Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story


  I could tell that my voice was trembling from this amazing situation. After this unbelievable response I had no clue how to deal with the ecstasy that was running throughout my entire body. I was going completely crazy. While I was unable to control the happy feeling that was welling up and overflowing from deep inside my body (it was giving me the shakes) Yumeji-san glanced at me shyly. From her cute lips I heard her say softly:

「I.. I didn’t say that out of courtesy. Ya.. Yama-kun, I think you’re wonderful.」


 「This… could this be…?」

「Berserk mode!」

  I roared that phrase in my mind so loudly that it was almost audible to the people around me. It was just inside my head though, of course. If I really let out the full power of my voice though, Nanae Island would probably be blown away by the impact. That’s how loudly I was shouting.

  It was all too much. I was too happy, too ecstatic, too moved. I couldn’t even feel any of these emotions anymore. No, I was not aware of anything anymore. To make a comparison, it was as if I had been listening to music through my headphones, but suddenly the volume was turned to the maximum level and I wasn’t able to make sense of it anymore.

  Unable to understand the impact, which had exceeded my personal maximum allowed dosage, my mind just went blank. But as it gradually got digested inside me, I also became able to understand it. And that’s when I thought.

  ‘I’m glad. I’m so glad. I’m truly happy, for real. Really for real. So happy.’

  But it wasn’t only that.

「W.. well, I guess you really are cool, Juugo.」

「H.. Heh? Uh, w..wait a sec, Tensai. What are you saying?!」

  Suddenly Tensai, who had been sitting next to me had said something like that. It was so sudden I fell into a state of panic.

「L.. like I said…」

「No! It’s good! Don’t say any more! If you say anymore then I won’t know what to do anymore! I won’t know what to think about you anymore. So don’t say anything!」

  I’m panicking. Absolutely panicking.

「Indeed, Yama-kun is pretty cool.」

「Ibara-senpai even… 」

  Seeing this dere-like act from Ibara-senpai, who I had never in my life expected to receive any romantic interest from, my feet became wobbly. My sense of balance seemed to have been completely destroyed by this unbelievable situation.

「I.. I also think the same.」

  Ahhh even such a cute girl….. eh wait, that was D’arc. What are you saying?!

「Yes, I also have to agree with everyone’s opinion here.」

  …. Ehh, even club president Yuiga? What is going on here? Have I gone crazy? Also, why did he just put his hand on my shoulder so naturally? It was without any awkwardness, as if it was the obvious thing to do?

「Hmpf, that’s unfair Yuiga-dono.」

  Seeing the president do that, Tensai grabbed my arm.

「Hey, Tensai-san! Wait a second! You’re bothering him if you touch him like that!」

「Tensai, that’s so unfair! Let me in as well!」

「Yes, me too!」

「I also want to touch Yama!」


  In the blink of an eye, the three people sitting on the other side of the table all came to grab me at once. To be honest, I was scared. Getting tossed around by a total of 10 hands from five people, I was about to get crushed.

  Not only the two people sitting next to me, but the three sitting across the table were also leaning forward and stretching their arms towards me. Ibara-senpai even went around the table and was reaching out from behind the president. … Actually, even though Ibara-senpai was reaching out for me, she was so fixated on me that it seemed like she was leaning into president Yuiga’s back with all her might. Actually, judging from the shape of her breasts they were deforming because she squishing into his back? Wait a sec president Yuiga, change with me. Change with me please! By all means give your current positioning to me! But wait. President? Aren’t you enjoying this blissful moment?! Why are your hands reaching towards me? She is clinging to you. Don’t you know that, you idiot?

「S..Stop! Everyone step away!」

  I shouted that without thinking. When I did,  everyone was startled and pulled away immediately. I was breathing heavily and my uniform was ruffled. I was a bit overcome by how quickly everyone had backed off.

「Ehm. Sorry, Yama-kun.」

  Starting from Yumeji-san, who was looking really depressed, everyone returned to their seats looking regretful.

「You, you won’t hate me for this?」

  Tensai, who somehow looked really startled, peeked at my face. She was seemingly studying me.

「N.. no of course I won’t hate you over something like that.」

「R.. Really? I’m so glad.」

  Tensai was visibly relieved and smiled cutely; I felt a bit shaken.

  The others also seemed to genuinely regret it and apologized. So I told them 「Don’t worry about it」and felt very bewildered by this situation. I had the feeling that everyone had become an entirely different character. What in the world was happening here?

  No. Before that, I had something else to think about. There was only one answer to this situation and the argument from just now. I was really right in the middle of my popular season!

  I couldn’t help but doubt when I carefully tried to understand it all, but there was no mistaking it. I really had no idea that popularity could come so sudden and without warning though. Or that it would be something so intense. And without any regards for gender or sex. Being popular is really amazing!

  My body was still trembling from the excitement as I was overcome and bewildered by the sudden change of circumstances. A moment ago there had been some casual conversation at this table, but now a complete silence ruled. The five other people that were sitting at this table besides me were wary of each other, while also focusing their eyes on my every single movement. Nothing escaped their gazes.

  It was a terrifying situation. For a while the silence. Nobody moved. Actually, everyone was just spaced out and staring at me. Their cheeks were blushing red.

  They looked like dogs at the park who begged their owner to come play with them. Their eyes were full of expectation.

  What is up with this atmosphere? It seems like everyone is holding on and waiting for my reaction. They are absolutely waiting for me, aren’t they? Were they all waiting for me to make a move? Is this what the popular season is all about? Being popular is really amazing!

  Which means that if I asked for something right now, they would really do anything for me? If that’s so, then I should try and ask them for a favor.

「Ehm… could someone feed me some of the cake…? Ahaha just kidding.」

  At the moment I said that everybody swiftly grabbed their forks, stuck them into their own cake, and held out the forks for me with all their might. The scramble to be the first one to offer me a fork was legit.

「Watch out! You’ll stab me!」

  I somehow dodged all of that. I was protectively grabbing my own arms. It ended without incident, but it would not have been unthinkable if I had really gotten stabbed by one of the forks. Thanks to that everyone’s cake had flown off their forks and landed somewhere on my body.

「Ah, Yama-kun. There is some stuck on your face.」

  Yumeji-san, who sat opposite me at the table, leaned forward and wiped a piece of cake from my face with a napkin.

  Ahh, that makes me so happy.

  As soon as I thought that, the other four who had been watching grabbed their own napkins and they all started wiping my face with them.

「Hey! Could you not get in the way, please?」「You there! How dare you go in there just by yourself?」「You are so unfair, Yumeji-san. I want to do that too!」「I.. I’ll also wipe his face!」「I won’t let you guys get in the way, Yama-kun is mine!」

  Everyone was desperately pulling. Also, I feel like that last statement from club president Yuiga was pretty dangerous.

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