Chapter 107 – Prologue

 Translator: Ranzan      Editor: JackOFallTrades

Chapter 107 – Prologue

This world – ground lightly covered in snow.

A snowy landscape with the sun hitting it beautifully, like an illusion, so wonderful.

I wanted to happily walk across it forever.

At that time I wondered how wide the world has spread, however, there was something that let me know I was wrong.

Just like something telling me to return, a fence suddenly appeared before me.

I didn’t know that a fence surrounded this world, or what it was made of.

I turned back to look at it, and then it happened.

…the snow I stepped on began to dissolve, back to its original form, a ground made of dirt.

Without having time to turn my head, a ball of snow mixed with mud and sand hit my body.

It looked down at a now dirtied me, and I looked at its shadowed smile.

Then I finally noticed.

The place I was in, wasn’t such a wide place.

The scene I thought was beautiful wasn’t always that way.

The ground, lightly covered in snow, was now covered in mud and was smiling at me.

I ran away from this muddy opponent, throwing stones as the distance increased.

That place, that village.

That place, that world.


  1. All riiiiiiight! Minallis’ revenge, FINALLY! Thank you very much!

  2. That’s the whole chapter?……..more like a mini-prologue.

  3. lmao now i see why the teaser was so short haha the actual chapter was bite-sized xD

  4. Oh YES! Finally! It would be better if kaito NTR that girl who betrayed minnalis in front of that girls lover.

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