New Novel Poll Results! (Weslykan)

Hey guys Weslykan here~!

So after a while we finally have all the results in!

There’s little to no chance of this novel being dethroned from its victory so here it is~

The winner is…



Cursed Sword Master –

Tags: R-15, Violence, Reincarnation, Adventure, Love Comedy, Japanese Swords, Cursed Sword Harem, Many Beautiful Girls, Battle Tower, Maid-like, Priest, Katana Girl


Thank you to everyone who voted!!!

I will start translating this on my Patreon as soon as the last chapter of House Magic is done.

So here we go.


  1. Aw man, i was really hoping Mistaken as the Demon King was gonna win since it had the lead for a bit. Been a lot of harems lately and thought the whole monster companions was a nice twist but guess not for some others. I’ll read the winner of the poll just on principle after the polls. thanks again for your patience with your readers and stay healthy.

  2. Is this still happenning? Its been almost rwo months since this was announced with no chapters.

    • You mean the Novel that I’ll start releasing after I finish releasing all of the House Magic Chapters? Yes. I haven’t finished releasing House Magic. I did this so I could get a head start on translating it before I begin releasing Cursed Sword Master.

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