Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 79

Hi Everyone,

Happy weekend! We have a BONUS chapter release for Nidome today 🎉!

Thank you so much to our donator  Jan.K, GreyKnight and Evan.L 💖💖💖

We really appreciate your support.. Please also remember the special price promotion finishes in 10 days, so please do take advantage of this offer before it runs out..!

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  1. when I clicked “more posts” it doesn’t work….

  2. Thanks for the chapter, or so i would like to say, but when i enter the link It sends me to chapter 79’s teaser. I dont have a problem with that, but chapter 80 and 81 are posted full, and i cant read them because chapter 79 is only posted partially. Im not really familiar with how this site works so i would like It if someone could tell me about It. That way i will stop being bothersome unnecesarily.
    Im sorry if i come across as rude, im not a native speaker so i may say something unrespectful unkowningly.

    • Hi Valarcos,
      Thank you for your comment, for some reason it was displaying the error yesterday but it’s actually should be all fixed now. 🙂 please refresh your browser if you can’t see the full chapter. Enjoy reading..

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