Chapter 118 – Adventurer, Watch the Experiment 1

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「Thanks yaaah!」

The guy saw me off with a strangely accented goodbye, and I left the back-alley trinket store.

I walked around the stores to get the things I needed to sneak into the School’s dungeon.

「Okay, back to the lodge then?」

Three days had quickly passed in Carbonheim.

I had handled magical beasts in front of and behind the town on the road, so I had enough money made.

Leone’s recommended lodging, “Forest Lodge of Angels” was a place she said was great from former times staying there.

As a rule, we usually borrow the kitchen after the first day and let make Minnalis prepare food, but there was more than enough food made by the lodging.

Even though Minnalis’ ability to cook was getting quite good, even she was surprised by the quality.

It was enough to say that the place had good food for a first place establishment.

「I’m back, humph!」

「Ah, welcome back, master.」

「Welcome back, nph nph…」

When I got back to my lodging room, we all sat down in our respective beds while the other two practiced their magic control.

Kuu was sleeping right in the middle of my bed.

It seemed somehow that Kuu was under my control, and had the 【Magic Egg-Blade】inside of it.

It was good because one couldn’t just walk around outside with it out, but according to Kuu the sword inside him is 『Um, it feels like hmm, and ummm, and errrm. It’s better outside.』

Because it didn’t seem uncomfortable, I gave clear directions not to let it outside when I left.
It was easy for the two to make a bed to keep Kuu in, as they just reinforced a stick with magic.

On the ends of the stick were metal chains hung above.

Without enforcing it enough the stick would break, but doing it too much meant the whole thing would break.

I trained on how to do this by trying to figure out how to handle magical power as I can’t use magic, but it was harder than I thought.

Minnalis on the other hand is a genius at this compared to me, so she did it with unbelievable ability. On the other hard, Shuria had a hard time with it, and the sticks she used to train with were broken on the floor, piled like a mountain.

「Hmph, Minnalis can really handle all of this so easily. Even though Shuria’s not so good, she’s still good enough. Nice work.」

Tomorrow, they would take the school entrance test at the Carbonheim school.

I didn’t think that they’d fail it, but it’s going to be hard to get them to control themselves when they practice magic after they get in.

「Heh heh, heh.」

「Ah, idiot, don’t lose concentration!」

Then there was a snapping sound from Shuria’s hand.

「Ah, my new record!」

She whispered and drooped her shoulders in despair.

「Tomorrow’s the test, so let’s leave it at that for today.」

「okay!」「Yes, master.」

After the test was over, we were going to meet Leone too.

Tomorrow would be a busy day.

「Okay, we’re here.」

「I heard about this place before, but it IS really huge.」

「And the walls are blue.」

The next day, there were groups of people meandering around the school early.

The huge grounds containing the dorm surrounded the school, and the walls surrounding the grounds of this magic school were the same color as the walls of the city, blue.

The walls were constructed with the same materials as well, and if one were to think about the school itself as a castle, one could see what a high place this school had in this country.

「To come here again…」

Arriving to the line behind the signboard, we could see quite the number of people lined up there.

Most of them were outsiders, in other words, most were there as adventurers.

「Oh hey, she’s in the back of the line!」

「Ah, I see, you were going to see her this afternoon.」

Leone and her party was in the end of the line.

They looked towards us as if they noticed we were there.

「So, since you’re here, I guess that means you plan to join the school too?」

「Yeah, I’m going to buy the entry for the basics class, these two are going to start going.」

I put my hands on both Minnalis and Shuria’s shoulders as I said this.

「Yup.」「He’s right.」

「Hm, so you’re not going?」

「Yeah, I have other things to do, I don’t use magic after all.」

I returned Dan’s question.

Though it was true that I didn’t use magic.

As we talked like this, the line seemed to disappear, and it was our turns up at the reception window.

「Thank you for waiting. You’ve come here to attend this magical academy, correct?」

「Yes, correct.」

「Well, then, please write your name and desired class here. Do you need a pen?」


Leone and her group each wrote their names and desired classes down.

