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Light Novels Translations is excited to launch its new website, which entails the best reading experience with tons of exciting new features. These features will also help Light Novels Translations stay afloat and the success of these features is an essential part of maintaining the ongoing Translations and original Author creations. 

Special Features

The whole website has been completely revamped and we are still dedicated to providing you all with FREE content. The first new feature revolves around the website releasing a free chapter automatically after a certain number of hours has elapsed E.g. a chapter will come out for free every 70 hours = one chapter every three days. The advantage of having this feature is that chapters will no longer have to be manually released by us Translators/Authors. We developed this system due to various feedback and we hope this improvement will have a significant positive impact on you readers moving forwards.

Speeding up a chapter

 With the implementation of the new feature above, we have made it easier for anyone to contribute in releasing a chapter faster. For as little as $5 readers are able to purchase a Krystal pack from our website. $5 gives you 500 krystals. Each Krystal is able to speed up 1 minute of time, that means that for as low as 0.01 cents you can contribute to a novel and support the Author’s and Translators whilst making the rate of release faster. This will hopefully create a virtuous cycle that is beneficial for everyone in our community. Please note that not all novel will have speed up function enabled. 

Also, more importantly, we will be crediting all the sponsored donations thus far and convert them as Krystals value, you may see the admins crediting the speedup as we go. We will ensure that all donations made thus far is not lost, so don’t worry!

Become a VIP

Light Novels Translations are phasing out our Patreon tiers and moving them to our own VIP systems. Not only the VIP system will offer more affordable pricing, but we have tailored our VIP tier for those of you seeking exclusive perks of reading chapters in advance. In the VIP Tier you will be able to read novels up to 20 chapters in advance. This is an extreme upgrade from our Patreon Page which previously allows a maximum of up to 4 chapters in advance. We have been working hard and not all novels will have this option due to various reasons such as not enough resources on our end to translate at such a fast speed or the author on hiatus etc.

To further explain, our previous Patreon tier was at a price point of $100 for 4 chapters in advance of all novels on our site. We have now made it possible to obtain 20 chapters in advanced for $100. Plus with the $100 Diamond VIP tier subscription, you will also receive bonus 1,000 Krystal each month.

This means that in addition to getting the additional chapters, we will also provide you with free Krystals each month to spend on your favorite novels to further accelerate their rate of release.

We will discontinue updating our Patreon membership access within 30 days, this will give all our Patrons enough time to move accross to the new system.

Ad-Free Reading Experience

 Ads helps to keep our site afloat and are a necessary part of our website. However, all our VIP members will have the added additional feature of having an Ad-FREE reading experience. Our Bronze tier starts at $3 and allows for an Ad-FREE reading experience.

We have listened to your feedback and strive to continuously improve the website for the best reading experience. We aim to improve the website even further and for that, we definitely need your support. You can support our website by simply reading our wonderful novels and not blocking ads. Alternatively, you can support us greatly by joining our VIP membership and or using our new Krystals on the website!

Coming Soon!

We will be improving our user mobile experience in the next update and there will be a couple more updates coming which will be announced closer to date.

Bugs & Fixes

If you discover any bugs relating to the new website, please send details with your screenshots in our discord channel: #bugs-fixes-website-v1

Need Assitance?

We realise that there are tons of new features on the site not including the ones mentioned above. If you are stuck and needing any help, please send your inquiry in our discord channel: #need-assistance (please see the channel Pins before asking your questions just incase they are already answered)

We sincerely hope you all will enjoy the new features, and it will enhance your experience in reading your favourite novels.

Kind Regards,
Nefarian & AmareeLis

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