Chapter 123 – The Hero, Researches In The Great Library

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Although there are many similarities between living creatures, the species・ bloodsuckers and the monster vampires are completely different creatures.

Both of them are humanoid and perform blood-sucking actions on living creatures, but vampires are a type of undead, they cannot be exposed to sunlight, and they have weak points such as being weak to holy water.

Also, vampires cannot maintain their body without regular bloodsucking, and in the end they to turn to ashes, but that is not the case for bloodsuckers.

Their ability is restricted if they don’t suck sufficient blood, but they still retain the ability of an average person.

Having been classified as monsters due to their blood sucking acts, and subjected to persecution, they came to conceal their existence.
It is difficult to confirm their existence, because they’re also proficient in hiding their status.
It is quite an easy task for them to blend in with people.

In other legends, it is said that they increase their numbers by the act of sucking blood, but it is wrong.

Bloodsuckers can temporarily place their opponents under control with the act of bloodsucking.
It seems that the story of 『If your blood is sucked by a bloodsucker, you become a companion of the bloodsucker』 spread by seeing how they failed to resist and also got manipulated.

Since the means of breeding bloodsuckers are no different from ordinary humans, it is unlikely that there will be a sharp increase in bloodsuckers.

There is a rumor that some among the forbidden arts called Black Arts ・ Incantations leads to a bloodsucking race, but no reliable record of it was left.


「Gosh, I finally found a book with decent information, turns out to be nothing much」

I go through the books that are gathering dust in a corner of the great library.

It’s been a week since I started going to the library.
In this world where books are expensive, there is no doubt that this library, with its busy clamor echoing within, which boasts a vast collection of books is the best in the world.

In my original world, it is a common courtesy to be quiet in a library but that same courtesy is non-existent here, so there are many people who are doing research while discussing as a party as part of information gathering for a quest.

Under such circumstances, I had been hunting books related to bloodsuckers to investigate the incident that occurred to Minnalis, but most of them were only bland records and were not of much help.

As of now, I have only found books with contents that I already knew without having to investigate, which criticizes bloodsuckers and vampires from a religious point of view.

I wanted to know about 『Vampirization Poisoning』, but there was no mention of it in vampirism-related books nor in toxicology-related books.

I can’t find any more records that might have something to do with Kuu..

「Well, I guess it’s not going to be that easy to find uh」

I sighed while scratching my head.

That being said, if it turns out that I can’t find it in this library, it would be faster to just ask around.
It may be necessary to go see that pompous bastard sometime.

「But I would rather not see him if I can help it, I am bad at dealing with him」

I sighed one more time as my face frowned in displeasure.

That much power, there is no point in not using it, but I would like to know the details at the very least.
I intend to try out a lot of things to see what it can do, but it won’t hurt to be careful.

「Since, I’m almost done with my research anyway, I guess I will be diving into the dungeon from tomorrow. ……Hmm?」

Thus, as I attempted to close the last book that I was checking, I noticed that there was still one page left.

「Mm, geez, come on……」


A true bloodsucker is the most ancient creature in the world.

Written By – Towako Crowey (or Towako Kuroi)

A suggestive word that is written on a full page extravagantly.

「Good grief, is everyone in this world a Chuunibyou*? No, actually there’s a fantasy world Chuunibyou though」 TLN: A specific type of behavior mostly exhibited by teenagers, like teens going through puberty (Those who watch anime/ manga would have a better understanding).

Each and everyone of these guys, won’t they feel satisfied unless they insert a thing or two in the book they’ve written?

The front cover has something that looks like a bag on it, with what seems to be a treasure map drawn inside, and when light reflects on it, a mysterious pattern emerges from within.

Here comes something elaborate, when magic power is applied to it, the letters in the book are replaced, and after the light dims, 『Oh thou who seeketh power, satisfy thy thirst……』, and even also heard such a creepy voice.
I really want to stop because my old scar was beginning to ache.

As I sighed and closed the book, I realized the day had already gone by today too.
Holding the several books that I had brought down together, I went around the column of the bookshelf and returned the books.

「Found ya! 」


When I turned around to the direction of the voice, it was Leone who was there.

