Chapter 122 – Minnalis And Events 2

 Translator: Jay_Samuel      Editor: JackOFallTrades

「So Shuria. Please stick with that little girl for the time being. I think they’ll probably come after us, but you know just to be safe」

「I understand. You can leave it to Shuria」

Having said that, Shuria slipped into the crowd.

I also began to walk towards the market.
As I walked around a little bit, choosing less popular roads, I suddenly became aware of the apparent hostility coming from behind me.

「Oh, you showed up later than I expected」


The sounds of footsteps stop unexpectedly in the alley which is starting to get dim due to the sun going down.
As I spoke out first without waiting to be called out, the other party were staring at me with a grim face.

「I can pretty much guess what this is about, but what can I do for you?」

「Well, I was turned down earlier, but I thought I’d invite you to have tea with me after all」

「Drink tea, drink tea」

Oh, like I thought.
I thought that they’d come after me if I took the more expensive items than the single bottle of potion, but they’re even more of a single-minded buffalos than I expected.

「My apologies, but I possess no such hobby that while away precious time」

As I replied thus with a light smile, whether the man thought he was being made a fool, his already less than handsome face was distorted and became even uglier.

「But, you see, we can’t take no for an answer. Not until, you girls return the items you stole through cheating, you feel me right?」

「Feel me, feel me. Understand, understand」

「Ara, I only got those prizes according to the rules」

「Is that so, then that’s regrettable. Truly regrettable. But, it can’t be helped. I am going to have you cough out those items you took from us, even if I have to beat it outta you! 」

「Beat it out! Beat it out!!」

「Please don’t struggle too much okay? After this, we also have to go retrieve the potion from that little girl, so our work is kinda cut out for us」

「Busy, busy」

「You do that, and you won’t be able to stay in this city anymore?」

「I am sure that’s what’s going to happen, even though we came here to make money, we cannot do business anymore. Hehe, which is why, you and that girl who went with the potion and her mother, I’ll crush your throats, and sell you lot to a slave merchant, don’t worry, just that thin-looking brat and her sickly mother, won’t amount to much, but with you as the star prize, it’ll be fine! 」

「Sell off, sell off!!」

『Even so, your mother just had to go and die off on her own. Why do I have to lose the money I earned just because of a mere beastkin, son of a bitch』

The image that popped into her head from the word slave, made her spill out in laughter unintentionally.

「You lot are really beyond saving aren’t you. …… Even so, sell me to a slave trader? Of all things, that is what comes to your mind? 『Ice Layer Wall』」

「Eeh? wh, What!?」「Uagh? Ah!!」

The two dome-shaped ice walls were created.

「Because it would be troublesome if you were to make a loud noise, so I made it so that the sound does not leak out too much. It’s not a popular location to begin with, so this much is probably enough」

「Wh, what in the world, huh!?」

「my legs, my legs, won’t move, won’t move!!」

First of all, I froze the legs of the duo who were about to attack to the ground.
The ice, which at first only sewed their feet to the ground, begins to encroach on their bodies, crackling all the way.

「Ah, this won’t do. Trust me, I thought if you were going to come and make a poor request in bad faith, you would just threaten me a little and that would be all? But, I really have to be careful today, even though it was only a slight stimulation. Kufufu, if I were to make a move, I don’t think I will be able to restrain myself, kufufufufu」

「Eek, Eeeeeeeeekk!? stop, please stop!!」

「It’s cold, so cold, Uagrr, uagrr」

「Please enjoy it thoroughly. Because I am allowed to serve you to the best of my abilities. Kufu, kufufufu! 」

It doesn’t take long for the two men to become unable to move a muscle.
As it encroaches little by little extensively, the ice covers their neck before long.
Then, the wall of ice stretches greatly from around the back of their necks into a mortar shape.

「I apologize, I apologize, so please spare me……」

「Sorr…, so…rry, forgive me, forgive……」

「Ahahaha, it was a moment ago when you were the aggressors and yet you have the gall to beg for forgiveness? How far do you intend to insult me before you’re satisfied? Dear customers. At this point, it’s so pathetic that it’s almost endearing, kufufufufu」

The ice only halts around the men’s faces leaving a V character between.
They probably held some kind of hope at that display, a faint expression of relief emerged on their faces.

So in order to especially make them appear more beautiful, I laughed and told them.

「You don’t think I’m going to let you off the hook now do you? You guys have already crossed the line with me. Please do me a favor, melt away like trash and disappear from my sight without leaving any piece of meat」

「Eh? Ah, uh, what, no, stop」

「Help, help, me」

I thoroughly watched how their faces were repainted in despair, when the ice began to move again.
And then, it created a bowl-shaped vessel that buried their heads completely.

