Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.2

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.1

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.3


  After the supper I proceeded towards the dessert and Ketekete was there laying on the sofa with his swollen belly, all satisfied after having a whole roasted bird. 

 「Well, not that your stomach is full. Let’s hear about the treasure. 」 said Sansa. Ketekete made an annoyed expression and suddenly became serious. 

 「Hey, Sansa. Let’s talk about it tomorrow, it’s late already and I want to take a bath and sleep.」

 「If you want to sleep then go sleep. But, I want to hear about the treasure. 」

  I sighed, she really is stubborn. 

 「Wow Sansa, you really are selfish. 」

  Suddenly she glared at me. 

 「And you really are noisy! Just shut up! Just you being here makes my thoughts jumbled! 」

 「Y.. you don’t need to shout like that. Don’t treat me like I’m some sort of a nuisance! 」

 「I’m telling you that you ARE a nuisance! 」

 「Now I’m mad! Alright then! Well If that’s the case then I’ll keep on being a nuisance all night long! 」

 「How does that make sense?! If you are angry then go somewhere! 」

 「If I go somewhere then it would be all according to your plans!」

 「Ms. fatty boobs has a terrible personality. 」

 「I don’t want to hear anything about personality from you. You are just a grump. 」

 「I don’t want to hear that from you, you air-headed idiot!」

 「I’m not an idiot! I came seventh in the last school test! 」

 「Relying on a school test proves that you are an air-head. 」

 「Enough with that!」

  Someone came between us when we were almost done with verbal abuses and were about to get physical. 

 「Huh, don’t come between us… wait a minute, who are you? Onee-san? 」

  The person who stopped us was a mysterious lady. 

 「You guys are such noisy brats. 」

  And then she immediately shapeshifted into a white fox….. No, wait. It was the white fox that had shapeshifted into a lady. 

 「T..that was amazing. Not only can you talk but you can turn into a human too!」

  I applauded reflexively. 

 「Hey. Stop messing around and don’t get between us, shapeshifting fox.」

 「Sansa, was it? Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask?」

  The two of them started glaring at each other.

 「Hmph. 」

  Sansa sat down on a chair, it seemed like she wasn’t happy about it. 

 「But why do you shapeshift into a woman? 」

 「huh? What are you saying? It’s obviously because she is a female.」

 「No, he is a male. 」

  I lifted Ketekete up and showed its crotch to Sansa. 

 「Oh, yeah. It has that thing. 」

 「Stop it, you idiot! 」

  Ketekete started thrashing in my hands and slipped out. 

 「There is a limit to what you can do to me, you brat! I haven’t had anyone disrespect me like this in ages!」

 「It isn’t a big deal, don’t be angry like that. 」

  I smiled and Ketekete glared at me. 

 「Hey, brat. You are thinking of me as a mere fox aren’t you? Well think of me as a human like you and imagine what you did to me. 」

  I started imagining what Ketekete told me. The one sitting on the sofa is a child wearing shorts. The child’s face is cute and androgenous with long hair. By clothing it’s a boy and by hairstyle it’s a girl so the sex of the child is hard to guess. There was a girl who wanted to know the sex of that pretty child. 

 「Go ahead, there’s nothing to be scared about. Show it to onee-san. 」

  The girl’s name is Kurosu Sansa. Sansa went near the child with a lustful expression like an animal. The child told her to stop and started thrashing but alas, the child’s strength is no match, the child couldn’t get away from Sansa. 

 「Don’t be scared I just want to know whether you are a girl or a boy. 」

  Sansa held down the child and reached her hands towards the child’s pants. The child was crying and wanted to escape, Sansa on the other hand had an ecstatic expression. 

  Her actions were that of a demon. Sansa took off the child’s pants and made the child open up their legs. 

 「I see, you have a cute thing there. 」

  Kurosu Sansa laughed with a scummy expression. 

 「Gehehehe. 」

  And that was the end of my imagination. 