「What? What can I do for you?」

I had heard from Minnalis, but it’s the first time meeting again in person since the entrance examination.
However, it feels like her feelings that blames me before has quieted down quite a bit.

When I replied, while wondering what brought on this 180 degree change of attitude, Leone opened her mouth, closed it, and then spoke.

「We need to talk. So let’s change location to the tavern, you’re going to have a drink, right?」

「……Fine. However, I will pass on the food and wine. If I don’t return before the sun sets, I will miss out on Minnalis’s lovely cooking」

「……I see」

She had a complicated look on her face for a second, I turned my back on Leone and then walked out to accompany her.

(I don’t feel that much hostility, but no matter how I look at it, I don’t think it’s going to be a fun chat)

While feeling somewhat melancholic, I left the great library.

The tavern that I visited with Leone was bustling and lively even though it’s still in the middle of the day.

「Sister, another one, give me another one」

「…… Hey, hey, how long are you going to drink for?」

「What’s the harm. With this much, how long do you think I’ve waited in vain just to talk to you? I’ve been waiting for you in front of the dungeon entrance, so why were you at the library」

「Well, even if you say that, it’s not my problem. If you wanted to talk to me, you could have contacted me through Minnalis」

「There’s no way I can do that!! Because I don’t want things to be awkward between me and Minnalis for nothing!! No way mon! 」

「So it’s confirmed to be an awkward topic huh. Or rather, what’s with the 『mon』 at your age, geez you’re too drunk」

「Why not, wine is the charm of life you know, drunkenness is life you know, for serious conversations-, I am not a child as to have one sober nor am I an adult to have one without!! So, here have a drink too!!」

「Like I said, I am good. What’s with you」

Even though I came here all anxious to talk, Leone was draining the bottle saying 『For now bottoms up』, and then got drunk in no time.
I had already gone past getting angry at the situation where nothing was discussed, but instead was getting astounded.

「Forget it. I’m leaving」

I put the citrus fruit juice mixed with water on the table, and then got up.

「Hey, stop running away」

「Haa, you better get your shit together」

Leone grabbed my arm as I tried to leave the tavern and wouldn’t let go.

「You, you really are lacking charm」


『You really, are a man who does not possess enough charm. You’re too rigid. It can’t be helped, I guess I’ll tune you up a bit』

I’m sure Leone just uttered it out irresponsibly, but it reminded me of the past a little bit.

「……You see charm is, …….what was I saying, what was」

She kept reciting the words and then, dropped her waist on a chair.
Did I sigh like I was exhausted from watching Leone talk gibberish, because of that was the sentiment?

「It’s about the purpose of your trip that you lied about. And also, regarding the revenge plot you guys are holding on to」

That’s why, those words sounded to me who had been relaxed, like being injected with poison.


Returning my gaze towards Leone, her face still looked drunk and dyed red.
However, her eyes were clear, and she was staring right at me.

「You see, I can tell. That you guys are full of hatred towards something, and that your hearts are dyed and binded with thoughts of revenge」

「…… Wow」

A low voice leaked out of my mouth.
I didn’t even feel like asking how in the world she knew.

「Minnalis, as usual is still a very good girl. I also think that Shuria is a girl with a pure heart. And I know that you care about those two. Which is why, you should let go of such feelings of revenge, what you’re doing is wrong, Ukei-kun」

「Ooh, I’m wrong uh」

「Yeah. Even if those girls accept it, what you’re doing, is nothing more than brainwashing those poor little things」

「……Brainwashing?, I see, brainwashing right」

She certainly might have a point.
But even so, it’s our oath, one that we don’t want anyone trespassing into.

Which is exactly why, I find this unpleasant.

「Those girls have you, and you have them. Which is why I am certain you can still start over. Since you got that helluva cheat called the Tutorial Mode, which in itself should have ended it・・・ forget about trying out anything. Since we both know what’s going to happen from here on out, we can do things right this time without fail」


「It would be such a waste to spend time on such meaningless efforts. And you know it, half a year from now, the great barrier of the Law Country covering the entire continent will dissolve. Then this entire continent will turn into a terrible battlefield. But if we start making moves now, the number of people that can be saved is sure to increase. That is what’s best for you, for Minnalis and the others……」

And then, the sound of water pouring on Leone is made.

