at my best condition when I eat pudding. 」

  What even is that, a superstition? 

  Sansa looked at Nanana going into the washroom and then she asked the black suits watching over them to bring pudding. 

  She stepped into the washroom too and it seemed like Nanana had taken over the room. Sansa stood in front of the door without any to do hersel and waited for Nanana to come out. 

  Sansa could hear Nanana muttering to herself. 

 「So, they are cheating and I can’t win if it goes on like this….Should I make their fraud public? But, I can’t do that and that’s why I am in this situation. Maybe I should use their fraud to my benefit somehow…, I can’t do that….so, what should I do? What do I need to win this game…..」

  She could hear continuous muttering from the washroom she had occupied, it was as if it was cursed. It was coincidentally the third one, thus it was like Hanako-san of the toilet. 

  But suddenly that eerie murmur stopped. 

 「…..Wait a minute, the way I was thinking is fundamentally wrong. It isn’t how I need to win this game. The important part is that I don’t lose this game! 」

  After that she heard the sound of running water and the flush and then Nanana came out of the toilet. 

  Her face looked radiant. 

 「Were you able to come up with something? 」

 「Yep, I was. 」, Nanana said full of confidence

  She washed up her hands and asked Sansa. 

 「Hey Sansa. I need advice from you while eating the pudding. 」


  Nanana talked to Sansa while enjoying pudding and returned to the VIP room thirty minutes after she had left her seat vacant in the middle of the game. Not only was Rou’s stare extremely cold but the audience’s was too. Hao, who had been left alone, was almost in tears. 

 「Nanana-san, you too late. 」

 「I am sorry. 」

   Nanana said it in Japanese and kept bowing her head. She then proceeded to sit on her seat again, but it didn’t seem like she was feeling bad about it.  

  While talking Sansa had told her to hurry up, but Nanana had replied, 「It’s fine, it wasn’t decided that how long the toilet break should be so, leaving that aside…..」

  It seemed like she didn’t care about it at all. 

  Sansa didn’t think of her as an oblivious person who couldn’t read the situation, at least not right now. There is no reason to be hasty in a game that she can’t win. The important part is not how to end the game quickly and produce the result that the surrounding wants. But it is to think about how to win the game. Sansa thinks that it is a sort of a talent to do something like this naturally under so much pressure from the surrounding. But Sansa wouldn’t do something like that, she isn’t dull enough to not have a grasp of the situation. 

 「Do you think you can win?」

  Sansa asked Nanana who had taken her seat again. 

 「Yeah. I ate pudding and I feel like I am full of energy. 」

  It seems like she had powered up somehow after eating pudding. 

  And after the match had commenced the audience started buzzing at what Nanana had done. 


  She started staring at the dealer with her eyes wide open. The gaze of the audience went towards the dealer naturally. The dealer was taken a bit off guard but he gave a professional smile like nothing had happened like a professional and handed the cards that he had taken out of the shoe-case naturally. 

  The game proceeded without much change and three games had passed after that. It was a draw first, then Nanana, who was the house had won and had gotten a chip and then it was a draw. The number of chips Nanana had were six and Rou had fourteen. 

  And things started to change in the next game. 

  Rou became the house and the card that was turned was Q. 

  Nanana didn’t even look at the card in front of her and kept staring at the dealer. More like she was looking at the shoe-case on which his hands were placed. It felt like she would make a hole in the shoe-case by staring at it too much. 

 「Alright, here. 」

  Nanana muttered and she immediately placed half of her current chips as a bet, the rate was three. The audience started buzzing noisily at Nanana’s act. And why shouldn’t they, if Nanana loses here she would only have three chips and Rou is going to be the player next, if he decides that he’s going to bet three chips then Nanana would have a chance of losing this game that turn. It’s not only that but the card Rou has turned is Q. The probability of Rou’s number being a strong one is high. 

  Three chips is a big gamble in this situation. 

  Rou took Nanana’s challenge and placed three of his chips too. It was time for the player, Nanana to turn her cards. 

  The moment she turned her card, the audience gasped. It was a combination of A and J, so the total number was the highest one in blackjack, which was 21. The audience naturally clapped at her win since she had gone for a big gamble of three chips and had won. 

  His opponent Rou widened his eyes in surprise too. But he soon returned to his usual expression.

  Nanana suddenly exclaimed and the dealer pulled his hand back in surprise. Everyone was looking at Nanana and I wondered what she was thinking but she stood up and pointed her palms towards the shoe-case. 


  She started making strange noises. 

 「Ex, excuse me but what are you doing? 」

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