Chapter 105 – Epilogue 3

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Sorry, I lied in the previous epilogue.

「Is that so, you still haven’t found him」

「……I really, have no excuse」

It’s been about a month since the Saint Meteria-sama returned home.

The reports that I personally received in my private room, just like before, isn’t pleasing at all.

「As expected, the information that can be said to be plausible, is the aforementioned castle wall hole that was opened by the monster 『Wall Eater』, and the man that was said to have appeared when the monsters were attacking right」

「Ah, you mean that story of one who saved a poor girl. considering his deeds, it is very unlikely」

Poor or not, as long as they are humans, they are subjects of my protection.

It’s all good that honorable father and mother don’t think deeply and are easy to handle, but they just don’t get it. They think that everything is alright as long as they are fine.

Well, it’s also a fact that their stupidity is actually being helpful.

Thanks to that, the armaments reinforcement towards・・the war after the Demon King subjugation is also proceeding with ease.

Even the Demonic beings too, and after that, the Beast-kin must also be crushed.

That is the will of the Great Spirit.

My parents who are drowning in laziness can not understand it, and I will eventually have them retire.

「……There are also reports of monster activities in various places, and the frequency of high-ranking species and abnormal species has increased. You should return to your original duty soon. Of course, please keep searching for that fool concurrently. I am going to try looking for other means on my own」

「Ah, excuse me, Alesia-sama」

With a beautiful conduct that doesn’t go well with her appearance, Gidott took a bow and left the room.

I got lost in deep thought for a while just like that, but without coming up with any ingenious idea, I shook my head.

「Fu, this is not good. I need to change my mood a little」

As I muttered and stood up, I headed for the usual place.

That place is the 『Great Spirit’s Space』. A place to offer prayers to the Great Spirit, with entry permitted only to successive princess for generations.

In this kingdom where 『Spirit Religion』 is rooted, is the only place where one can listen to the words of the Great Spirit directly.

The place, where she headed to quietly inside the royal castle, has a door that gave off a wonderful presence even though it’s not spectacular.
The door which had a detailed design added to it, is not a sliding door nor a pushing door, and only looks like a mere decoration. But it was certainly a door.
It might be a kind of barrier. Only accepting those who are allowed, and just a mere wall to those who are not.


I walked to the door as if there was nothing there, and・・・・・・ slipped through to the other side of the door.

In there, is a garden set in lush green.
Sweet and sour fruits attached to shrubs, and vivid colors and fragrance that accompanies flowers.
The gazebo in the center is made of impure white marbles, and the fountain full of fresh water, like a spring, makes a cool sound.
It was the season when the outside started getting colder, but it was filled with warm air as if it were a different world.

When I stacked a few, two to three red fruits from the planted shrub into my palms, I headed towards the gazebo without hesitation.
I placed the fruit on a saucer of a white porcelain tea cup that has not a single stain, which was on top of a pure white table the same as the Gazebo.
When she pours tea slowly from the pot which contained a black tea at just the right temperature at any time, she sits on the white tree chair next to it.

「Ah, the black tea here is really delicious」

While enjoying the fragrant tea, she took a bite out of the piled fruits.
The elegant moments when she takes in the warmth of the sun, always eases her heart.

(Even so, what exactly does that mean? It is already confirmed that he is not in the imperial capital. But…)

Suddenly, she is conscious of her back as she was stroking her shoulder from the nape.
The scars are no longer there.

(It was engraved on this back when all was taken away. I don’t know what exactly misguided him, but I was thinking I was going to show some kind of actions in the near future because he decided not to kill me……)

「…… As expected, it is impossible to investigate secretly after all. It’s already exposed to the Lunaria Theocracyaw Country. I will make arrangements at the Guild…….. No, If i do such a thing, leaving the Theocracy aside Law Country that is already aware, if it becomes known to the Empire as well……」

Worst case, the power of the hero that the kingdom was trying to use might be used by the Empire instead.
That place is a savage country that ignores meritocracy and order.
Even with such a monster, if their interests matches, the Empire will join forces.
And, it will cause harm to the kingdom before long.

「Ah, this won’t do. I came here to take a break……」

As I sigh, and the cup becomes empty, as usual, I made my way to the altar which was built in the gazebo.

It is a place for the successive generations of princesses to pray to the Great Spirit, and where the great words are bestowed.
Originally, the place where elder sister prayed every day.

「…… Will I not hear anything today too. I see, so I fall far short, don’t I」

With my power I can only hear that great voice once a month, only at night when the full moon shines.
To boot, it is husky and tiny, and only words of broken prattles.

Ah, if elder sister was still alive.
If it were sister and not me in here, she would surely be able to exchange words with the Great Spirit easily as if she were conversing with a friend.
Overflowing with talent so much she could even see its appearance, originally, elder sister should have been in the place where I am right now.

So gentle, and intelligent, my perfect role model…….

「…… I will never give up. I will definitely catch elder sister’s foe」

She tightly holds the necklace which is a memento of her elder sister from on top of the clothes.

「All who try to wear a human’s ugly skin, I will……」

「『I’ll destroy them』 or something like that?」

「Mm!? Who is that!!」

At the same time as when she turns around to look at the voice she heard, and without confirmation, she shoots an oversized fireball without chanting as substitute for being threatened.

「Oopsie, even as a substitute, I guess she’s a princess huh. To be able to use no-chanting, not bad♪」

Just after the sand dust that went up cleared away, I saw a hooded figure who was covered deeplyperson who was deeply covered in hood.
Judging from his body and voice, he is a man.

「…… This place, is supposed to be a sanctuary where only the chosen princess can enter. Who are you?」

「Well i guess, it’s not 『Light Ball』 that comes out promptly but『Fireball』, I guess it can’t hold a candle to the real thing. I’m talking about how this generation is blessed with talents the most」

「Like those words you said earlier 、……you, how much」

「Don’t glare at me so much. You don’t need to worry, I am your ally」

The man who laughed with a crackling sound, took off his hood while continuing with 『but well』.

「I came here to complement a substitute that I can’t even communicate with. Not quite, to me personally, there has been too many irregulars this time it’s annoying. If it were just one, as long as the result would be the same, I had thought that, well it’s fine」

「An Elf!?」

What appeared are sharp-pointed ears and gold thread hair.
The looks which is arranged like a doll looks somewhat like a fake.

「You human-imitation who run about in the forest, what business do you have with me?」

「Like I said, don’t be so unsociable. I came all the way to inform you of those mistakes outside the scope of human jurisdiction」


「How can I make you understand. Ah, that’s right, how about if I say this?」

The Elf man who laughes frivolously, smirkingly bent the end of his mouth.

「The previous princess who was the real deal, knew that 『ElvesElfs are the messengers of the Great Spirit』? With our powers, we can tell you what the princess really should be doing in this world」

「Shut your mouth, makes me feel sick. My elder sister was killed by you human-imitations, Beast-kin and Demi-humans and Demons, are harm polluting this world, this world is a world of human beings!!」

「So, so Elves are not included. This world is a paradise for humans and elves」

「Don’t bullshit, such a thing……」

「Even if, you can hear it directly from the Great Spirit?」

「…… What did you say?」

「If we elves assist you, you will be able to do as much as the 『real deal』 even as a substitute? You’re in a deadlock aren’t you, like the matter with the hero」


I had no more initiative as I get choked with words.
The Elf man kept saying everything I feel in my mind and also slants the edge of his mouth and laughs.

「Well, let’s cooperate together, my fair fake Princess. I’m going to make you the 『true real thing』 in this world』


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