「Ah, that’s enough」

I thought I’d wait until the end, but I just couldn’t.

「?!! What was that for!!」

「Words like it’s wrong, or right, if the pain was on such level that can be resolved with such words, then it wouldn’t have come to this」

The heavy, heavy, things that I had deeply submerged and hidden started resurfacing.

「Vengeance wouldn’t solve anything? Vengeance won’t bring you happiness?」

It just started overflowing, without stopping.

「Ah, you disgust me. All of these, are nothing but pipe dreams from an onlooker. You lot can only vomit those words out of your mouths, because they are afterall nothing but words of an outsider. Because you don’t understand the feeling of wanting to kill somebody so badly that simply killing them is not enough, you can only see from an onlooker’s perspective」

Diving into the subject unreservedly, a rage that seems like it’s going to explode from my inside out, keeps spouting out.

「Believe me I can imagine, to want to stay pure after all? And not want to think about things from the perspective of miserable, agonizing, bitter, trampled underfoot and polluted person, right? Oh, yeah, I know that feeling. I was the same, because I was such a clean-freak back then so much, it’d make you vomit. Well, I wasn’t that shameless, that I would speak about it directly though」

I glared at Leone with so much irritation welling within.

「Do you find it funny chitchatting about my point, little girl」

「I’m not going to let that slide, I was only thinking about you guys! 」

However, Leone also replied without being overpowered by my gaze.
In that case, I understand that she isn’t trespassing with half-baked feelings. Which is why, her appearance overlaps with the appearance of my old self, …… In the heat of anger, irritation similar to self-pity is mixes in.

「That’s not a reason to do anything. No matter how and what you thought of it, your point doesn’t amount to shit to us」


「That shit talk you dropped, is nothing more than a delusion that’s never going to happen. And you were way off from the beginning」

「What, do you mean?」

「It’s not about doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I pick up the things that I can pick up, and take care of the things that I care about, but even if I threw them away, I always chose the path that gets them all rewarded without fail」

「No way, why would you choose such a path! You consider those girls to be important, no!? Then, keep moving forward rather than looking backwards!!」

Leone looks at me with an expression of someone about to lose their patience.

「Like I said, you’re mistaken. We aren’t looking back. We haven’t even taken a single step from the bottom of the God-forsaken hell. Because we swore we’d never let it end like this. Because I couldn’t accept such ridiculous compromise, to forget and leave everything and focus on the bright future that lay ahead」

Tragedies that are almost funny.
Agony that seems to empty your tears.
And anger that seems like your limbs are torn apart.

To leave everything that happened in the past, and wait for the wound to be necrotized, such a life is even worse than that of livestock.

「Because I cannot live with such feelings, because I cannot accept such an outcome, that’s why I’m taking revenge. In order to live, to move forward, to not let it end like this」

In order to protest against this dogshit reality that keeps imposing such a selfish ending onto us.
Its sequel, its hereafter that was shut down, this gloomy hell.
In order to make sure they taste them as well.

However, even after the girl in front of me heard those words of mine, she didn’t back down.

「That’s all bullshit!! You can start over? We’ve been given a chance!!」

The provoked Leone struck the table and stood up to shake off my words.

「During the rapidly intensifying battle against the demons, the powerless ones died!! Some of my friends died trying to protect me, but this time I have the opportunity to stop that from happening!!」

Whether it’s because she is drunk or angry, her face is dyed red.
Even so, there is still a strong intention reflecting from those eyes.

「I, only us can change the future! We can save a child who is unjustly hurt like Minnalis, you know!?」

「Yeah, I know. Only we, who retain the memories of the first world can overwrite the shit-like scenario. The comedy that will drag those hopeless scum to hell」

「Don’t give me that shit!!」

What reflects from her eyes is a straight, yet, intense anger.
Perhaps, she may be thinking something heroic like saving everyone she couldn’t save before.

