Chapter 104 – Epilogue 2

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Aurelia Kingdom, Imperial capital castle.
This country she visited as the Saint of the Lunaria Theocracy.
In the room I returned after the audience with Princess Alesia and co, I was rampaging and spitting out helpless emotions, and before I noticed, I was fast asleep.

「Hm……, thank you very much, Lunaris-sama. As I thought, That’s the way it should be. isn’t it」

I, who was told about the conclusion, felt as if my consciousness will slowly leap out.
When I slowly open my eyes, the bed had become crumpled sheets because of the rampage.
A nice soft futon which the maid probably laid on me is covering my body.

「Go, good morning, Meteria-sama」

「Eh, good morning……? 」

A question mark floats above the maid’s head.
But, that question was immediately dissipated.
In the first world, I showed her the same kind of appearance several times, but right now, this should be the first time seeing me like this.

(Well, that’s a trivial matter……)

I am fine as long as that person is here.
And that person too is fine with me alone.
There is no need to worry about others’ eyes. That should be the rightful state of things, and how it’s been decided upon.

Therefore, existing conditions that cannot be changed like that are terribly unpleasant.


I gently unraveled my disheveled hair with my hands.

「Oh, Meteria-sama, where to?」

「The bath. Assistance won’t be necessary so could you leave me alone」

「Pl, Please wait a moment, the bath preparation is still not ready……」

「Don’t need it」

「Eh? ah, Umm……? 」

I left the proximity maid in the room and walk to the interior of the quiet royal palace, where the sun just started to rise.
The exclusive bathroom for the royal family and the state guests, as a matter of course, has been completely drained of hot water.

「Oh water that bestows warmth, fill warmth, 『Water Wave hot water wave』」

A large amount of hot water which flowed out of her hand accumulates in the bathroom.
I am still slightly not used to the fact that I have to chant and be mindful of my MP for a magic of this degree, but when I think that I am able to use magic at this level because of the memories of the days spent with Kaito-sama, I feel a burning emotion in my heart.

White steam fills the cold bathroom, and after confirming that the temperature of the hot water is just right with my hand, I soaked my body inside the hot bath.


When I feel warmth across my whole body, my thoughts slowly turn around.
Of course, it reminds me of Kaito-sama.

When I alone, the saint, am the only one in this world who can pair with the hero.
That Demon King has distorted and bound it, and because of that, Kaito-sama will receive unnecessary suffering.

My weak-mindedness in the first world cornered Kaito-sama to the point where there was no means of liberation except through death.
Only by dying, and wishing for the next world, I couldn’t rescue him from the bondage of evil.

But now it’s different.
Now that time has turned back, we can return to what it should be.

「Now then, what should we begin with…………?」

Like I said, there is no time to be idle.
That is, this time, to reshape the world as how it should have been.
To correct the distortion that was left behind.
For the day when I am happily wedded to Kaito-sama.

Because this time, it will come true.

Rather than lamenting the distortion, I have to move on to the next place.

『Crying, crying, crying, and spitting out all the emotions.
Then I can walk again』

Right, I was taught by Kaito-sama afterall.

「Please look, Lunaris-sama. Without fail, the conclusion of the story that should be spun through this world this time……」

To God who gave us the opportunity to redo, we offered a new commitment with a prayer of gratitude.

As soon as I renewed my determination, I tried to gather information.

In the first world, the church, which was the cage that confined me until I was saved by Kaito-sama, is now under my full control and the fools that will be obstacles have been eliminated.
The Church of Lunaria is scattered all over the country. Thanks to that, they are going to be quite the excellent pair of limbs for me.

And, the incident in the city of Ermia, just as I thought, the one that was first targeted was Yumis.
Given the distance from the imperial capital, I thought it would probably be her that Kaito-sama would choose to start with.

Which is why, after a minimum stay in the imperial capital, I am now riding a cart to the city of Ermia.
To examine Kaito-sama’s information first-hand on site.


Undoubtedly unlike all those other mobs, Kaito-sama most likely has retained his previous memories.
If not, there is no explanation for such words or actions.

The hero is granted power from God and is coming to this world. Because I remember, it is only natural that Kaito-sama remembers as well.

Well, that….sham of a princess, seemed to have lost her memories.

(I could hardly catch his trails in the imperial capital……, but it seems like Kaito-sama hasn’t noticed that I remember everything)

Otherwise, he wouldn’t make these bold moves, in this situation where his status and skill levels are low.
Even if he moves according to that word 『Revenge』, he must be using methods that should not result in any issues externally.

「Really……, I’m so glad. If it is not known to Kaito-sama, it will be easier to advance matters by leaps」

「Meteria-sama? Is everything alright?」

「No, it’s about time we arrived at the city of Ermia, so you can rest with ease today」

「Is that so? Oh, no, thank you for your concern」

The Maid is clearly relieved, and is showing her relief on her face.
It’s too early in the evening, but it’s already a few hours past lunch.

