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*NEW FEATURE* Speed-up your favourite novel’s schedule

Dear Awesome LNT Readers,

Tired of waiting for new chapters to come out? Now you will be able to speed-up the release schedule of eligible novels.

What is it?
This function enables you to speed-up the schedule of a novel by 10 hours once the goal is reached. This is a community effort where every single Krystal counts towards the final goal. Once the bar is filled to full, one of our staff members will manually adjust the schedule. Any excess Krystals will count towards the next goal or be refunded back to your account.

Most eligible novels will have the capability to release every 20 hours at its fastest rate of release. What this means is that it will be possible to speed up your favourite novels to release once a day!

Where do I find it?
If the novel is eligible, you will find this feature located in the table of contents of the novel as well as the side bar. (Some novels will not be eligible for this feature e.g. hiatus novels, teaser novels, etc)

Speedup schedule sidebar

Speedup schedule on sidebar

Speedup schedule toc

Speedup Schedule on TOC

Why do novels have different schedules?
A novel at a schedule of 100+ hours is usually struggling and needs your support. They are typically novels that lack a dedicated translator and this is where you can make the difference. Consider these projects similar to a start-up project and when you contribute Krystals into the pool and the goal is reached, a dedicated translator will be assigned to start creating the content.

Novels at a schedule of between 90-70 hours are usually novels that already have a dedicated translator. These novels have consistent release schedule that many of you currently enjoy.

Speeding up the schedule of a novel beyond this point lets us know that you really love that particular novel, it shows your support to the authors/translators and keeps our community thriving.

We strive to provide enjoyable content for you all and we hope that this new feature gives you the power to hyper accelerate your favourite novels to reach that satisfaction conclusion sooner.

Why is it awesome?
By speeding up a schedule you will get much more value in the long run. For example, a novel that has a schedule of 170 hours will release around 52 chapters in a year, but a novel with a schedule of 20 hours will release around 365 chapters in a year, which is 6 times more!

Just to be clear, this feature is not the same as the existing speed-up chapter function. Both functions work synergistically with each other, as the chapters will be released at a faster rate and consequently you will need less Krystals to speed up each chapter.

We guarantee that any novels that have the schedule sped up will maintain their release rate for the lifetime of the novel. So, If the novels catches up to the author, we will make sure the rate of release will remain the same as soon as more chapters are available. In order to meet the increased demand, we will dedicate translators to the project.

So which novels are eligible “RIGHT NOW” did you say?
Azur Lane: Episode of Belfast
Beyond Another Darkness ~ B.A.D.
– Goodbye Dragon Life
Harem in a Fantasy World Dungeon
High School Hack and Slash
I’m A Villager, So What?
I Became a Zombie after being deceived and killed 
I got a Cheat
I got Transferred in the Middle of a Mountain
Last Embryo
Reincarnated Porter
Reborn in a world of Chastity Reversal
Record of Grancrest War
Return of the Fallen
Rule Breaker
Shangrila Frontier
Summoner is Going
The Villainess who has been killed 108 times

If you have any questions, please drop a comment below.

Kind Regards,
Nefarian & AmareeLis

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