Nidome no Yuusha


Author: 木塚ネロ Kizuka Nero

Original Web Novel: 二度目の勇者は復讐の道を嗤い歩む (Novel removed from Syosetu)

Alternate Titles:

  1. 二度目の勇者は復讐の道を嗤い歩む。 ~魔王よ、世界の半分をやるから俺と復讐をしよう~
  2. Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu. ~Maou yo, Sekai no Hanbun wo Yaru Kara Ore to Fukushuu wo Shiyou~
  3. The Hero is Walking the Second Time on the Path of Vengeance While Laughing ~ Maou, I’m Going to Give You Half of the World so Take Vengeance with Me~


Ukei Kaito fought a desperate struggle in order to fulfill his role as a summoned hero. He defeated the Demon Lord and saved the very world, only to meet an end filled but with betrayal. The companions that he’d trusted throughout his journey betrayed him and killed him by sticking a blade through his chest.

It was then that he swore to himself.

He swore that, if given another chance, he would no longer so rigidly cling to the concept of “faith.”

He swore that, if given another chance, he would dedicate himself to enacting the most atrocious act of revenge possible.

He swore that, if given another chance, he would do things right.

「I’ll kill every single last one of you… I swear it…」

And so, he died, leaving behind not but a series of menacing last words — but his story had yet to end. A voice resounded through his head and informed him that there was more to his fate than what lay beyond the grave.

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Volume 1-2 are on Novel Updates.

Side Chapter Volume (Interrmision Volume):

Chapter 64, Chapter 65, Chapter 66, Chapter 67, Chapter 68, Chapter 69, Chapter 70, Chapter 71, Chapter 72, Chapter 73, Chapter 74, Chapter 75, Chapter 76,

Volume 3 and onward

Chapter 77, Chapter 78, Chapter 79, Chapter 80, Chapter 81Chapter 82Chapter 83, Chapter 84Chapter 85Chapter 86Chapter 87Chapter 88Chapter 89, Chapter 90, Chapter 91, Chapter 92, Chapter 93, Chapter 94, Chapter 95, Chapter 96, Chapter 97, Chapter 98, Chapter 99, Chapter 100, Chapter 101, Chapter 102, Chapter 103, Chapter 104, Chapter 105, Chapter 106, Chapter 107, Chapter 108, Chapter 109, Chapter 110, Chapter 111, Chapter 112, Chapter 113, Chapter 114, Chapter 115, Chapter 116, Chapter 117, Chapter 118, Chapter 119Chapter 120, Chapter 121, Chapter 122, Chapter 123, Chapter 124, Chapter 125, Chapter 126, Chapter 127, Chapter 128, Chapter 129, Chapter 130, Chapter 131, Chapter 132, Chapter 133, Chapter 134, Chapter 135, Chapter 136, Chapter 137, Chapter 138, Chapter 139, Chapter 140, Chapter 141, Chapter 142, Chapter 143, Chapter 144, Chapter 145, Chapter 146, Chapter 147, Chapter 148, Chapter 149, Chapter 150, Chapter 151, Chapter 152, Chapter 153, Chapter 154, Chapter 155, Chapter 156, Chapter 157, Chapter 158, Chapter 159, Chapter 160, Chapter 161, Chapter 162, Chapter 163, Chapter 164, Chapter 165, Chapter 166, Chapter 167, Chapter 168, Chapter 169, Chapter 170, Chapter 171, Chapter 172, Chapter 173, Chapter 174, Chapter 175, Chapter 176, Chapter 177, Chapter 178, Chapter 179, Chapter 180, Chapter 181, Chapter 182, Chapter 183, Chapter 184, Chapter 185, Chapter 186, Chapter 187, Chapter 188, Chapter 189, Chapter 190, Chapter 191, Chapter 192, Chapter 193


  1. Thanks for Tl this WN

  2. Damn, when will the next chapter come out?

  3. Is the chapter 64 a direct result of the chapters published on WN404 ?

    • correct, we are not skipping any chapter 🙂
      We are entering side chapters from chapter 64, then the flashback will end at chapter 74. We are almost back on the main story soon.