「Okay, Dan and Xank for the basics class, Leone and Spinne for the advanced class. You may not attend the advanced class if you do not pass the test. Also, there is no returns of admissions fees, is that okay?」

「Yes, we know. Here’s the admission fees.」

The receptionist took the money from Leone, and made sure the money was all there.

「Well, then let us show the advanced class candidates to the testing grounds.」

「Okay, see you two later.」

With that, the four left to the testing grounds.

「Now then, you’ve come here to attend this magical academy, correct?」

I answered the proper questions, and we three wrote our names down in the register.

「Kaito, Minnalis, and Shuria. So Minnalis and Shuria are looking to participate in the advanced class?」

「Yes, that’s right.」

Minnalis and Shuria signed up for the advanced class.

The attendees took us along to a quite large testing area.

The same as outside, the floor and walls were covered with blue.

「–GO, 『Fire Lance!』」

Just then, the group ahead of us, or Leone’s groups were taking the magic test.

Spinne’s fire lance struch the target and exploded in fire.

「Good, excellent job. You both pass with no problem. The class for the advanced course begins tomorrow, so make sure to bring your pass certificate.」

A man with glasses that looked like an instructor said those words.

「Hey, congrats on the pass!」

「Oh, so if you’re here, does that mean Shuria is trying for advanced class?」

「No, Shuria and Minnalis are both trying for it.」

「What, Minnalis too?」

Leone blinked in confusion at all of us.

Minnalis is half beast, so of course she can use magic.

「Yeah, both want to go to the advanced class.」

「Well, I mean, for Minnalis, this test is…」

Xank seemed to say with a worried face.

Yes, she is half beast. Her magic is easy to go wild, and it’s quite difficult for her to hit a magical target.

「She’ll be fine.」

But Minnalis and Shuria would have no problem.

Yesterday, I told them to use their unique skill so that their powers wouldn’t get out of control.

「Well, please destroy the round target in the circle on the ground. Throwing something or causing something to appear from inside the circle is not allowed.」

「Okay!」「Yes, sir.」

The instructor told the girls and they nodded.

First, Shuria entered the circle.

She dumped a full-plate armor out on the ground and imbued it with magic.

「Okay, here it goes, 『Marionette!』」

She usually didn’t chant anything, but this time she made sure to show her magical intention with a chant.

An unseen thread sprung from Shuria’s finger, and caused the armor to spring up.

The armor took the sword in his arm and blew the target away.

「Was that alchemy magic? No, perhaps I felt earth magic? I see this is a outside type of magic using telekinesis.」

Honestly, Shuria’s “Marionette Magic” wasn’t a telekinetic type, but in fact thought to be a curse that affected the pseudo-fate.
Of course, they didn’t want to give information about their own magic so they didn’t emphasize it.

「Then that means next is me.」

Shuria now changed out with Minnalis, who entered the circle.

「–listen to the hymn of the rotten root. Fall into the sludge of the poison swamp! 」

Minnalis’ voice echoed beautifully.

The magic surrounded her and erupted.

「『Poison Hand!』」

The magic coalesced in front of Minnalis in a purple sphere.

The sphere surged through the air, and stretched into the shape of a hand, and hit the target.

The purple hand wrapped around the target in a grip, and the target went Whzzahhhh and crumbled.

「Oh! Poison magic is quite rare! And you must be quite the magician to do so since beast-men have trouble controlling their magic.」

The instructor raised his voice in praise.

「That’s fine. You both pass. The target was broken, and both of your magic levels are high enough. Well, it’s been a while since I saw magic like that. If you both stay here, you’ll be in the special class within half a year.」

The instructor seemed very excited about it.

「You other two had quite strong magic as well. There are many good candidates this year. As an instructor I’m very pleased.」

So the two took the pass certification.

「These are your two pass certifications, when you come for instruction, make sure to bring it with you.」

「Thank you.」「Kaito, Kaito! Look! See?」

「You both did great.」

Shuria was shaking a pass certificate from the school with a easy magic square carved in the wood.

It was way better than I expected. They both got into the school.

What was left was asking about Minnalis’ village location from Leone.

That was all.

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