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Nanana’s Buried Treasure Volume 4 Chapter 1.1



  The usual faces there in room number 202 of the Shiawase-so were laying around without any care, passing their time on the weekend after they were done with the ruin in the South Red Mall. 

  One of them, the resident of room 202, Yama Jugo was laying on the bed looking at the cloth bag in his hand. Next to the bed sitting on a cushion was the self proclaimed supersleuth and Jugo’s neighbor Ikkyuu Tensai. She was watching a detective drama being aired again. She was bored since she had already figured out who the culprit was and what kind of trick they had used. 

  She had the Nanana collection《ward off evil amulet》in her hand. It was something that would ward evil away from the possessor of the amulet. What even is evil? To be honest I don’t know how to use it. Speaking of the collections, the《Lustrous lie detector》is really amazing. Since it can see through lies it’s really handy. But you need to be careful since if you use it for a bad purpose you might go blind. 

  Other items include 《A huge nail from which chains come out that doesn’t let anyone escape》 that can completely restrain an opponent,《Shadow fins》can allow the user to swim in shadows,《Mimic glasses》that allows the user to completely copy an opponent’s ability. On top of that《The wizard’s cane》grants its user’s wish. We can’t forget about《Teapot that doesn’t require tea leaves》which can produce sage tea good for health and beauty, it’s equipment of the adventure club. 

  The names might sound weird but all of them have an official name and all of them are hidden treasures of past centuries that were scattered around the world.

  「Hey Nanana-chan, why did you start collecting the Nanana collections? 」

  The person Jugo asked about this was the one who gave them these weird names and was the previous owner of these collections. On top of that she was the girl who got murdered in this room ten years ago.  

  「Hm? Why are you asking this out of blue? 」

  The girl’s name is Ryugajo Nanana. She accomplished many remarkable feats before dying at the age of eighteen, but now she enjoys a lazy life (although she is already dead) of clicking on the mouse while enjoying online PC games and scooping pudding with a spoon to eat it. She is a peculiar ghost bound to this room. 

  「 It’s nothing special, I was just curious about how you came to be interested in these hidden treasures. 」

  Nanana collections are a collection of hidden treasures with special abilities that Nanana gathered from all around the world when she was alive. Some are still hidden in Nanae Island and students are searching for it with various goals on their mind. 

  Nanana tilted her head at Jugo’s query. 

  「Ummm.  」

  「 It’s because I like things like that.  」

  「No. I heard that before but everything has a trigger, a starting point. So, what was the trigger that caused you to take interest in hidden treasures? That’s what I meant.  」

  「Hm. That is an interesting question for someone like you, Jugo. 」

  It was Tensai who spoke up looking down at Jugo after turning off the television saying it was boring. Tensai tossed the remote and looked at Nanana. 

  「I’m interested in that too. Nanana-dono, please tell us about it if you don’t mind. There’s still time to kill till D’arc returns from shopping anyway. 」

  The current situation is that they were waiting for Hoshino D’arc, Tensai’s attendant. She was out shopping for dinner since she was the one who was incharge of dinner today. Nanana became shy since Jugo and Tensai were staring at her. 

  「Sure, I’ll tell you about it but it isn’t something of a big deal.  」

  Ryugajo Nanana smiled and remembered the story that set things in motion. Days she spent with a bad friend having adventures. 


  On the other side in the Tsukuyomi town, a place for the dropouts of society. In the main building of the Team Three Skulls which rules over the town, the leader of the team and one of the GREAT 7 Kurosu Sansa was sitting in front of Tsujimi Tetsunoshin, a member of the Team Three Skulls. 

  「 …..and that’s how it is. 」

  「Nanana collections, something like those really….. 」

  「 I didn’t tell you about them though. 」

  Sansa revealed to Tetsu about the existence of the Nanana collections and that they were collecting them. She wasn’t intending on telling this to him initially but she decided to talk about it due to a certain incident. 

  「 Is that related to the disappearance of Yun?」

  Tetsu glared at her with his red eyes, his facial expressions gave away that he was extremely worn out. 

  The sudden disappearance of Yun, Yoshino Saki. The one who was shocked by it the most was Tetsu who was her bodyguard and had returned to school again in order to protect her. Since Yun was being stalked it made things worse. He went searching everywhere for her but it was futile. Tetsu had been searching for her since yesterday without rest, and if someone else looked at him they would know that he was at his limit. 

  「 Probably. We are collecting information about it, so you need to rest for now. 」 

  「 No, I can…..」

  「 You need to rest when I tell you to rest. 」

  After looking at Sansa glare at him, he nodded unwillingly. 

  「Hey, elder sister. Can I ask you something? 」

  「Huh? What is it?」

  「What kind of a person was Ryugajo Nanana? 」

  「Why are you suddenly asking that?」

  「I knew a little about the Nanana collections as an urban legend but I don’t know anything about the person who collected them.  」

  「Something like that doesn’t matter, really. 」

  「But it could give us a clue regarding the whereabouts of Yun-chan…..」

  「It won’t be a clue, it won’t be. This is the end of this conversation. 」

  Sansa didn’t want to talk about her time with Nanana so she tried to end the conversation. But Tetsu, who is oblivious of a woman’s heart, inquired further. 

  「Did you do anything with her in the past? 」

  Tetsu began questioning even after Sansa took an indifferent stance and she shut her mouth cursing at him inside her mind that ‘this is why you aren’t popular among girls’. She tried opening up her mouth to tell him that she had no intention of telling him about Nanana. 

  But then, she had a change of mind. It would be hard for Tetsu to rest even if she tells him to rest. So, maybe she should talk to him and make him feel relaxed. She thought for a few seconds and then opened her mouth with a sigh. 

  「it’s a story from a long time ago. 」

  Sansa started talking about it. 

  The days she spent with an annoying idiot who was a nuisance. 

  Ryugajo Nanana and Kurosu Sansa were coincidentally remembering about that time at the same moment. Before Nanana died, before there was Nanae Island, the days where they went berserk around the world. Both of them started talking about what they had experienced. 

The story of the beginning- 

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