 「I get it now, it would be a messy situation if I think about it like that. Speaking of which… Sansa, you are a scum. What are you doing to a child? You should be arrested. You predator, actually you should just die already. 」

 「Oi, what’s up with that condescending look? The hell did you imagine?」

 「Sansa’s crime scene recreation video tape recording.」

 「The hell is recreation video tape recording! It’s obviously a figment of your imagination! It clearly isn’t a recreation of something real, it’s forgery! 」

 「Sorry but….. you really disgust me. 」

 「Don’t be disgusted at me! You created that scenario, be disgusted at yourself! 」

  Now, let’s return to the main topic. We had digressed wildly but now we can finally come back to the main topic. 

 「Long story short, you two are after the treasure that I’m protecting, right?」

 「Yeah. That’s right, fox. 」

 「Hmph, so your objective is same as those people. 」

  Ketekete is probably talking about Rou-san. 

 「That’s why we saved you, there is no reason other than that to save you. 」

 「Stop it. Don’t be mean like that, Sansa. 」

 「Isn’t it the truth? 」

 「…..Well, yes it is. 」

  I crouched down and came to the same level as Ketekete. 

 「Ketekete. We really need money so, can you tell us where the treasure is?」

 「What are you going to do with the treasure?」

 「We are going to make our dream come true. 」

 「And what’s that? 」

 「We are going to make an island of our own. 」

 「What are you going to do with that?」

 「We are all going to be happy. 」

  I said that and Ketekete stared into my eyes and then nodded. 

 「Alright then, I’ll show you the way tomorrow. 」

 「You seem quite obedient. 」

 「I’m returning the favor of being rescued. If you don’t like it then I’ll leave now. 」

  Ketekete laughed boldly. 

 「Alright, I’ll accept your guidance. 」

  Sansa smiled bitterly. 

 「Well then, we’ll go treasure hunting tomorrow. I’m going to sleep now, you guys can sleep wherever you want. 」, said Sansa and went towards her bedroom. 

 「Sansa is really selfish. Thank you, Ketekete. 」

 「It isn’t something that’s worth thanking me for. 」

  Ketekete said that and rolled into a ball on the sofa. 

 「Now then, I’ll go take a bath. 」

  I started humming and went into the bathroom all excited. I washed my body in the spacious, clean bathroom and took a dip in the bathtub that had a jacuzzi built in. 


  Aah, it feels nice. And the view from the window in front of me is marvelous. I feel like I can look out of it forever. I understand why Sansa took so long. I noticed that I could see the dim sunlight rising from the horizon. I enjoyed the sunrise from the top floor of the luxury hotel and came out of the bathroom. I noticed Ketekete on the sofa all curled up. I lifted Ketekete and headed towards one of the bedrooms. Then I went to bed along with Ketekete. 

 「Oi, brat. Why, oi…..why do I have to sleep with you? 」

 「Isn’t it a good thing? Let’s sleep together. 」

 「…..I guess it’s fine. 」

  I got under the sheets on the bed that had enough space left for Ketekete even after I had my arms and legs stretched out. I asked him, who was curled up, to itch my curiosity. 

 「So, why are you protecting the treasure of the pirates?」

  Ketekete was quiet for a bit and then muttered. 

 「It’s a promise I made with an old friend. 」

 「Was that the pirate that owned the treasure? Wasn’t he a bad person?」

 「He was a fisherman before that and he wasn’t a bad person. 」

 「Why did someone like him turn into a pirate? Is it because of something like there were no fish left and he had no other choice but to turn into a pirate? 」

 「…..It’s because people from other countries came and tried to steal the treasure. 」

  I became silent and Ketekete continued talking. 

 「Back then, this country had diplomatic relationships with various other countries but most of them were what we call invaders. People who came from outside robbed and took a lot of things, wealth, power … and people’s smiles. 」

 「He was a fisherman named Chinfa. He didn’t have a lot of ambition. He just wanted to change the current situation of the country and took action. So, what he did was assault the ships from other countries. 」

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