I think that it is a very arrogant idea, but it’s not like I don’t empathize with such thought process.
However, I can no longer understand that feeling anymore, instead my emotional irritation just keeps getting worse.

「I understand your desire for revenge, but, are you willing to squander precious time to that end? Fool, think about it carefully!! We can correct the tragedy we once had to give up on! We can prevent the tragedy that couldn’t be stopped! If it’s us, we can save lives that we couldn’t……」

So, that one word, easily stimulates the place that I do not want to be touched.

「Shut up」


「Just, shut up already」

Ahh, honestly, this really pisses me off.
Even though I forcibly stopped those words because I didn’t want this kind of repitition.
In the end, I failed, things just don’t go as I expect.

「I understand how you feel my ass. If you really did, you won’t utter those words. Any more of this monologue, is just a waste of time」

「Wh, what?」

「I am saying you’re lacking and can’t see eye to eye with us. So stop carelessly trying to broach the subject, stop trying to get close to us, stop trying to get to know us」

As I said so and stood up, I placed only the money for the drinks ordered on the table.

「Hold on a minute!! Our conversation is not yet……」

「It’s over. Leone, what you’re doing is extremely unpleasant. Don’t butt into our matters as you please」

「What what what!! What do you mean by us! No matter what excuses you make, what you’re doing isn’t for those girls!! You are endangering the future of those girls where they can laugh and be happy! 」

「Like I said, that’s not for you to decide」

As there were no further words, I left the tavern.

The town dyed in the color of the sunset seemed like it was bathed in blood splash.

「To hell with, saving the lives that couldn’t be saved……」

I hate myself.
I’m not making progress, I keep making mistakes, and can’t seem to reach my ideals no matter how long I tried.
While I keep saying to myself I only want revenge, I am being driven by such unsightly・・ jealousy.

「Even though the time has turned backwards, we cannot take shit back」

So I am self-aware, even after confirming my resolve, of my poor self that is still harboring the feeling of regret.
I hated him.

「…… No, no way they mustn’t. If they should take revenge, they really won’t be able to return」

At the tavern where my drinking companion had exited himself, I fell prostrated.
In the end, I couldn’t persuade him.
Still, there were results. His heart is not yet completely dead.

(I saw, and saw quite the number of people)

In the midst of that bloody war between humans and demons, desperately delivering insufficient supplies to cities here and there.

A wife who lost her husband.
A child whose both parents were killed.
An older brother who couldn’t save her younger sister.
A soldier who was saved by his best friend.

I have seen countless, countless, and countless number of people, bearing deep sorrows, their complexions filled with those emotions, and were unstoppable.

And then, kept advancing down the path of revenge as they waste away, screaming desperately as they become tattered.

Halfway down that road, a lot of people fell victim to a bloody dagger of an assassin.
They die off while vomiting blood with expressions like that of an ogre on their faces, as they shed tears of regret cursing everything in the world.

I have also seen somebody who succeeded in their revenge.

Pouring all of their hatred into it, with anger that could even burn away their life.
But everyone, cries at the end.

After taking their revenge, everyone cries bitterly.

And after everything is over, they just laugh in desolation.
With no joy, no moving forward.
They just, keep laughing, as if crying in silence.

「…… But if it’s revenge for the sake of staying alive, that’s still okay」

It’s not an avenger with a deathwish.
It’s not a vengeance that is sought on the premise of dying off.

「I absolutely, won’t give up」

If this were a business negotiation, it’s a difficult condition that I would have long washed my hands off and given up on.
But this is not a business negotiation.
If you have the will to live, you can change, you are able to change.

What went through my mind, was the town that was devastated by the conflict with the demons, and the people who were befallen with grief and pain.
Every time I saw a fallen corpse, it overlaps with Minnalis’s shadow whom I had no idea where she could be.
Every time I heard a scream on the battlefield, I felt uneasy thinking could one of my companions have died?

「……I’ve had enough, of such a future」

I want to remain smiling, I want to remain happy.
I no longer want to see the expression of a smile for appearance sake in tears, that contains neither coldness, nor warmth.

「A future where the person I would like to help is crying, is something I can’t stand」

No matter how difficult it would be.
By myself, I held my hands tightly together.


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