Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 68

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned last week, we are working hard to put this project to release a more consistent schedule. We are NOW READY! From this week, starting right now we will be releasing 2 chapters a week for this novel. This is the first chapter for the week.

Please also note I am setting up the folder right this moment to add this novel in Patreon. So if you have previously joined our Patreon and a member of DinoDragon / UnicornDragon / ShenLong, simply refresh your folder and you will be able to enjoy reading the advanced chapter immediately!  😉 Just give me a few minutes to set this up. We are also running a special promotion: CHECK IT OUT HERE

This chapter is translated by Suzuran, please give him a warm welcome! Enjoy reading this chapter…~


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