Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Extra Story *Teaser*


「Wai.. cut it out everyone! This is super annoying!」

  When I yelled, everyone was startled and pulled back. I heard「sorry」, 「I’m sorry」, and「I hope you’re not mad?」from a few mouths.

  What is going on here? I’m unsure whether this is awesome, or not awesome at all. t’s true that everyone had been complimenting me and they seemed to do anything I asked them to, but this whole situation was very strange. Something weird was clearly going on. Everyone was doubtlessly a different person than they normally are.

 These thoughts crossed my mind but then shook my head to get them out. It seems to me that they are acting weird, but could I say for sure that that was the case? After all, wasn’t it the middle of my popular season right now? Wasn’t this the once in a lifetime golden opportunity to be popular? Wasn’t I the chosen one to for whom the popular season had been activated?

  Isn’t it true that in this situation, whatever happens should not be considered strange? Yes, that’s right! So even if from an outside perspective this might be perceived as weird, there was no mistaking that this was completely normal. After all, this was the magic of the popular season.

  A mundane student like me wouldn’t know, but this must be what handsome guys with everlasting popularity experience every single day. And to the guys who had had the makings of a king from the moment they were born, being in a situation where people were this devoted to them didn’t even disturb them. For them, there was no reason to pay any mind to that sort of thing. For them that was everyday life. They were admired by everyone and just went through with their lives as if that was a normal thing. Exactly. There is nothing wrong with my current situation. I am just an ugly duckling, not used to being admired by other people.

  As these thoughts passed, I started to think of myself as pathetic. To blame everything on some mystical season is lame, Yama Juugo! Why are you presumptuously thinking the cause of all this even lies in the season?! I should understand that all the circumstances had just combined to form this situation, which a good-for-nothing like myself could never so flawlessly create!

  Something as foolish as convincing myself the situation that would be the best for me is reality. Real happiness will not come from that! I should put my feet back on the ground and then really focus on what my reality is right now.

  Then, deep in my heart I howled. Right now I’m popular! To be longed for to this extent was so moving. What will happen when I get cold feet now? This is a once-in-a-lifetime big chance after all. It is all up to me whether I make use of this opportunity, or let it end while I’m still confused by what is happening.

  Imagine it, Yama Juugo, the future you that you’ll be after this time of being popular. Is the me in the future a pathetic guy who regrets having let go his one chance at popularity? Or will I be someone who enjoyed his popularity to his heart’s content? Someone who is getting smug over the fact that he has a girlfriend now. Yama Juugo, which one will you be in the future? Which one!?

  It’s not even a decision that should require any thinking. In that case, don’t chicken out here. Push forward like you’re skyrocketing. Live your popular season to your heart’s content. It’s time to let all these desires be fulfilled.

  Well then, isn’t it obvious what I should do next?

  My throat unintentionally made a gulping sound.

  A situation where everyone is wanting to do all sorts of things for me without any hesitation. Then shouldn’t I be asking for something that’s …. a little naughty? Like, you know….. letting me touch their boobs or something……

  No, that’s not it, let me explain. I do think that is going a bit too far. I really do. But…. I also feel like I could pull that kind of stunt right now. And there is no way I am being greedy or anything. You see, I’m already experienced in this kind of thing anyway. As soon as I came to this island I accidentally touched a girl’s breasts. So I feel like I already have a bit of an advantage over the guys around me.

  Even though that may be true, in the end that’s all that it is.

  I certainly poked Nanana-chan’s breast with the tip of my finger. It jiggled a little. I had to pay for that by getting my right arm dislocated, but this ended up connecting me to being able to get a single touch of the hidden treasure. It made me obtain a memory that I will have for my entire life-time. However, what I’m talking about is 「Is that where it ends?」.

  Of course it doesn’t end there. Aren’t boobs supposed to be touched and poked? Well, of course you could say that, but it’s not like that is everything. Then if you say so, aren’t boobs technically supposed to be massaged? If that’s the case, then wouldn’t you say I have not really obtained it yet? The legendary treasure? That’s why I was only thinking that maybe I could use this opportunity to go in full with all the fingers of both my hands.

  Among my family’s rules there is one that states 『Go for it when you can!』after all…….  Though I must admit it wasn’t meant for a situation like this. Anyways, this is the only season of popularity of my life. Because of that, I should go for it! Let’s go, Yama Juugo! We’ll go beyond the full-stop of the sentence!

  As I was speaking to myself in my head like that, my throat let out a gulp for the second time. I casually looked at Yumeji-san, who was sitting in front of me. My line of sight accidentally went down to the chest of this glasses-wearing girl.

  No, no, wait! This is not okay! Yumeji-san is off-limits! It’s definitely wrong to do something like that to Yumeji-san. After all, Yumeji-san is the gracious intellectual type of girl that wears glasses, you know. To me she is, equipped with her glasses, a being that should rule over all. A true goddess. It’s only obvious that I shouldn’t be doing that kind of thing to a girl like Yumeji-san……… Of course it would be a different story if we were hypothetically But before being in that sort of relationship, it would really be off-limits.

  ….. Although I must say I also feel some resistance against doing something like that to Tensai….. Because….. Well, Tensai is Tensai.

  Then, D’Arc? Hey, Juugo-ku~n. Do you think it will be fun to touch a guy’s chest? No, that would not be any fun at a~ll. Of course, president Yuiga is out of the question as well.

  Then the only one left over is…. Ibara-senpai? Well then, Ibara-senpai it will be. As a matter of process of elimination it comes down to Ibara-senpai, doesn’t it? Wait, but is it okay to do something like that to Ibara-senpai? We are talking about Ibara-senpai, you know? Ibara-senpai.. Ibara-senpai is….. she is Ibara-senpai after all. Is that going to be okay?

  She is an older woman, so does that make this sort of thing OK? Might this be just barely be something I could do? Actually if I think of it as a “being escorted by a pretty lady” kind of situation, isn’t that borderline doable? If anything, she does have volume. So I need for this to somehow be okay, don’t I?

  To be honest, I do kind of want to try touching Ibara-senpai’s breasts…. I really want to add the sensation of feeling them to my list of experiences.

  While I was getting lost in my horny thoughts, the sound of an old grandfather’s clock striking and echoing through the room reached my ears. Behind the counter, the white-bearded master seemed to say something like 「I think it’s about time now」but I did not think much of it.

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