This maid should also be aware that the schedule is to arrive at the city this evening, but I couldn’t help but think it is likely fatigue may have accumulated as a result of accelerating the schedule.

Peeking at the state of the escorts who proceed outside at a glance, a weary complexion could also be seen on their faces.

(That’s quite the fatigued condition, right on schedule)

The presence of the escort and the maid is only a hindrance in investigating Kaito-sama’s whereabouts.

「I’m sorry to have requested for the unreasonable from you lot. But for the inhabitants of the city of Ermia who had been attacked by the undead, we must go to the city as soon as possible」

That said, she expresses a face that reveals sorrow.

The purification of the negative magic that is supposed to remain in the city of Ermia attacked by the undead.
Naturally, the real purpose lies elsewhere, but I chose to use this pretext as it is able to sufficiently convince everyone around the vicinity.

「Me, Meteria-sama, oh no, please raise your head. We’re fine even without you having to worry about us! 」

「Thank you very much. However, it is also a fact that I asked for the unreasonable. To me, you lot are also subjects to pity and love」

Of course, that is if in the world after being married to the hero, we are blessed and living our lives in earnest though.

「Either way, it is more effective to purify the negative magic in the daytime than at night. So, once we arrive at the city of Ermia, let’s eat a little luxuriously today. Poverty should be valued, but it is also important to restore one’s energy」

Saying that, I gave a smile of compassion.

In the dead of the night when even plants sleep.
I snuck out into the city of Ermia alone.

「Fufu, aah, it’s this way then」

I followed the lingering scent of his magic power, and proceeded through the forest.
It’s almost as if I am being beckoned by that person, and naturally, a smile appeared on my face.

The residue of the magic power which has become thin after some time has passed.
Still, there’s no way I am going to mistake it.

And then, I arrived at the place.

「………… Ah, that’s strange. It’s so full of hatred……」

It is a plaza that spreads wide in the forest.
Kaito-sama’s concentrated magic power is most strongly left behind. Besides that are particles of magic power filled with agony.
If this much magic power filled with emotions is left behind, the technique should also activate just fine.

「It is the lingering scent of the soul that reveals the reason, tracing it without fail in this place. 『Story Mirror History mirror』」

Magic is completely robbed from my body, and a mirror composed with magic power appears before me like ripples spreading in the water.

At first, the surface which looked cloudy like frosted glass is made to focus and before long a beautiful image is formed.
It is a magic to see past events from the magic power that is left.

And there……

「Ah…… Kaito-sama, Kaito-sama」

Kaito-sama who looked somewhat younger than in my memories.
Even blinking would be a waste, with intense concentration, I burn it into my memory.

「Kaito, Sama……」

In the Magic Mirror, Kaito-sama is wielding a sword against Yumis, while surrendering himself to madness that seemed as if weeping.
It is so frustrating that I cannot touch you. Even though I want to hug you right at this moment, you can not even hear my voice.

And then, eventually everything ended, and the magic is interrupted.

「Ah…… Why,……」

What was displayed at the last moment, was the image I saw recently, Kaito-sama’s gentle smile directed at a Beast-kin woman and an elf-like woman.
The figure of another besides me standing next to that person.

「Even though, that place belongs to me……」

Also, there is an unsightly insect flying beside that person.

「Again, he’s having such an insect as companion. Why, why, why」

Why am I not the one over there.

「I have to hurry……」

Before they defile Kaito-sama any more than this.


And, that was the time.
Pleasure ・・ which bursts out from the bottom of the body.
The information of the place can be perceived as if only the consciousness escaped the body and flew out.

「Aaahhh, Nnn, ahh, Kaito-sama, using the【Sword of Mortal Sin】……」

The face that is flushed as if burning, instantly breaks out into a smile naturally.
Even if the world returns, the bond between Kaito-sama and I still remains connected.

「This direction……, is that so. Next, you went up against Grond huh?」

Ah, ah, ah.
Please hold on, Kaito-sama.
Soon, real soon. I will make the preparations fast.
So that you won’t have to tread on the path of carnage anymore, I will truly……… make you start all over.

「Fufu, fufufufufu」

Rising up staggeringly, I left the place.
Now, I have to hurry up with the plan, quickly, to pull away Kaito-sama from those insects, so the two of us, can live in our happily ever after.

Because that’s the way it should be originally.


  1. It seems like you can’t ran away from the yandere saint huh? Though she gets pleasure when Kaito uses one of his Seven Deadly sins swords? Holy hell…..

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    • Preventing them from doing anything and otherwise ignoring them. Alt just plain kill them because you cannot torture them, any attention is good attention to them. Live on without them completely. Or let the “insects” deal with her.

      Also strangely if I think about it if he actually rezzed with no memories whatsoever would have had a pretty decent life, considering she already gained full control of the church and completely hates all the former party members. Aside from her being Yandere and the issues that may rise she would have completely protected him from pretty much any other bad end.

      I totally don’t have a thing for Yanderes and completely wouldn’t mind that kinda life with a stealth Yandere no sir.

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