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    How old is Minnalis? Anybody know?

  5. Just finished reading chapter 85 (awesome job so far!) ,and noticed that the chapter links on this page seem a tad out of date, they go upto 78 hyperlinked, and 81 unlinked

    • yes you are right, sorry we are flat out busy but one of us will get to it when we can, you can still access all the chapters from the “Category” side bar for the time being please 😉

  6. Guys I’m so glad you picked this up. So so glad!!!!
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  7. I just tried looking at the raws, and syosetu seems to have deleted the author and removed all links to this series, will this have a significant impact on translations???

    • We are trying our best to combat this issue and continue to translate this until the very end.

      • So raws deleted. Does that mean this is done ??? 🙁

      • we are still releasing chapters 🙂 we will buy the light novels and keep going if we have to. Basically, we are trying our best to keep going. Hope this clears up any worry in anyone’s mind. The news of the author being deleted is old news to us. This happened a while back and we never stop releasing at all. ?

  8. Oh, good deal! Thank you very much for your hard work! Would you happen to know the reason why the author was removed? Just curious mostly.

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    • Hi Van,

      Our current schedule is 2 chapters a week. If you like to see it quicker we have Patreon to access advanced chapter / sponsored chapter donation 🙂

      • This mecanism for sponsoring faster translation is really well thought.
        As the current arc finished it is not the moment, but when the story get to me again I will donate for sure :p
        Good job again and thank you for your hard work.

      • thank you so much Quentin 🙂

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    Is there any other source for the raw WN?

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    MC looks like some corrupt young noble man, whispering devil whispers into a girl, corrupting her mind.
    Nevertheless, thanks for you hard work in translation

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  15. I got all six of the LNs on Bookwalker, if you run out of the raws should I screenshot & send you the books in a mega link or something?

  16. So upon looking at novel updates I discovered that chapters 24-29 are not on the listing this leads me to believe they are untranslated could you help with this?

    • Actually, Volume 2 Chapters 6 through Volume 2 Chapter 8 also appear to be missing from all the prior sites as well.

      This one is a Royal Pain to track down still extant copies of previous chapters; not all the entries posted at Novel Updates still exist, and it also doesn’t help that the various sites TLing it were inconsistent in how they labeled the chapters…
      Including us. I mean, we’re only listing the whole chapter number… no indication as to where the volume breaks are.

      • I won’t mention the site name because I’m not sure if it’s kosher to bring them up or not, but at least one notorious translation stealing website has all the old chapters for this novel.

        It makes sense why translators hate sites that steal their work and put their own ads on it, but as a reader sites like that have saved me many times because they are sometimes the only source of chapters translated by groups whose web sites no longer exist.

  17. The raws were deleted a few chapters after the last published here (166), are you going to stop the translations or start with the LN? Thanks for your answer.

  18. are you following the light novel or the web novel??

    • We followed the WN until the raws were removed from Syosetu (actually until all the chapters we’d already grabbed were completed), and since then we’ve continued with the LN, not knowing of anyone who had grabbed the complete pdf prior to it’s deletion.

      If anyone reading this happens to have downloaded the pdf from Syosetu’s companion site prior to it’s being deleted, and still has it… we’d love to talk to you!

  19. Where can I find the illustrations for this novel? NovelPlanet doesn’t seem to have the ability to post them.

  20. This story gives me the same kind vibe (at least for the first couple dozen chapters) as the WEBTOON ‘YANDERE X YANDERE’

    • Jokes aside, I really feel like this is extremely similar to Arifureta (The first heroine is also betrayed and they journey together, but also the revenge backdrop of the story) which is one of my first and favourite LN’s so looking forward to reading this

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