「If you hadn’t mentioned the word slave, I could have at least killed you instantly. Please relish the wonderful pain you’ll be receiving till your death」

I poured dissolving poison created using 『Phantom Flame Poison Demon』 into the bowl-shaped vessel.


I placed a lid on top of the bowl while listening to their echoing screams.

「Now, Goblins take about thirty seconds until they’re completely dissolved, but I wonder how long it’ll take you guys?」

「『Gyaaaah, ah, ahh』」

「『Ghiiee, ghuu……』」

Inside the glass of ice, the men instantly began melting away, and before long, their muffled death agony could be heard.

The skin melts, the flesh liquefies, the bones dissolves, and at the end they become a thick brownish liquid.

「Kufu, Kufufufufu! It’s so much messier than I thought」

Along with the accompanying sound, the ice shattered, and disappears like fine particles without leaving a single droplet of water.
The liquid substances of the men that spilled on the ground was sucked into the ground, after which nothing remained.

「Well then, let me get moving before it gets too late」

I kept on walking while controlling my emotions that is so high with excitement.
Just as I come out onto the main road, various stalls were just about closing up shop.
Although on a small scale, it appears to be some sort of market area.

(Oh, so they sell food stuffs in a place like this. I’ll come check it out later)

As I walked along, a fruit shop suddenly caught my attention.

『Minnalis-chan, sorry for dragging you along with me. Because I said I wanted to us to have our fill on Keril’s birthday……』


「Hmm? Miss, Are you all right?」

「Oh, yes……」

There were fist-sized yellow fruits piled up in a box.
The fruit that I and Lucia searched for in the forest, for Keril’s sake.

「If it’s alright, may I have three of those fruits?」

「Hmm? Yeah, of course. Three will be nine pieces of copper coins」

「……Is this alright?」

As I handed over the copper coins, and put the three fruits inside the round bag that I received from Master-sama.
Then, the shop owner tossed one more fruit over to me.

「Here you go miss, because you’re a beauty, you get an extra」

「Ara, thank you very much for your consideration」

I said that giving a light bow, and then continued on my walk.


I looked at the fruit I held with both hands, and then took a little bite out of it as I walk.
A fresh sweet and sour fruit juice spreads within my mouth, and a refreshing scent came out from the nose.

「Honestly, today is really no good. For some reason, I am finding it very difficult to control my emotions」

I sighed lightly within the town where people are going and coming.

Ever since I talked to Leone-san, I have been having some flashbacks.

About myself, Lucia, and Keril.
About the sorry excuse for a father, and the villagers.
The remnants of the events that made up those bygone ignorant days.

With just a slight push, it wavers and dances around like flames thinning out.

That fleeting light that burns for just a moment, shines so enticingly, even though I understand that it is unattainable until later, it feels like it’s going to drive me crazy.

My body aches, my mind aches, my soul aches.

(Oh, what kind of killing method would yield the most suffering I wonder. What kind of poison, what kind of tools. That girl is even more dreamy than I am, and of course it is better to have more than one too many scenarios prepared)

「…… Well then, I better hurry home before it gets any later」

I continued walking through the town dyed in twilight.
In this town, the magic street lights are lit at night, so the nights are also bright.

Perhaps because of that, my feet remained as comfortable as fire that is being fueled by wind.

「Ah, oh no. It’s gotten much later than I thought」

I’ve been walking around the city of Carvenheim where my legs have gotten accustomed to.
In the midst of the city where people go and come, the sun goes down and the bright light of the magic street lights are beginning to illuminate the surroundings.

By the time I arrived at my destination, my target the fruit shop had already proceeded far in closing up shop.

「Oh, I am glad you are here. Your face has been scarce here, so I thought you’d switched to patronizing another fruit shop」

「Gee-, I won’t do such a thing. I’ve been busy lately with a lot of things. So, Uncle, do you still have the usual fruit?」

「Yeah, yeah I do. How many do you want?」

「Ten please. Because I’m thinking of making a pie out of it」

「Gotcha. I closed the lid, so hold on for a moment」

The uncle of the fruit shop opens the lid of the wooden box that was a little bit to the back, took out the target fruit from inside and handed it over.

「Yes this, I really wanted to eat it because I finally got some free time. Thank you! 」

「You wanted to cook it for him, right? Good grief, it’s so nice to be young. So, when is the marriage?」

「Gee, geez! Uncle. ……Actually, I am getting married next month! 」

「Wow, congratulations. In that case, I guess you earned yourself some extra」

「Wow, thank you! 」

I received way more than ten fruits, so I am all smiles.

「Yay, I got more♪ alright then, uncle! 」

「Okay, ・・・be sure to bake a nice pie for Keril okay. ・・・Lucia-chan! 」

「You bet! I’m very good at cooking you know! 」

I waved my hand to the uncle, and then hurried home.
I have to get home soon and prepare dinner for Keril.


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