Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Interlude 2

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 2.7

Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 3.1


 「So, Ryugajo Nanana-san was an amazing person.」 

  Tetsu was impressed by her. 

 「What are you talkin about! She did whatever she pleased and didn’t care about what I thought at all. She was really an annoying woman!」 

  She emptied the glass filled with vodka after that. It seems like she was in a bad mood since she took out the vodka bottle which was placed on the shelf and was drinking it at a quick pace. 

 「Sister, aren’t you drinking too much?」 

 「Shut up! Who do you think is responsible for that!? You were the one who made me tell you a story like this!」 

 「Well… I am sorry about that.」 

 「Ah well, that’s how she was…..」

  It seemed like she was going to repeat the same thing over and over like a drunk person.

* * *

  On the other side in the Shiawase-so’s room 202. 

 「Nanana-chan, you have an divine luck as always.」 

 「Indeed, I can no longer be surprised by Nanana-dono’s luck.」 

  Juugo who had challenged Nanana previously was once again made to realize how amazing Nanana is. 

 「It isn’t like thaaat.」 

  Nanana was embarrassed. But to be honest they were dumbstruck by how good Nanana’s luck was. But they were feeling excited and surprised at Nanana’s actions. 

 「So, Nanana-chan. What happened after that?」 

  Both of them wanted to know what happened after that. 

 「Let’s see.」 

  Nanana started telling the story again.

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