New Novel Poll 2020! (Weslykan)

Hey Weslykan here~ These are the novels that are available for voting on this first poll.


You may vote for more than one. The top choices from this and the public poll will be placed on a final choice poll.

Mistaken for the Demon King

Tags: Original Military History, Occupation Level System, Non-human Companions, Magic and Sword Skill System

Cursed Sword Master –

Tags: R-15, Violence, Reincarnation, Adventure, Love Comedy, Japanese Swords, Cursed Sword Harem, Many Beautiful Girls, Battle Tower, Maid-like, Priest, Katana Girl

Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira

Tags: R-15: Violence, Middle-aged Protagonist, Skill Training, Adventurer, Reversal, Life, Soothing Heroine, Small Child, Strongest Protagonist, Comrade Training

Otherworldly Transcendence & Transmigration- Aurvene & Illuminade ~ Social Network Game

Tags: R-15, Violence, Reincarnation, Sword and Magic, Superpowers, Monsters, Demon King, Orc, Fictitious Military History, Harem, Alchemy, Battle, Foolish Prideful Girl, Pervert, Light Female Maid Clothing, Shounen, Shoujo, Nobles, Comedy, Serious, Bad End Evasion?


Meet hundreds of Heroins! Social Network VR Eroge “Illuminade”. The most popular Top 5 Ranked characters. Royal Princess, Court Mage, Elf, Samurai, and Imperial Knight.

Besides the aesthetics of this low cost eroge-like game it has unique characteristics. Even beyond the Eros there is value in the game….Amazing! This game has a high functioning AI that allows you to freely talk to the characters. Furthermore it adjusts the difficulty of capturing each Heroine.

If simple love scenes don’t satisfy, then core users can experience a realistic heartfelt love simulation RPG. Furthermore, there is also the aspect of the game where monsters are attacking the Kingdom and you must fight like in an MMO. During battle the suspension bridge effect can further increase the Heroine’s good impression of you. The synergy between beautiful girls and fierce battle.

This is the story of a stray MC thrust into a game-like other world with unreasonable difficulty. With a social-game like system for meeting heroines, a sometimes passionate and serious comedy.

Here is the Poll


  1. Hmm…meh, I’m not interested in any of these. Pass.

  2. “Mistaken for the Demon King” – has a manga at mangadex if anyone wants to see a little of what it’s about

  3. [Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira]

    Got my vote, loving the manga.

  4. voting for mistaken for demon king it seems interesting…..

  5. Cursed sword master looks good but although the webnovel is complete at 202ch it has a light novel as well, where as Mistaken for the demon king just has 86ch so i’ll go with demon king since it’s less likely to get licensed and dropped (ones with ln and wn always seem to have a higher license rate)

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