Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.3

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.2

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.4


 「So, he tried to stop the treasure from being taken out of the country.」

 「But most people didn’t know about Chinfa’s motives. To others Chinfa looked like a ruthless pirate. 」


 「And then Chinfa got executed, that’s all. 」

 「I see.」

 「…..Aren’t you going to say something about it?」


 「I’m talking about a brat like you so, I thought you’d try to comfort me. 」

 「I can’t comfort you yet. 」

 「What do you mean ‘yet’?」

 「I don’t know you that well and I don’t know much about Chinfa-san either.」


 「So, let’s talk a bit more. 」

 「Have it your way. 」

  After that Ketekete and I had a conversation on trivial topics. We talked a bit, we laughed a bit, we became sad a bit, and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. 



 「Sansa-san, good mornin’. 」

  On the day of the treasure hunt Sansa got woken up by her phone ringing non-stop. She was pretty ticked off when she heard that voice. 

 「Oi, Hao. Why didn’t you come yesterday?」

 「It was late already so, I went back to sleep.」

 「Go to hell!」

  After Hao was done with the phone call she came up to our royal suite room and took out a bottle from her luggage. 

 「Huh? What’s that? 」

 「It’s and ointment. No matter how grave the injury is it’ll make it go away. 」

  Hao smiled cheerfully and opened up the bottle and…

 「It stinks, what’s this smell!」

 「Good medicines are like this. 」

 「Alright, I got it. Just close the cap! My nose is going to rot! 」

  Hao pouted after hearing Sansa scream. 

 「You were the one who told me to bring medicine and now you are telling me to put it away,  Japanese people are really bossy. 」

 「If you ask me, you guys are the abnormal ones with that self-centered attitude. 」

 「So, what happened? 」

 「What are you asking about?」

 「Treasure. When are we going to have a pile of treasure? 」

 「You really are greedy.」

  Sansa summarized what happened last night. 

 「So, that cave has the treasure? 」

 「It seems so. 」

 「Then hurry up and let’s all go. 」

  Hao stood up from the chair and Sansa shook her head. 

 「No, I want you to do something else. 」

  Sansa took out a note. 

  Sansa kicked Hao out of the room and went to sleep again. She woke up in the afternoon and took a shower. Nanana came to her yawning with Ketekete held under her arm. The three of them used the room service and had a light breakfast. They all got prepared and left the hotel. In order to buy the things they might need when they get to the cave they went downtown. But there was one thing bothering her and it made Sansa feel uneasy. The reason why she felt like it lied with Nanana. 

  Nanana came to this country to get closer to our dream. She hit the jackpot in the casino, won against Rou, and now is going to hunt treasure with the guidance of this white fox who’s a yokai. 

 「What’s this weird feeling? 」

  There isn’t anything bad about it and Nanana is moving steadily towards her dream. It’s so steady that it feels eerie. 

  Is this what Uzuki was talking about? About people that can accomplish anything. She thought about it and everything felt stupid. And Nanana, the person who can accomplish anything, was screaming loudly. 

 「Today is a good day to hunt treasure! 」

  She was swinging the metal bat that she bought a few moments ago, Sansa was having a hard time understanding her. 

 「Why did you buy the metallic bat anyway? We are going to go into a cave, so it won’t be of much use. 」

 「That’s because I want to swing it and blow something away with a single swing. 」

 「……Ahhh well, have it your own way. I wouldn’t stop you. 」

 「Speaking of that it seems like you are back to your normal clothes. Why are you wearing that white mask even though we are overseas? 」

  Sansa’s hair was messy, she was wearing a white mask and a sukajan. It was her usual delinquent fashion. 

 「I feel relaxed like this and makeup is a drag. 」

  It seemed like Sansa wasn’t in a mood to do anything and Sansa started talking to the beautiful lady walking in front of her. 

 「Oi, fox. You sure we’ll be fine with just the flashlights? 」

  The glamorous lady looked back. It was Ketekete who had shapeshifted into a human. 

 「There’s no ancient traps or anything there like the brat has been saying since the morning. The pathways are intricate but it’s just a normal cave. 」

  It was back when everyone was having breakfast that Nanana said with sparkling eyes. 

 「Ruins with treasure should have a lot of traps. 」

  But Ketekete disappointed her. 

 「There isn’t anything like that, it’s just a normal cave. 」

 「that’s no fun. 」

 「You’ve been watching too many adventure movies. Now shut up and hurry,l we need to go treasure hunting. 」

  The three of them took a taxi and started moving. 

 「Come to think about it, fox. Why don’t you turn into a human dude? Aren’t you a dude? 」

 「It’s because this is more convenient. 」

 「I see, so Ketekete is an Okama. 」

  Nanana clapped her hands with a smile. 

 「No, you idiot! 」

 「That was a pretty nice reaction, fox. 」

  Sansa grinned and Ketekete sighed. 

 「The brat has been like this since yesterday, I’ve gotten used to now. 」

 「It seems like you are having fun. 」

 「Quit joking around. 」

 「So, Ketekete. Why did you become an okama?」

 「I’ve told you already that it isn’t like that! I’ve taken the form of a woman because it’s more convenient! 」

 「Seems like you know how the human world works. 」

  As expected from a yokai since they are experts when it comes to fooling people. 

 「So, why isn’t Hao-chan with us? 」

 「Oh, I need her to do something so she’ll be away for a bit. 」

  With Ketekete’s guidance the three of them came to the coast which was a bit away from the city area. They came out of the taxi and they went towards the bushes. They walked on a trail and then stepped into the rocky terrain under the cliff. They walked for a while, being careful not to trip, and eventually arrived in front of their destination, the treasure cave. 

 「What’s this?」

 「It’s where I live. 」

  It was when Sansa remembered what Rou was saying yesterday. Rou was saying that he had caught the white fox in a cave. It seems like this is that place. 

 「Let’s go. 」

  Ketekete went in first, then Sansa and Nanana followed. The entrance wasn’t that big but the cave’s interior was unexpectedly spacious. The ceiling was high and it was quite deep too. It seems like parts of the ceiling were connected with the outside so light was seeping in and the cave wasn’t that dark. At this rate, we wouldn’t have to use the flashlights. Sansa looked into a random passage but she could see that it was a dead end. She looked into another one but it was the same. 

 「It doesn’t seem that deep. 」

 「That’s because of the barrier, this cave is really deep and pathways are intricate. 」

  Ketekete stopped at a corner of the cave. 

 「This is it. 」

  The place Ketekete pointed its finger had a peculiar stake stuck in the ground

 「What’s this stake? 」. 

  Nanana poked at the stake made of black iron. 

 「That stake is interfering and weakening my power. 」

 「What do you mean by that, fox? 」

 「In order to put a strong barrier here I used the energy of Ley line flowing under this land. Thus, this land and I have a special relationship due to creating a barrier using its energy. But the other day a weird conjurer put these stakes here and it caused the ley line to become unstable and I became gravely weakened. 」

 「And then you got caught by Rou’s underlings? 」

 「Precisely. I wouldn’t be able to break the barrier like this so I want you to take out the black stakes stuck here and there in this cave. 」

 「That’s a pain, can’t you do that on your own? 」

 「They have a weird spell casted on it. I can’t touch them. 」

 「That’s troublesome. 」

  Nanana nodded after listening to Ketekete. 

 「Gotcha, let’s pull them all out. Let’s go Sansa.」

 「Alright, alright.」

  Sansa and Nanana split up and started searching for the stakes inside the cave. They walked around and took the stakes out one by one. They thought it would take time but it was an easy task since the cave was smaller due to the barrier, soon they pulled out a total of eleven stakes.

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